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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

OneAll 5:14 Wed Jan 8
we need to get him back asap , I knew he was having a good season at west brom but just watched a video of his highlights so far and he pisses over everything weve got in attack. Video is on the skysports website

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VickyPkVillageIdiot 4:50 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
I hope resigning Stanislas doesn’t hinder this lad’s progress.

Sniper 4:23 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
He should’ve come back in January - having him as an option off the bench combined with bowen joining would’ve been brilliant for us

I really hope he can carry on his development next season, and we can help him with that. Either way, he had an impact playing for us before, he’s improved and shown consistency and there’s certainly room for him in every first team squad we’re naming right now so he should get a fair chance come September

COOL HAND LUKE 4:22 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Morelos... sent off FIVE TIMES last season...

Sounds like our man.

Lee Trundle 4:20 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
He's contracted at Rangers until 2023.

I can't see them flogging him cheaply. They'd be mad if they do.

Willtell 4:12 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
I've just noticed that Morelos was signed by Rangers on a 3 year contract in 2017...

Hence our interest?

dealcanvey 3:47 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Thought it was deemed by a number on here that this lad wont make the grade and we should move him on?

COOL HAND LUKE 2:28 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Lee Trundle

Yes, okay, Morelos is Colombian, but TBF he is already playing in the UK and doing the business... perhaps I should've been more precise and say Moyes' allergy is more against 'untried' stars coming in and failing at West Ham's expense?

Comment coming out from the club: "Moyes wants to build a new-look West Ham team of young, hungry, energetic, hardworking players." I'm still concerned about that, because Moyes will be focussed on the 'young, hungry, energetic, hardworking' bit, and the Davids will have convinced themselves it means 'cheap' which of course it won't, BUT If we can move on Anderson, Yarmo and one or two others for the right money, we should be able to fund the purchase of the right players.

This assumes the Davids don't stick the money from sales in their back bins to get square, of course...

COOL HAND LUKE 2:01 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Mr Kenzo

Kipre is West African, and has already played in Scotland and England...

Your point was..?

LeroysBoots 1:32 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Sullivan is a fucking disease that needs eradicating when it comes to fingers in transfers.

Back the fuck off midget bollocks

Lee Trundle 1:15 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Mr K - And we're being linked to Alfredo Morelos today!

Mr Kenzo 12:45 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
*he can't be arsed with pandering to all the sulky South Americans and French, notably.*


Darby_ 12:45 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Players like Haller and Anderson have shown promise in the past though, so hopefully they can be knocked back into shape.

Darby_ 12:43 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Yeah, Fornals aside I don’t think a lot of those Latino and French Pellers players are really suited to the English game. They’d probably be better in Spain or Italy where the game is slower.

Compare it to players like Bowen or Antonio who are all about high energy and pace, or high energy and graft like Rice.

COOL HAND LUKE 12:33 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana

I agree, I reckon Moyse is a belt & braces sort of guy, he can't be arsed with pandering to all the sulky South Americans and French, notably. When you build a team you need compliance, first and foremost - people who will at least 'get it' and knuckle down... then you can spend your time marching instead of stroking egos.

LeroysBoots 11:51 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Moyes will want players he can trust, I dint think he trusts the expensive foreigners

COOL HAND LUKE 11:36 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Grady is predominantly left footed, so it depends what you want from him. If you want him to cut inside and work the channels with support, he's out on the right. If you prefer him to be getting down the line and putting the ball into the middle for others, then he's out on the left.

As some have said, he'll be up against the numbers on the right, but if we can flog Anderson he may have a natural outlet over on that left hand side, especially given that he seems to get back and work defence as well... And of course, if we break, he's like a whippet...

I'll be very disappointed if we don't have him back next season - why would we want to help West Brom out with a great player we could use ourselves?

Darby_ 10:53 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
Have no fear, Huggy will return in a blaze of glory.

Willtell 10:29 Thu Jul 16
Re: Diangana
I suspect that Moyes will be looking at bringing in more Championship players cheaply as I can't see him having much to spend from our owners. I hope it's more Diangana than Hugill types but who knows?

I do expect Moyes to try and shift the likes of Anderson, Yarmalenko, Ajeti, Lanzini, Masuaku, possibly Haller and Roberto of course so, quite a lot of rebuilding as Moyes won't fancu his chances of a new contract if he struggles again.

REALGSA 12:57 Wed Jul 15
Re: Diangana
He was ok last year for us and his standard from that season is on par with F.Anderson from this season.

Diangana has improved since then, he will be better than what we have currently.

Rossal 12:43 Wed Jul 15
Re: Diangana
Barnes at Leicester did really well at WBA and came back and had good season in the prem hoping Grady can do the same

He should be high on confidence and have toughened up abit

El Scorchio 12:41 Wed Jul 15
Re: Diangana
I think it's a bit dangerous to hype him up too much just yet, as the Championship is a different kettle of fish to the premier league, but it's bloody great his loan has worked out so well and he's been an important player for a title chasing team.

How often do we see loanees vanish into thin air? So glad it hasn't happened with Grady.

This was brilliant use of the loan system- it's done him far more good there than it would have here, and he will come back a much more complete player.

DEFINITELY needs to be in and around the first XI next season but we will need to give him a bit of slack and patience. It's unfair to expect him to perform week in week out right away. Excited to see what he can do, though.

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