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collyrob 9:11 Wed Jan 8
Megxit announced
Harry and Meghan to step down as members of the royal family.

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Nurse Ratched 9:49 Tue Jan 21
Re: Megxit announced
Any Old Iron

Don't be a div.

Coffee 9:17 Tue Jan 21
Re: Megxit announced
*applauds Crassus*

Crassus 8:42 Tue Jan 21
Re: Megxit announced
''the ginger hair was a ginger herring'

More likely a red mullet

ChesterRd 2:00 Tue Jan 21
Re: Megxit announced
I think Harry's dad is Prince Charles. I think the ginger hair was a ginger herring. There are gingers on Diana's side.

Texas Iron 1:59 Tue Jan 21
Re: Megxit announced
Ungrateful ginger sprog...pussy-whipped by his Suntanned Actress bimbo...

Any Old Iron 1:31 Tue Jan 21
Re: Megxit announced
Word in the bubble tonight is that M pressured & encouraged H into the gathering of DNA from the POW & JH...

......and H is struggling to come to terms with the results.


bruuuno 12:16 Mon Jan 20
Re: Megxit announced
The fact is no one knows what goes on behind closed doors so it could be any combination of factors. What if he’s wanted to do it for years and she’s empowered him to do it? Or maybe Andrew nonced him him up once while queenie videod it? We just don’t know

Crassus 11:30 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
According to a barrister on the wireless the other day they have three actions in play

One, the publication of the letter they are bang on to win, which the Mail well knows but any settlement is offset by virtue of the publications increase in circulation around it, so he reasoned they knew that but did it for greater gain

The other two actions carry grave risks for Smeg in what the action could reveal and are in no way are certain in outcome - his advice would be settle out of court on the first and drop the other two rapid

May well get very interesting if the tart wants to run with it, and the palace have strongly advised against it - so push on and see just how far the establishmant here will roll with you petal

Sven Roeder 11:09 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
Any news of when Harry’s case against the tabloids for phone hacking is going to be heard or settled?
Might be keen to go for the throat now that he isn’t shackled by Royal convention.
Won’t need any Royal money for a long time after that.

Crassus 11:03 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
Irons of the Provinces

ChesterRd 7:21 Sun Jan 19
Has it right, to the letter

It is a paradox of our modern times that the monarchy still holds both relevance and reverence within the common psyche. The Queen here is almost universally loved, at the least respected, even by republicans

That relationship is however, sybiotic, we expect our royals to act as such as we persue our 'modern' lives, they have a price to pay

A price that our Queen, even in her advanced age is accutely aware of, she throughout her reign has rarely been out of step with. And that reign transcends most of our lives

She is a wise lady, it is in the public domain that she has challenged prime ministers in their meetings routinely upon policy issues

Her broader family do not hold such respect and who knows where it will lead after her passing but one thing is for sure, whilst she is upon the throne, we may take occasion pops but we do not take kindly to outsiders doing likewise and this American tart is in no place to cause difficulty for HRH

Irrational? Yeah possibly, but that is the way it is, so Smeg can jog on

ChesterRd 7:21 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
ironsofcanada , very few people are bothered about them upping sticks and doing their own thing.

What pissed people off was the disrespect shown to the Queen. When it comes to royalty there is only one boss and it aint Meghan or Harry. It was always about the money and them wanting to have their cake and eat it.

They can now pretty much do as they please, which is what they wanted. They will still get money from Prince Charles. They may or may not have their security paid for by the tax payer.

They wont have any place or status in the royal family though and that's not what they would have wanted as it makes a mockery of their Sussex Royal branding.

Nor will they be benefiting from jet setting around at tax payer expense on the sort of royal duties they wanted to continue. The glamour stuff, not the boring shit in Stoke on a Tuesday night.

After8 5:09 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
It will end up in divorce.

mashed in maryland 5:03 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
Strange that for someone who seems unhappy with:

- hunting
- royal life
- living in Britain

She chose to marry a British prince who enjoys hunting.


HairyHammer 4:21 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced

Yea your probably rite there, Doing what your partner wants is obviously not going to be that simple as in moving to another country, even if you have the means to do it.

Kaiser Zoso 2:36 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
Meg and Harry can now do exactly what Meghan wants

Well, you've probably accidentally nailed it there

Cheezey Bell-End 2:34 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
She and the kid are his family now.
He has only opted out of the ceremonial stuff. He hasn't been ostracised.
In any case, maybe he's just doing what he wants to do.

mashed in maryland 2:24 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
"he is just doing what many of us might try to do if we had the moneys to do so if our wives became anxious and depressed."

If anyone's - male or female - significant other declared that the solution to their being "anxious and depressed" is that person A relinquish ties with their family, opt out of the family business and move country, person A is well within their rights to tell person B to fuck off.

Eerie Descent 1:07 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
HairyHammer 4:51 Sun Jan 19
Meg and Harry can now do exactly what Meghan wants good luck to them but especially Harry who I feel slightly sad for as he is just doing what many of us might try to do if we had the moneys to do so if our wives became anxious and depressed.

You have an easier way of helping your wife get over being anxious and depressed, Hairy. Just stop beating her.

Eerie Descent 1:05 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
Hammer and Pickle 10:57 Sat Jan 18
I'm just a West Ham fan with some clearly articulated views.

There are some truly outstanding things posted on here at times.

ironsofcanada 1:01 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
I don't really know that much about either of them to be honest.

I kind of had a bit of interest when they were hanging out near where my sister lives and I have been camping and hiking around in the area.

I would interesting to hear from people who oppose this what would be the problems going forward with letting them just go their own way.

The Queen seems nice and all (again no real idea) but lots of people have family problems and if you are in the public eye, those problems are public.

Hammer and Pickle 12:59 Sun Jan 19
Re: Megxit announced
Only a couple more and we can declare FULL HOUSE in today’s round of FRUITCAKE FUN, folks!

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