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Bishopsfinger 3:23 Sat Jan 11
As twoleftfeet keeps fucking Moaning what are the positives? Come on TLF give it a go.

Positives for me are that we haven’t conceded lots of goals but that probably due to the injured again Fabianski.

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Dandy Lyon 1:10 Mon Jan 13
Re: Positives
1 less game I get to see before I die.

That’s the only positive I get from each passing game now.

andyd12345 12:13 Mon Jan 13
Re: Positives
3 out of Norwich, Bournemouth, Villa and us will get relegated. Everyone else either have too many points already or seem capable of grinding out results when it matters. The likes of Brighton, Southampton and Newcastle we much better than I thought they’d be and are much more up for a fight than us.

Our best hope is for Villa to keep their manager all season. If they sack him we’re in trouble.

Grumpster 9:26 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
Biggest positive was probably giving up my season ticket when we were awarded the OS, as I'd be as depressed as every other cunt if I was having to go to that atrocious ground every other week.

Hard to be positive about anything football related with VAR killing the game and with Moyes being bought back in.

Iron Duke 9:04 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
We’ve got a game in hand.

Exiled In Surrey 8:34 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
Some people are positive:

camel-with-3-humps 1:43 Fri Jan 3
Re: Relegation odds 11/2
Sir Alf

You’ve got it wrong.

Moyes will steer us clear of relegation. Next season will be mid-table and after that we will be challenging for the top 7 places.

Good times ahead with Moyes. He is a terrific manager.

yngwies Cat 4:29 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
BRANDED 2:52 Sun Jan 12

Not meaning to be picky, but a satisfying dump
Is normally outwards and donwards?

BRANDED 2:52 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
I did a superbly satisfying shit this morning.


Onwards and upwards

nychammer 2:49 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
Bournemouth look gone? Win today and they are above us. Agree it’s on our hands tho. Norwich, Villa, Watford home games massive

One McAvennieeeeee 2:42 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
We are creating chances”


yngwies Cat 2:35 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
We are going to win the FA.Cup this year.

medwayhammer1 12:25 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
Can have a drink or ten from the comfort of my own sofa and use as much industrial language as i like without worrying about being grassed up! Oh and I suppose they do "Run about" a bit more, but surely thats what the cunts should be doing anyway?

twoleftfeet 11:12 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
We are closing down
We are creating chances
We are defending better
We show more commitment

We were denied a point against Sheffield United by a combination of poor goalkeeping and the handball rule.

The board cannot be blamed for our goalkeeping woes, Roberto was MPs first choice but we do need a proven injury free keeper ASAP

AND we didn't throw the cup game as many of the knicker wetters/ Spurs fans said we would on here.

We won't even be close to going down.

HairyHammer 10:08 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
The players have a clue as to what they are doing now and look more motivated than under the pel.

RBshorty 7:42 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
Norwich and Bournemouth look gone. So it’s only Villa we need to worry about.

Darby_ 4:02 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
I was impressed with Anderson working hard. I was never really expecting a result from the Sheff Utd game. It's always a grudge match, they're in top form and it was at their place. Realistically we would have done well to get a draw. In reality we had a bad run of luck during the game, losing one of our most important players after 11 mins and then suffering a dodgy VAR decision.

It was a bit of a grim match, but I like to see a bit of fight rather than the sleepy sideways passing that we got used to under Pellers.

factory seconds 3:43 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
we either stay up or we have a proper day of reckoning for the owners and their whole club killing vanity project that'll make burnley look like a tea dance.

gph 2:30 Sun Jan 12
Re: Positives
Jack is one day closer to inheriting... oh

Sven Roeder 3:56 Sat Jan 11
Re: Positives
Gold & Sullivan are one day closer to death

BRANDED 3:53 Sat Jan 11
Re: Positives
Some of the fans are absolute cunts.

Takashi Miike 3:51 Sat Jan 11
Re: Positives
the fans. that's it

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