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Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

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Darlo Debs 3:48 Tue Feb 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Has anyone tried any herbal.remedies? Have heard St John's Wort is pretty good.

My 16 year old has been telling me she is getting really anxious over one or two.of her GCSE subjects.

Just wondering if this would be a possible route to go.down to.help keep her from.getting herself tied up.in knots and unable to focus.

Block 2:53 Tue Feb 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
For the last week, I've had this constant feeling of dread and trepidation, there's nothing that comes to mind that I am worried about and nothing bad is going on in my life at the minute, it's absolutely cripping me to be honest.

Yesterday was the worst it's been for a good few years, almost went back down that dark hole thankfully the wife noticed and gave me a kick up the arse and made me talk about it.

Stay well, people.

Mike Oxsaw 7:21 Mon Feb 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
Counter to all the advice given on here, you need to become a secret lemonade drinker*

* - Reader's voice: "Ah! Whites are never the problem..."

Alfs 3:03 Mon Feb 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
Though this discussion is admirable and it has encouraged many WHOers to come out and admit that they have in some way been affected by a mental health condition arguing amongst yourselves on petty points is just daft.

Brilliant people who know the brain in such detail still don't know how to solve the conundrum so I doubt we can, despite being called WHO.

Anyway, anyone have any ideas on how to sort this Corona Virus? I've been avoiding lemonade for weeks now.

. . 12:17 Mon Feb 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
I have had a few health issues over the last 10 years which got me down a fair bit (to say the least)

My employer has embraced the mental health at work issue recently with all managers having to go on a mental health awareness course (something I was not looking forward to) however I did the course and was surprised to find that every year 1 in 4 people have a mental health issue. This helped me knowing that I was not alone and 25% of the population felt the same way as me. We recently did a Quiz which again I found informative (15 questions) some of the answers were surprising https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/mental-health-quiz

zico 3:16 Sat Feb 22
Re: Anxiety/depression
Robin Williams was suffering from Lewy Body Dementia which can have an affect on logical decision making so along with his Parkinson's diagnosis along with his history of depression I can't imagine the turmoil's his mind was going through. Gary Speed - we will never know. One very strange and very sad situation.

Sadly I have known a handful of people who have taken their own lives and with all bar one there was no obvious signs of a struggle with their mental health. Afterwards families and friends always ask if we "should have known" or "done something" but it's an impossible situation really as unless something is glaringly obvious there isn't much you can do.

Northern Sold 6:19 Fri Feb 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Someone with obvious `issues' just launched themselves from the Rayleigh Weir underpass onto a Lorry... both lanes out of action... nice

Sniper 3:32 Fri Feb 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
To say that it makes no sense to top yourself because you won’t see your kids much as this means you won’t see them at all is a ridiculous argument for two reasons:

1. The person committing suicide won’t care that they won’t see them again because they’ll be dead

2. The person committing suicide won’t think in that way anyway because it’s the inability to cope with the here and now and the brief future they can see ahead of them that is the driving force. Because they are mentally ill.

I totally get how people can end up in these situations. Not only is mental illness a total shit, but the law is totally on the side of the mother in any situation involving children, rightly or wrongly. If someone is already feeling hopeless and helpless this can definitely be the last straw.

Mike Oxsaw 11:30 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
"yes I'm looking at you Oxsnore."

Whatever floats your boat. I'm not the one chasing people all over the site looking for a response.

Are you man enough to search inside yourself for what you seek? You should have learned by now that you won't find it here.

Block 11:26 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
to which my response was that just makes no sense at all and that

You ask me to stop rolling out the same old lines to people when you keep using the same lines ignorant people say, mate.

Manuel 11:17 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
Block - Listen mate, I'm not saying I understand or don't understand anything, so there is no need to roll that same old line out that everyone uses. Read back, all it was was Peckham said a guy he knew topped himself because after a break up meant he would see less of his kids, to which my response was that just makes no sense at all and that there must be more to it. Turns out there was and the fella had been sick for a while. That was it, but of course as WHO is these days you had a couple of old woman getting all offended and crying about it all. It's pathetic.

alfs barnet 11:10 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
Manuel - I made the following statement:
"Suicide rarely makes any sense apart from too the person taking their own life"

You responded with:
"Barnet - I don't need any wisdom from you, old fella. You are depressed because you don't see your kids as often as you would like so you then take an action that means you then don't see them at at all and vice versa? Completely ridiculous, but by all means you carry on rolling out the usual same old clichés"

And now you accuse me of using this thread for personal vendettas and sniping? Seriously?

I repeat. This is not the thread for you.

madhammerette 10:56 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
It happens :


Grew up pretty much in the social club when I was a nipper.
Lots of folk from our community have taken their lives over the years.
Causes ranged from child access, gambling debts, marital breakdowns and post natal depression.

Mind boggling....

As many of you may know (as I never shut up about it) I like to do a but of family tree work.
For those who may find it hard to comprehend why somebody would take their own life with no access to their kids....here is the article for alfs barnet g great uncle Christopher. Broke me.

`NOTHING NOW TO LIVE FOR' SAYS BUS DRIVER'S LETTER. "The boy has been our whole life for seven years, and I have no other reason for this action. I love the boy with all my heart, and life is worth nothing now that he has gone." These dramatic words in a letter to the Coroner presaged the suicide at his home in Denham Road, Peckham, S.E., of a 45-year-old bus driver, Christopher Dudley. At the Camberwell inquest, when a verdict of suicide while of unbalanced mind was recorded, it was revealed that the boy, a Jewish lad, had been taken away from Dudley by his lawful mother. Mrs. Annie Dudley, the widow, said that a single woman, Sarah Carbitzman, gave birth to the boy at her house in February, 1931. Witness and her husband were paid lOs a week for caring for it, and both became very much attached to it. At Easter the mother wrote and asked witness to take the child to a restaurant in Tottenham Court Road. There the boy was taken away by a relative of the mother. A few days later witness and her husband went to Stamford Hill, where the boy was living, saw him outside a cinema, and took him back to Peckham, but that evening Carbitzman and the father took the child laway. Mrs. Dudley told the Deputy Coroner (Mr. C. G. Moran) that no legal document was drawn up regarding the boy, nor was it stated how long they were to look after him. Miss Sarah Carbitzman, the mother of the boy. said he was now living at Stamford Hill with her relatives.

Block 10:12 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
Manuel, you unfortunately like many will never understand suicide, there's no logic to it, that's the unfortunate ugliness of it.

That's not a dig at you, a lot of suicide situations are usually not very logical.

Manuel 8:10 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
Erh, I'm staying on topic and not having a pop at any posters, unlike you 2 clowns trying to dig me out. So let's stay on topic yea and not use this thread for personal vendetta's and sniping..yes I'm looking at you Oxsnore.

Mike Oxsaw 8:05 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
alfs barnet 7:39 Thu Feb 20

Alternatively, it may be exactly the thread he needs to encourage him to address whatever issues he has making him post with such bitterness.

alfs barnet 7:39 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
Two people have responded to you, using their own very real and very painful experiences with losing loved ones to suicide to explain the lack of rational decision making when someone is close to it. You seem to be only interested in attempting to point score and to "be right".

I really don't think this is the thread for you Manuel...

Manuel 4:02 Thu Feb 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
Peckham - Williams and Speed didn't top themselves just because they didn't see the sprogs as often as they liked, to so it is in no way a direct comparison. Anyway, thanks for confirming there was more to it as I suspected. Cheers.

Peckham 8:02 Wed Feb 19
Re: Anxiety/depression
Re: Anxiety/depression
Manuel wrote...
I'm sorry, but topping yourself because you spend less time with your kids makes no sense whatsoever. So now he will never see them at all, miss seeing them grow up, and has left 2 kids without a father in this world. Must have been more to it than that.

Manuel, no need to apologise, there is as much stigma with suicide as there is ignorance, and I am not suggesting you are in anyway.

The breakdown of his Marriage , whilst serving abroad for many years and seeing hardcore shit mentally effected him. The split up from his Mrs was a trigger. there is always a trigger.

However , try saying what you said to Robin Williams 3 children, and his million odd fans he made smile for many years, or Gary Speeds kids, to be honest, siblings and Parents can take it a lot harder on themselves when they lose a loved one , they understand death and the desperate act of suicide , they question themselves.I did for many years - "What could I have done ?" "What if I bought my old man Rays book?" If only I had visited more? If only I knew he was in debt and too proud to tell his Children.
Whereas kids effected can be too young to fully understand, they are growing up fatherless, but in today's world that is more common than not, not having a Dad about.

So in answer to your opinion there must have been more to it , you are right - he was diagnosed PTSD , lets be clear it is no difference etc acute bouts of depression and for him serious bouts of having the hump with civvys. Getting stressed easily.

As Alf has said some people have the mindset they are doing their family a favour by topping themselves.

I openly think this right here right now, and I am not drunk or stoned or anything. I believe when I am depressed to the state I cant answer calls or get busy and procrastinate, have suicidal thoughts , I think my mates are better off without me, I am a fucking burden at times. Cunt of a son.

Without doubt mate. 9mm , over come it. Noose in a hotel. Bottled it. Finally Gidea Park Station, the closest I have been to giving up as I have mentioned too much in past posts.

The trigger now, well it was September up until when it got to its worst and my local GP sent me Christmas Eve to Chelsea and Westminster A&E regarding my mental state. The Trigger was returned to the UK to support old dear, yet I cant face the fact she is not recovering from 3 strokes, has early stages of dementia and breaks down crying when she can not remember things. It fucking kills me , watching her die , like I did my Nan, to go with that this country has been in a complete fuck up since back, DWP declared me a person not from Great Britain for being out of the country 3 years, despite having a War pension and always paying into UK system, said I did not have enough savings to stay............a farce.
Finally was awarded UC of €40 a month...Another Trigger. Is that what my life is worth €40 notes a month for a person born in Great Britain , served in the British Army , worked abroad in similar sector then within Europe as a civilian still within Military sector, return to the UK , retraining for new skills to gain work, yet need help and to sign on , Veterans TILS NHS and Legion all saying to mentally unwell to work due to 10 years of controlled medicines and need to review and come off them, so work would be difficult to maintain with many hospital appointments.

But yep even money can trigger someone to suicide.

Its sad, tragic, impossible to explain unless been to that morgue or had it happen to a family member or friend. Those leaving their Children of any age. Or those leaving Siblings and Parents. Hurts everybody.

Depression can not be underestimated as a cunt thing to suffer from *** even those who have travelled the World, seen first hand how 3rd World Country people live, they are grateful, they count their blessings , I do. But you still think it has got to the stage where feel so isolated that no one can help or the stage one thinks his family and friends are better off without them.

Nurse Ratched 11:28 Tue Feb 18
Re: Anxiety/depression
WHOmail, Zeb.

zebthecat 11:26 Tue Feb 18
Re: Anxiety/depression
If it is any consolation Nurse (and it probably won't be) we appear to be in a period where we are leaving the Russia, Turkey, Saudi and Iran ti indulge in pointless military adventurism.
For all his faults I don't think that Boris Johnson is inclined towards that sort of silliness and he will be PM for a decade probably so your son's tour could well be over by then.
Which regiment is he contemplating? Unless you son joins the Special Forces or Royal Engineers (they go to unexpected places) he should be OK.

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