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Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

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Sniper 4:35 Mon Apr 12
Re: Anxiety/depression - in my opinion



Sniper 4:31 Mon Apr 12
Re: Anxiety/depression - in my opinion
Mental health studies


Sniper 4:30 Mon Apr 12
Re: Anxiety/depression - in my opinion
Just a few links to different pages on Twitter where people are carrying out research or offering support that may interest people on this thread.

A phd student doing research into make suicide and mental health:


Jasnik 5:13 Fri Mar 19
Re: Anxiety/depression - in my opinion

Hallerinthemorning 9:52 Fri Mar 19
Re: Anxiety/depression
Some people need to start putting the phrase "in my opinion" after bold statements.

Stubbo 6:09 Thu Mar 18
Re: Anxiety/depression
He clearly is in no place to form a coherent plan to start to bring money in and needs to find a way to deal with the fears and anxieties around his money worries so can get back into the present of coming up with a way of dealing with the tangible difficulties, and not focussing on the intangibles which will be spiralling him down.

Mace66 6:32 Sun Mar 14
Re: Anxiety/depression
I’ve just watched Gonzo’s video and I’d say he’s done very well to make that. He looks like shit ( my guess is he’s not sleeping much) and is rambling on like somebody with plenty on his mind.

It gets to the stage where it becomes all consuming and he gave a hint at that when he said the game the other night gave him a bit of a distraction. I’m not surprised he can’t/ hasn’t commented on it because my money is on him not remembering much of it as that’s how it gets people.

Manuel, you say a counsellor won’t bring him money but they can stop it running away with him and bring a bit of perspective. He’ll probably be imagining all sorts of horrible scenarios and if he doesn’t talk to somebody he’ll start sleeping even less due to the worry and then the mind plays all sorts of tricks

Manuel 4:55 Sun Mar 14
Re: Anxiety/depression
Jones - I have experience too, fella. Everyone is an expert these days. Money is not exacerbating the problem it IS the problem. Simple as. I highly doubt a shrink will be of much use to him, just my opinion. Let's disagree and move on. Shouldn't be discussing a third party individual anyway.

Hello Mrs. Jones 7:19 Sat Mar 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
Manuel,,I have some family experience with depression and from what he has been saying concerning feeling lost and unable to function are clearly danger signs. I realize that money issues may be exacerbating the problem but nervertheless he needs to seek some professional advice. No, a counsellor will not put monmey in his pocket but may well save him from falling deeper into clinical Major Depressive Disorder. It is an illness that, as with all illnesses, needs to be treated early.

Manuel 6:34 Sat Mar 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
The (main) reason Gonzo is depressed is because he is skint and has his rent to pay and has to support his family, and no job. Simple as that. He has my sympathy. A counsellor is not going to put money in his pocket. Hope he gets through it somehow.

Hello Mrs. Jones 2:03 Sat Mar 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
If anyone on here knows Gonzo, please, please urge him to get some help. This will not get better wothout some professional counselling and or medication.

Stevethehammer 5:01 Fri Mar 12
Re: Anxiety/depression
I think sometimes part of the problem is us blokes are meant to be strong, physically and emotionally and when everything gets on top of you dealing with it all can send you right off the rails.
Loss of your job etc can lead to the obvious worries of money etc which puts pressure on family life, relationships etc.
Most turn to drink, drugs etc etc
On a personal note my issues stem from lack of human interaction and a lack of a network of friends to help drag me out of the mire.
Fair play to Gonzo, like him, loathe him, love or hate the channel its good to see another bloke talking about how he's feeling rather than buckling to the macho image and pretending everything is ah okay

ted fenton 3:05 Fri Mar 12
Re: Anxiety/depression
Mike Oxsaw 1:59 Fri Mar 12

Very true Lily.

Lily Hammer 2:30 Fri Mar 12
Re: Anxiety/depression
My take on Gonzo’s message was that the loss of his job was the main problem that is having inevitable knock on effects. The loss of job is almost certainly a direct consequence of the lockdown.

How many other people are going down the same shithole?

Won’t the NHS have to pick up the pieces of cases like this that worsen? ICUs are being protected, to some extent, but I wonder how much every other aspect of society apart from ICUs need protection.

Mike Oxsaw 1:59 Fri Mar 12
Re: Anxiety/depression
ted fenton 4:55 Thu Mar 11,

Wasn't the easiest of watches that, Ted, but the big thing was that he realised that he had a problem and had taken the first steps.

Brave of him to put it out there, even though it was obvious that he still had an issue with clearly expressing the root cause. (I got the lost job bit but read something deeper).

In general, I think people will listen if you have problems, even if they have absolutely no idea as to how to (offer) help. Sometimes, an open ear is all that is needed.

ted fenton 4:55 Thu Mar 11
Re: Anxiety/depression
Not sure if you ever watch Gonzo on Hammers Chat You tube well I've just watched his latest video and it relates to this thread and worth a look....


Alfs 3:20 Thu Mar 11
Re: Anxiety/depression
This is why I love WHO and would hate for it to die. To an outsider we appear to be a bunch of miserable cunts but within these cunts is incredible sensitivity and empathy.

I've been on AD's for 15 years plus (seroxat). Without it, I'd be an emotionless zombie, never leaving my home.

Being depressed is not a weakness. It's simply a condition that can fortunately be helped with drugs. Like diabetes or a plethora of other illnesses.

If you don't want to go down that route then look into CBD oil, though if you do decide on that, make sure that it's of good quality. There's a lot of shit about, particularly the stuff sold at chemists like Boots.

You'll find the good stuff if you do a bit of research.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:48 Sun Mar 7
Re: Anxiety/depression

Next time you are in that darkest of places, you can always reach out to Samaritans. They'll listen to you confidentially without judging you and without telling you what to do.

Stevethehammer 3:39 Wed Mar 3
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks for the who mail messages, for some reason I'm unable to reply, anyone having the same issue?

wanstead_hammer 9:17 Tue Mar 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Stevethehammer and Peckham.

Keep the faith the pair of ya (and I’m not a bible basher and don’t mean the george michael album either) and keep posting on here to have some interaction.
It’s not like proper mixing and perhaps some of us could meet up once we’re further down the yellow brick road! I’m sure that’d provide a laugh or three!

Block 6:44 Mon Mar 1
Re: Anxiety/depression
Bloody hell, Peckham. Good to know you're on the right track mate!

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