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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

A number of posters have been yellow carded and told to stay off this thread unless they have anything constructive to add.This is a thread that has been very useful to so many, for any other posters with scores to settle, argue on another thread.
This thread is sacrosant.Thank you
.email contact address pfdx52@gmail.com

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Tomshardware 9:09 Fri Dec 8
Re: Anxiety/depression
Having read up on autism, I seem to tick quite a few boxes for it on the 'High functioning' end of the spectrum. It may be 'high functioning' but I just about get by but there's a fair bit of avoidance of things in day to day life.

J.Riddle 1:46 Wed Nov 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
Birds help a lot its a fact, as dogs or any pets. You don't need to have a bird as a pet though you can go birdwatching which gets you outside fresh air walking, exercise in countryside or in the City local park/garden feeding Pidgeons bird seed.

Short 3 minute clip will warm your heart.


Fifth Column 5:28 Tue Oct 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
Agree with a lot of this on here:

- Mike is right, to improve mental and physical health you don't have to absolutely cane any cardio exercising like you're a gym bunny or Mo Farah. Regular fast walking, medium pace cycling, anything that marginally increases pulse etc.

- Talking therapy is really useful. It's good to talk to friends and family - do that if you can but in addition if your GP can speak to you once a week like mine did in early 2021 when I had some issues due to my job at the time. It doesn't have to be a therapist necessarily.

- Re anti depressants, I had chronic headaches for about a month and was prescribed something to "turn off" the nerves in my brain causing the headaches/to deactivate them. Whilst I was on that drug I felt like I was on speed - felt amazing mentally. After a few days I read the instructions in the box about taking them - turned out they were also used as anti depressants. And I'd been prescribed 1/16th of the maximum dose. And I felt like I was flying on those. Probably because I wasn't depressed to start with but wow. I can understand people being prescribed them when chemical imbalance in brain isn't correct. I stopped taking them but I didn't really want to because I felt amazing.

Darlo Debs 4:10 Tue Oct 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
Lack of thyroxine causes depression......take care if you have depression and can't figure out why. Get checked out ( blood test). I mean obvs this is a double edged sword as if you are depressed and are already on thyroxine the temptation to stop.taking them can be quite overwhelming.

Mike Oxsaw 3:35 Sun Oct 22
Re: Anxiety/depression
I've got an exercise bike that I use - but I don't go hell-for-leather on it for physical fitness, I use it more for the simple pleasure of the movement - I took to - and have loved ever since - cycling as soon as the stabilizers came off my first bike (about 6 days ago...).

Given the fuckwits on the roads these days it seemed a better option - plus there's nowhere to "come back from".

I haven't got around to sticking it in front of a TV and having a YouTube Tour de France POV in front of me, but I may get a fan for those "Wind in your hair" moments.

However 30 minutes - 1 hour does rack up a few virtual kilometres and I seem to always feel better for it for the rest of the day.

My contribution here, FWIW, is that you may not need to bust a gut to get benefit from exercising.

J.Riddle 3:15 Sun Oct 22
Re: Anxiety/depression
I was watching an old clip of Tony Curtis who was an Alcoholic, he said he drank when he was stressed and that sums drinking up for me. STRESS it's a killer causes so many illnesses.

I used to do weight from 14, squash, football then got Glandular fever. Started running 10 years ago for about 7 years which felt like i was getting less stressed, then got a bad viral chest infection which never recovered from fully.

I did some research and I think I pushed my body exercised too much which caused mass inflammation.

Listen to your body and slow down accordingly and to age.

Westham67 1:09 Mon Oct 16
Re: Anxiety/depression
BRANDED 2:22 Mon Oct 9

I had talking therapy that helped far more than anti depressants. For me I had so much going on in my head I couldn't see the trees for the woods but therapy broke it down to separate issues that I could manage myself and I assume running would be the same as it will clear your mind. I caned the gym when my dad died that helped

Tomshardware 12:52 Mon Oct 16
Re: Anxiety/depression
Hope you're all doing well. Thanks also for that Branded, I've got out of the habit of running and must agree that it helped with my mental health.

Tomshardware 3:45 Fri Oct 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks for posting that wilko.

charleyfarley 12:41 Thu Oct 12
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks Wilko for putting this up and chim don't forget we also really appreciate your comments on this thread they are very uplifting for a lot of people take care mate

Wilko Johnson 1:12 Wed Oct 11
Re: Anxiety/depression

Just came across this Tweet from Norwich City. I hope it's okay to post it on this thread. If not could somebody please delete it. Thanks.

BRANDED 2:22 Mon Oct 9
Re: Anxiety/depression
someone told me about this study yesterday. The conclusion doesn't surprise me and lots of people cant run but I'll share it anyway.

Conclusions: While the interventions had comparable effects on mental health, running therapy outperformed antidepressants on physical health, due to both larger improvements in the running therapy group as well as larger deterioration in the antidepressant group.


chim chim cha boo 3:08 Tue Sep 26
Re: Anxiety/depression
Pents, for some shitty reason I can't reply to Whomails but I meant sincerely the post below.

You're an absolute inspiration.

Pentonville 12:59 Tue Sep 26
Re: Anxiety/depression
Wow. You old leftie punk :-)
Thank you very much. I echo the words of yours about this site and all its users 👍

chim chim cha boo 4:33 Sun Sep 24
Re: Anxiety/depression

I'd like to give you a shout out too.

When I first became aware of you you were, with the greatest respect, someone who anyone with a shred of empathy worried about.

You had times I don't want to drag up and trigger you again when I genuinely thought we were going to lose you. Shit in Spain, shit with your mum - a situation we'd all crumble from, no matter how robust we think we are.

Look at you now pal, a shining light, an empathic, sensitive man it would be an honour to call a friend.

I hope it shows that any of us (including me) can turn our lives around, thanks in part to this idiotic and dysfunctional site. When the chips are down, some people on here roll their sleeves up, circle the wagons and protect our own.

There has been the odd poster who has taken the piss a bit with the WHO fund but they are VERY few and far between. and shame on them.

Keep up the good fight lads and stay alive - if only to piss the powers that be off. We've got the tools and I couldn't imagine two more upright creatures running the fund than Charley and Moncs.

My love to you who are suffering and if you ever find yourselves in Camden I'd gladly provide a shoulder and buy you a beer.

Pentonville 9:36 Mon Sep 18
Re: Anxiety/depression
I spoke to Block about 6 ot 7 weeks ago and he was very into family life and commitment to that and busy with work. All seemed positive but I hadn't spoke to him for a time.before that either. All seemed good to me 👍

Pentonville 9:33 Mon Sep 18
Re: Anxiety/depression
Just saw this. Thanks Charley. Its good to give back, the circle as it were. As chim says, we are west ham and we fight together!

charleyfarley 3:40 Sun Sep 17
Re: Anxiety/depression
Well said Chim...fight as best as you can, get support from around you...WHO mail on here, post on here don't be afraid to ask for help and I'm sure between us we can help in some way.
Also a quick reminder of the work in the background that Pentonville does, he has been an absolute prop for so many posters, that he has helped due to his own experiences he has been a rock. So on behalf of WHO Pents, thanks for all your help. Finally can somebody who knows Block well, check in to see if he is ok, haven't heard from in a while..

chim chim cha boo 2:39 Tue Aug 29
Re: Anxiety/depression
I'm not for one minute telling anyone to 'just pull yourself together' but come on, we're the West Ham family and that means that when one of us fall into a trench another goes back through enemy fire and gives him a hand up to keep him/or Debs in the fight.

It's been said loads of times before that we're all here for you and would rather pay your rent for a month while you're on your arse than buy a wreath.

We're all a couple of paydays from oblivion and most of us understand that. WHO, for all its faults have Charlie Farley and the incomparable Moncs as your last resort, your net if you like and that's why despite most of us being complete cunts, we/they will stop you falling through it.

Don't be shy.

charleyfarley 7:07 Thu Aug 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
That is an awful lot to deal with WHUex must have a terrible time for you so glad you got back on an even keel mate and thanks for posting it

Westham67 3:55 Thu Aug 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thinks can get on top of you and it's hard to unscramble you mind

My brother 10 years older than me and in poor health has just been diagnosed with lung and bone cancer. He spoke to his GP for a year about the above and ended up calling 111. I am the only one in our family he has told in confidence

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