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c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

A number of posters have been yellow carded and told to stay off this thread unless they have anything constructive to add.This is a thread that has been very useful to so many, for any other posters with scores to settle, argue on another thread.
This thread is sacrosant.Thank you

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Pentonville 7:56 Mon Aug 8
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thank u mate. 💓

El Scorchio 1:42 Mon Aug 8
Re: Anxiety/depression
Pentonville 3:08

Keep going mate. Cannot imagine how hard the journey you are on must be, but it sounds like you're making some brilliant progress and are able to be looking forward to the future. Better days are round the corner waiting for you.

Pentonville 5:12 Sun Aug 7
Re: Anxiety/depression
Good man crassus x

Crassus 1:07 Sun Aug 7
Re: Anxiety/depression
Watcha mate, chin up and best foot forward old boy

Pentonville 9:48 Sun Aug 7
Re: Anxiety/depression
For the first time in years and years, the good ones out weigh the bad ones on here now. Been on here since 2003 as Pentonville with a small deviation as Hairyspotter. Seen it all. Very good people on here. If you are going today, sing us home. I need to smile. x

thanks Zammo and all other good wishes.

Tomshardware 12:12 Sat Aug 6
Re: Anxiety/depression
Good news, some really good people on here as well.

Zammo 1:08 Sat Aug 6
Re: Anxiety/depression
Nice work hairy…

Keep it up.

Pentonville 10:53 Fri Aug 5
Re: Anxiety/depression
Cheers gents

Willtell 8:48 Fri Aug 5
Re: Anxiety/depression
Wow Pentonville. Some story to digest. Hope it all goes well for you. Wish I could offer some help but it seems you have a clear understanding of the problems which takes you half way mate. ATB

Too Much Too Young 8:33 Fri Aug 5
Re: Anxiety/depression

Well done Hairy, great to see you worked through it.

You need to play the long game and be around for when you son is older, as things may change.

My middle son, now 22 has just moved back in with me full time. 8 years after the split. I expect the youngest to move in too next march, when payments end...

Respect to MPI big time.

Take care lads

panamahat 12:42 Fri Aug 5
Re: Anxiety/depression
Just what Ted said .

ted fenton 12:07 Fri Aug 5
Re: Anxiety/depression
Great to hear some good positive news !
Keep it going lads WHO is massive.

charleyfarley 8:03 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Well done all and keep at it Pents

lab 4:14 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Well done chaps .

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:07 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression

Seeing you post has made my day, no, my week.

Long way to go but stellar progress x

smasher. 4:00 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
I'm not out the woods yet with my shit but good mates wrapped around ya really does help so if you need anything at all I'm here

Pentonville 3:32 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
I know smasher and glad ur ok. To think 7 weeks ago I was trying to help u. Shows how it can creep up.

Lee, yes ur right. MpI and westham 67 and block and Panama hat and crassus and goose and the many many mails I've had. I did read them all. I just couldn't reply without breaking down.

goose 3:30 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
MPI is an absolute legend.

Lee Trundle 3:23 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Big pat on the back for MPI there, too.

smasher. 3:15 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
One Love Marc x

I was in contact with Block to see how you was.

Pentonville 3:08 Thu Aug 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks mate. Fuck me this is the hardest shit I've ever been through. Still not out of woods physically but brain is thinking straighter.
If anyone thinks a full round up of what happened helps then I'm happy to update you all but if u feel u would rather watch paint dry then don't read.

What I will say is I think I'm now the guru on depression, anxiety, binge drinking alcoholism, mear death experiences and bullying autistic estranged wives.

I could not even string a sentence together 3 weeks ago.

At Xmas I lost my wife and child. She hated France and left and it sent me into a spiral as im sure many will remember. I pulled myself out and vowed never again.

I was doing well but all the while I had my ex begging me to impregnate her as she felt it was the only way her family would accept me back in the fold.

I came back to UK and found out she was texting people in France to sneakily get copies of my keys so she could get into my home and take toys and personal stuff. Luckily my friends told her to do one. Everyone who has met her knows she is a wrongun.

So I cam back and was doing OK then had a slip up in February or March back in France.

Came home and she started the whole trying to get her pregnant thing which I could not understand and it was messing with my head and everytine I told her what I thought of her, she treated visitation ending with my son whom I'm used to getting 3 days a week.

June 4th came. I invited her to a family bbq to celebrate Queen and she got smashed and I was sober as I'd given up drinking and was walking 12 miles a day which she says wasn't an attempt at fitness but an attempt to sling dick around town. Weird. Then I go offered a job as a caretaker at a school and my family were so proud but her response was to say be careful of of 6 formers. I asked if she was accusing me of being a peado and she says aren't all men?

So it fast became apparent she cannot eevr handle be being happy or doing well.

So the bbq ended and she stayed over. Not together I add. In the morning she was so fucking rude to me, I snapped. I dont know why. Her and her family bully me. They are all women, all the men have left the womean so I have to deal with her and her female relatives. Something snapped and I kicked her and my son out. Closed my curtains, blocked everyone and decided I was gonna write a letter telling the world what a bully she was and kill myself with booze.

For 6 weeks I slept no more than 1 hour a night..I had a pot noodle every 2 days and drank about 20 cans of K cider everyday.

I sporadically would unblock someone and say something then block again. I was pissed out of my mind. Mpi sent police around for a welfare check. They were great and spoke to me for an hour. They couldn't belive I was standing or at least alive. My home was covered in cans..maybe 600 or 700 all over the floor. Flies everywhere. But what they and me realised is I had a cupboard full of valium and q draw full of knives. This wasnt suicide this was a cry for help.

It started a process..2 days later a doctor called and issued drugs. Then the mental health until called. Then the drink and drugs department at NHS called. I began to communicate with MPI a bit and my mother and here I am how ever many weeks later still alive and walking 4 miles a day and eating but still having to drink on advice as they feel if I stop I could have a seizure. They wanted me to drop by 20% a week but I can't do that
. I wanted to stop so I switched to Irish coffee's.i have 2 or 3 q day with food and I have not experienced any withdrawals or seizures..

On Saturday I have lover function text which we think is going to be OK
I've shown no signs of liver damage..its my heart which is why the beta blockers and valium are being used to keep me stable. That could be the organ that needs most care.

Once that's done then my CBT starts again. I've kinda fucked myself as I lost all work and spent all money on booze so I've got to confront the fact I could be evicted. I don't think go fund me enjoys helping wankers so I'm just gonna have to take that on the chin. I also am now aware that my wife has all the shit she needs to fuck me if she wants regarding access to my son so all in all a bad heart and depression is the legacy of this latest compete breakdown.

I thibk I need to help people one day if I'm around and show them how to get off the booze. I disagree with the advice currently out there. They know fuck all.

Anyway that's the gist.

Thank you to everyone and for those that have my number, I can reply now..

I love everyone one of you and I'm determined not to be a lost cause.

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