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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

ray winstone 10:18 Mon Jan 13
Visited Peach Guitars in Colchester at the weekend, it’s like an Aladdins Cave for guitarists!

Anyway, finally got my hands on a Gibson SJ200, what an impeccable musical instrument, just wish I could have afforded to buy it!
Also had a bash on a custom Strat, very nice indeed.

So guitarists of WHO, what’s your 6 string of choice or preference? I’m going to be saving up for the Gibbo, put my Tanglewood to shame!

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factory seconds 9:17 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
there was old geezer in wunjo earlier strumming a few chords away as an excuse to tell the pimply till monkey all his old war stories.

made me think of this thread.

Bungo 8:39 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
How many trucks does Madonna need for her ego?

joe royal 7:50 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
Just an aside , the ballpark figures for a rock and roll truck are £800 a day , the tour busses are nearer £1200.

The bigger stadium bands have about 30 trucks and 15 busses for the tour.

These days most trucks carry video or lights.

zebthecat 7:44 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
joe royal 7:05 Wed Jan 15

Mostly fun but I was serious for a while.

Did make a bit in one band in mid 80s for about a year but most of what we made from gigs was ploughed into a van, lighting, occaisional rehearsal costs (only if we has to replace someone) and, I suspect, the lead singer's pockets. Got between 10 and 50 per gig and we averaged three gigs a week for a year.

The most I got for one night was when a promoter asked us to reform the band for a one off gig (with new drummer naturally). After deducting rehearsal costs for the new drummer we got 200 each.

Bungo 6:32 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
wtf 5:27 Wed Jan 15

That's the main problem with those amps.

I used to use one for pub gigs, but I would still rarely get it past 3 or 4 on the master volume before the rest of the band would shoot me daggers. It still wasn't really past tickover then...

Bungo 6:28 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
joe royal 7:05 Wed Jan 15

I was professional for a couple of years, (nothing you'd have heard of), but decided to get a 'proper' job if nothing outstanding had happened with the playing (it didn't).

Glad I did in retrospect, as I just play for fun now which means no pressure to try to earn any money at it.

alfie romeo 4:29 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
mallard 10:37 Mon Jan 13
Re: Guitars
As already mentioned, its a toss up between Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul.

Always fancied a Rickenbacker though, just for the look

I had A Rickenbacker 360 12 and 330 6 both in Jet Glo. I wanted them for look rather than the sound but if you're a man with proper sized hands, you may struggle with the very narrow thin necks. I did and i hardly ever played them. I preferred a maple necked telecaster and wish i'd have kept that. If i was to get back playing again, i'd go for the maple tele. Anyone could play one of them.

alfie romeo 4:25 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
Nicest guitar i ever played was 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top. P90's and the sound was incredible. i couldn't afford it as i was a skint kid in 1993 and it was 3.5k then. Must be worth a lot more now but it left an impression on me. A friend has a 1962 Guild Starfire with P90's too. Great guitar but being semi acoustic means it feedbacks wildly so doesn't have the control and versatility of the solid body.

ray winstone 2:20 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
Made a few bob playing in Greece for a few years, can be quite lucrative if you find the right location and are a decent enough muso.
Playing pubs etc in the UK is far more tricky in my experience, in Essex there seems to be a bit of a cartel where if you're not 'known' it's hard to get a foot in the door, unless you play for free of course....

joe royal 7:05 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
Did any of you make any money out of playing or was it more for fun?

A few drivers turned to trucking as they didn’t make it in the music biz but wanted to stay in the industry.

Remember a band called Kenny? Had a hit called The Bump.

Bass player was Chris Redburn , when the band split he started a rock n roll trucking company called Redburn Transfer - went bust a couple of years ago.

wtf 5:27 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
yngwies Cat 10:21 Tue Jan 14

Ooohhh, one of my fondest memories is at the end of a practice in some shitty rehearsal room, where I got lumped with a JCM800 (I usually play through fender amps). I tried the old 'turn all the knobs up to 10' and fuck me, it was like i was channeling Jimi, it sounded phenomenal. Until the drummer reminded me with a flying drumstick that there were others still in the room.

Claret Badger 3:33 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
just sold two of my jazzmasters - to finance my camera fetish

left with just the one AVRI now and a Westone Thunder, Fender P bass and a Martin

Fender Silverfave reverb pro, Marshall JCM master volume mk3

zebthecat 12:20 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
As for bass:

Laney 150W head and 4x10 cab (most gigs done with this).
Trace Elliot 300W head and 2x15 cab for loud.
Fender 70W 1x12 combo for practice.

Also have a little Peavey keyboard amp for noodling around on synths (of which I have many). It is a brillaint little thing.

zebthecat 12:07 Wed Jan 15
Re: Guitars
Never been a gigging guitarist as I have been a bass player primarily apart from depping yonks ago as rhythm in a friends death metal band using an amp borrowed off the lead guitarist and my guitar.

Orange Micro Dark
Orange PPC 212 CB cab

The amp is only rated at 20W but fuck me it is loud. Have done open mic nights with the amp playing swamp blues on my three stringers but fancy playing rhythm in a doom band. That would justify the purchase of an Orange Dark Terror.

Last thing I bought was an Earthquaker Devices Life Pedal. Possibly the most OTT ridiculous distortion pedal ever created. Effects pedal thread time?

Bungo 11:09 Tue Jan 14
Re: Guitars
yngwies Cat 10:21 Tue Jan 14

JCM800 - nice! Do you get the opportunity to open it up much?

yngwies Cat 10:21 Tue Jan 14
Re: Guitars
When we going to have the AMP thread?

JCM 800 to a 11.

Bungo 8:59 Tue Jan 14
Re: Guitars
weststandboy 5:09 Tue Jan 14

'Apparently Lukather stipulated that each Luke is the same set up and and so he could just walk in a guitar store pick one up and then walk straight on stage and play it...'

Sounds good. It was the necks that got me into Ernie Ball guitars in the first place ('97 Axis was my first).

I think Ernie Ball take that approach with all their signature models, so what the customer can buy is exactly the same as the artists model.

Mind you, good luck to him actually finding one in a shop if he needed it!

zebthecat 8:41 Tue Jan 14
Re: Guitars
In order of purchase:

Westone Raider bass (this beauty has made through hundreds of gigs and is pretty bashed about).
Westone Spectrum II bass
Maya Les Paul custom copy (80s japanese guitar souped up with Seymour Duncan humbuckers and Kahler trem) - this is my favouritte.
Westone Thunder 1 A
Westone Spectrum FX (bridge and neck humbuckers with a single coil in the middle)
Three String cigar box guitar (tuned to open G)
Epiphone G-400 SG (fab for Tony Iommi impressions - detuned for doom)
Three String cigar box guitar (tuned to open E - Evil blues slide time)

I have a soft spot for 80s Japanese guitars - well made and stupidly cheap on eBay.

FHB 6:34 Tue Jan 14
Re: Guitars
I have a Gibson SG Standard, cherry red
Fender Tele, Claret with a white scratch plate
Yamaha dreadnought acoustic (can't remember the model)

Always wanted a Les Paul Goldtop with p90s and also an Epiphone Casino.

weststandboy 5:09 Tue Jan 14
Re: Guitars
Lovely guitar to play. Very thin rosewood neck (same as the silhouette and most ernies i guess)

The pickups are great. 2 Humbuckers and a single coil in the middle give a nice tonal variation.

Apparently Lukather stipulated that each Luke is the same set up and and so he could just walk in a guitar store pick one up and then walk straight on stage and play it...bet it doesn't happen though!

Bungo 4:03 Tue Jan 14
Re: Guitars
weststandboy 12:30 Tue Jan 14

"Ernie Ball - Luke"

I've had most EBMMs (my fave brand), but never played a Luke. How does it compare to other Balls (neck profile, sounds etc)?

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