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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Lovejoy 2:43 Mon Jan 20
So what's gone wrong this season?

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Bishopsfinger 11:29 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Taken from article in other thread. Made me chuckle and sums is up

So, we play Leicester in the final game of the decade at 5.30 on a Saturday evening. The game isn't televised but kicks off late to allow Westfield shoppers to spend their cash in the daytime. You and me can wait. West Ham were, by pure coincidence, away on Boxing Day once again.

Our best player is Michail Antonio, who made such an impact when he arrived in 2015 that David Gold was tricked into tweeting a picture of him with a missing persons report. Having settled in, he was then used by the fans favourite manager of the decade - Slaven Bilic - as a right back, and fucked our only chance of ever making the Champions League.

Years later, he is by some distance the most effective player in a team featuring four £20m+ signings, and without him we look like Destiny's Child sans Beyonce. He starts on the bench here having crashed a £200k Lamborghini into someone's house on Christmas Day, while dressed as a snowman.

Russ of the BML 11:21 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
JayeMPee 5:17 Wed Jan 22

Adrian wanted out. He made it clear he would not be a no. 2 for us. We aren't a club that can demand decent players be on the bench.

But, I do agree, with the goal kick comment. FB should've been building up to this slowly and if it meant a CB taking (Sunday League style) then so be it.

Russ of the BML 11:19 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Oh, and I forgot:

Once again another year decimated by injuries

Russ of the BML 11:18 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Manager that lost his way and the dressing room

Team lacking in energy and fitness

Team not prepared to work hard on and off the ball

Team with no identity, style or real game-plan

MP's poor selections / formations

Poor recruitment in last two windows now impacting

Lack of follow up investment for MP now impacting

Fans still don't like stadium

Toxic relationship with fans and owners

New manager viewed as under-whelming

No new manager bounce (4 points from 12)

Basically its a perfect storm.

blueeyed.handsomeman 11:12 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
It goes back to the day that our clubs owners at the time
unofficially payed for the financing of the building of Arsenals HIGHBURY STADIUM

Northern Sold 11:05 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
I'm not sure anything has gone wrong this season... I mean we are hardly Bury Town are we..??

Bishopsfinger 11:02 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?

Sullivan knows don’t worry about that. He knows what meant to be done, he may not be capable himself but he knows.

The difference is he just doesn’t care, he’s willing to take a gamble on getting as much out as possible. Simple on paper stay in the league and earn lots. Or invest and maybe don’t earn lots.

Believe it or not it’s not easy getting relegated you need to be absolute gash for long periods of time. He’s fucked up this time though. He’s employed Moyes when by his model he should have employed an fat Sam style specialist.

TWe 10:49 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Board and Pellegrini to blame. Bad signings and big holes in the squad while we were being told it was the best squad we've ever had. Got the impression Pellgrini's heart wasn't in it and was quite happy picking up his dosh and plodding on knowing he'd get a big pay out if he was sacked.

I don't mind Moyes but think I Joe Cole was right when he said we need a young manager who wants to build something and will push the board to do so.

Sven Roeder 10:00 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Their skills were being in porn when there was money in it and putting that money into property when the internet destroyed their business. The end
They have no expertise or understanding of football whatsoever other than in riding the upwards wave to make money for themselves.
The problem is that Sullivan particularly THINKS he understands the business of football.
Where we are and where we have been for a decade and performances like last night show you the truth of his incompetence

Bishopsfinger 9:46 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?

You could have any manager on the world and with how they stripped the club of players the manager would fail. I don’t blame Moyes at all he has fuck all to work with.

Pearce as many do have their number and they don’t like it.

brick_lane_batty_boy 9:32 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
As I previously mentioned -- This management change should've been made in November.

It's now a perfect storm of injuries, tough run of games and our competition picking up points when they previously were not.

I can't see anything other than relegation now - I 100% wont blame Moyes either. The board are reaping what they've sewed over the last couple of years.

The most frustrating thing for me is that I genuinely think they have good intentions. They believed we wanted a big name manager - whereas 50% prob would've been happy to keep Moyes - 30% would've like a big name manager, but not Pellegrini and 20% were ecstatic with the hire. It didn't work out for the club and it's now looking like a very, very expensive error.

As always, I wonder who they take advice from. It baffles me that people so successful in business can be so inept when it comes to running a football club - (By inept, I don't mean how they protect their finances, charging interest on loans etc).

Still the biggest wind up for me is them changing the fucking badge. Absolute kunts.

GBHammer63 9:32 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Could have been worse, we could have been being run like a circus still.

Only positive is the fans, who might just be able to turn things if listened to.

Shame is GSB hear but ain’t listening.

Feels like one battle too far, but massive respect for all who are trying.

HairyHammer 8:06 Thu Jan 23
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Firstly we had a pretty Terrible manager who brought in some stinkers there are too many inconsistent players too many injuries to big players especially the one to our most important player Fabianski. Lanzini coming back from injury and playing like a pirate, and too many players who have not successfully adapted to British top grade football.
Rite now we are in deep doo doo, the players we currently have fit would struggle to make mid table in the championship .
Finally and definitely the greatest reason for the terrible season we are all witnessing, is our ridiculously bad owners .

JayeMPee 5:17 Wed Jan 22
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Failure to keep Adrian and bringing in Roberto, we were doing well until Fab was injured. Can't be a lot of fun playing in front of a keeper who was so bloody useless. Every time the ball got near our area most feared the worst.

We might also have instructed Fab not to take goal kicks when he returned, plenty of other ways to clear the ball.

gph 11:22 Wed Jan 22
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Our club's answer to most problems appears to be buy a striker.

Why are we a striker's graveyard is a question that's never asked, let alone answered.

camel-with-3-humps 12:50 Wed Jan 22
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Pellegrini was a shit manager who made awful signings. Backed by an incompetent board.

tnb 11:37 Tue Jan 21
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
The inevitable and recurring result of ten years of incompetence at the top.

Call it identity, strategy, vision or whatever you want but we haven't got any and haven't for a decade.

That has informed recruitment from managers to players. At the start of the Gold and Sullivan era we had Nani (briefly) then Sullivan took over as de facto DOF even whilst sometimes claiming otherwise - which basically meant giving the power to a coterie of agents who have him in their pocket because he won't ask for help and they know he doesn't really know what he's doing. Then Bilic briefly seems to wrestle a bit of control back but as soon as things get rocky Sullivan's tame journalists and bloggers are briefing against him and the result is inevitable. Then we have the Husillos farce. Now we're back to Sullivan again seemingly.

What are we working towards? Youth? Experience? Flair? Pragmatism? No one knows and no one ethos sticks around for long enough to be established, so we are constantly starting from scratch again under yet another manager with a different philosophy to the previous one and a squad that is a bit of this and a bit of that.

In amongst all this chaos the players have settled for mediocrity. Even when we have one decent season once things go downhill again the next season they revert to what they feel is acceptable, similarly even when a manager comes in and talks about 'big team' mentality they know he won't be around for long. We revert to the mean time and time again.

Stevethehammer 6:51 Tue Jan 21
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
If we don't go down this season, we will go next, the writing is on the wall.

Kelly Smunt 6:43 Tue Jan 21
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
Simple, a bunch of lazy cunts, managed by a jock cunt at a club owned by shit-cunts playing at a cunt-hole of a ground.

Dandy Lyon 1:39 Tue Jan 21
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
A large reason for the issues we see this season and every season is due to years of mismanagement.

The club have no clear direction. They come up with a plan, when it doesn't look like it's moving in the right direction, they change the plan and go in a different way.

What we need:

A clear philosophy of how we want the team to play.

A director of football that can implement that.

A scouting system that identifies players to suit that system now, players that for the future we can bring in and develop, players on an upward trajectory in their career that fit the philosophy.

A manger that can work with the DoF and whose own football philosophy fits with that of the club. If that manager moves on either through getting a better offer or even if he fails, the plan stays the same and we employ another manager who fits with the philosophy.

We back the DoF and management with money to sign the players both immediate and ones for the future with the money befitting a top 20 richest club.

If players, manager, scouts, DoF consistently don't perform, they get replaced... but the philosophy and plan remain.

What we get:

No clear plan or philosophy, they say we want to play entertaining football but don't follow through.

After years of David Sullivan thinking he has the skills to be director of football he finally admitted he would employ a DoF, however he employed the one the manager he was after wanted and not based on any kind of forward plan or philosophy. When that manager failed, he does away with the DoF and again takes on the role himself.

We have no scouting system to speak of, instead signing players that agents are touting around. Because of that we find our transfers difficult and often are used by agents to get their players better deals. We also have to put up with signings of players that Sullivan or his kids have found.

This is why we often get players that on paper look decent enough, but because they haven't been scouted to see if they fit our system and philosophy, we see these players fail or under perform more often than not. Haller is a great example. Good player, banging in goals as part of a front 2 or 3 in Germany, then gets put in a system at complete odds with the one that made him successful. We then wonder why the players confidence is shot.

The managers we choose have more often than not been taken on to be a quick fix to get us out of a dire situation with no thought of what happens then. Managers whose philosophy is a cautious, safety first, aim for a 0-0 and maybe sneak a win approach. Moyes x 2, Allardyce etc. Totally at odds at the 'entertaining' football philosophy the owners have alluded to in the past and the one the fans are crying out for, indeed the one most successful teams have.

We allow managers direct the philosophy of the football and not the other way around.

We don't spend money like a top 20 richest club and the money we do spend is not spent wisely.

All of this has gone wrong this season and every season for the last 10 years. We will not improve until they sell up.

The only small amount of optimism I have is that we'll limp through to when their stadium deal means they can sell the club with no financial penalty and that's been their plan all along. 2021 is it?

Side of Ham 12:33 Tue Jan 21
Re: So what's gone wrong this season?
The problem is I really couldn’t stand these owners getting things right now, but the way they invest into the football side of THEIR business assures me they are nowhere near capable. Hope they take the loan money as the bank balance will look good for them but they’ve still missed the point of any sport especially football.

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