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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This Coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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Sydney_Iron 4:14 Sat Feb 29
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Indonesia knows how to deal with the is pesky virus, the Health minister has aked.............All the clerics to pray against It! And has one case been reported there yet??????

There you go, if the 4th most populated country on the Planet has NO infections the clerics are obviously the way to go, we all got to convert to islam first though.....


Bottom line IMO, is you probably have a good chance of picking up the virus if you travel to Indonesia!

Darby_ 3:13 Sat Feb 29
Re: This Coronavirus in China
RIP Alfs.

Alfs 3:10 Sat Feb 29
Re: This Coronavirus in China
I've just booked two weeks in Teneriffe leaving on Monday. Cheap as chips because they've had a half dozen cases.

It reminds me of the BSE crisis when beef prices dramatically fell. I was feasting on roast sirloin every few days back then.

The majority of us will end up getting it. 99% of us will survive. With those odds, we might as well take advantage of the advantages.

Joe C 11:56 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
**runs to Ladbrookes**

Sydney_Iron 11:54 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Fucking phone!

Sydney_Iron 11:53 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Righto Joe.....

BTW, I reckon we will do against the Scouse

Fabs back do a solid pair of Hands between the sticks

Joe C 11:20 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
You’re supposed to be in the future Syders, not repeating stuff from hours ago

Westham67 11:06 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Joe C 10:26 Fri Feb 28

Maybe they will fly back to the USSR

Sydney_Iron 10:57 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Read this this morning, seems a well balanced view on all the bollocks thats been said.


Claim: ‘It is no more dangerous than winter flu’

Many individuals who get coronavirus will experience nothing worse than seasonal flu symptoms, but the overall profile of the disease, including its mortality rate, looks more serious. At the start of an outbreak the apparent mortality rate can be an overestimate if a lot of mild cases are being missed. But this week, a WHO expert suggested that this has not been the case with Covid-19. Bruce Aylward, who led an international mission to China to learn about the virus and the country’s response, said the evidence did not suggest that we were only seeing the tip of the iceberg. If borne out by further testing, this could mean that current estimates of a roughly 1% fatality rate are accurate. This would make Covid-19 about 10 times more deadly than seasonal flu, which is estimated to kill between 290,000 and 650,000 people a year globally.

Claim: ‘It only kills the elderly, so younger people can relax’

Most people who are not elderly and do not have underlying health conditions will not become critically ill from Covid-19. But the illness still has a higher chance of leading to serious respiratory symptoms than seasonal flu and there are other at-risk groups – health workers, for instance, are more vulnerable because they are likely to have higher exposure to the virus. The actions that young, healthy people take, including reporting symptoms and following quarantine instructions, will have an important role in protecting the most vulnerable in society and in shaping the overall trajectory of the outbreak.

Claim: ‘Face masks don’t work’

Wearing a face mask is not an iron clad guarantee that you won’t get sick – viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as aerosols, can still penetrate masks. However, masks are effective at capturing droplets, which is the main transmission route of coronavirus, and some studies have estimated a roughly five-fold protection versus no barrier. If you are likely to be in close contact with someone infected, a mask cuts the chance of the disease being passed on. If you’re just walking around town and not in close contact with others, wearing a mask is unlikely to make any difference.

Claim: ‘You need to be with an infected person for 10 minutes’

For flu, some hospital guidelines define exposure as being within six feet of an infected person who sneezes or coughs for 10 minutes or longer. However, it is possible to be infected with shorter interactions or even by picking the virus up from contaminated surfaces, although this is thought to be a less common route of transmission.

Claim: ‘A vaccine could be ready within a few months’

Scientists were quick out of the gates in beginning development of a vaccine for the new coronavirus, helped by the early release of the genetic sequence by Chinese researchers. The development of a viable vaccine continues apace, with several teams now testing candidates in animal experiments. However, the incremental trials required before a commercial vaccine could be rolled out are still a lengthy undertaking – and an essential one to ensure that even rare side-effects are spotted. A commercially available vaccine within a year would be quick.

Claim: ‘If a pandemic is declared, there is nothing more we can do to stop the spread’

A pandemic is defined as worldwide spread of a new disease – but the exact threshold for declaring one is quite vague. In practice, the actions being taken would not change whether or not a pandemic is declared. Containment measures are not simply about eliminating the disease altogether. Delaying the onset of an outbreak or decreasing the peak is crucial in allowing health systems to cope with a sudden influx of patients.

Sydney_Iron 10:38 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
More stupidity, some people wont drink Corona Beer, due to concerns of contracting the virus, FFS there are some thick cunts about!


Tomsdad 10:34 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Ono is that true!

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:32 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Oh Dear. I'm going to have to Cold Turkey this site...

Nurse Ratched 10:29 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
As far as I'm concerned that's Instant Karma after Monday.

Joe C 10:26 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Breaking news! Liverpool’s John Lennon airport is closed due to coronavirus. That's tough on everyone. Imagine all the people

zico 10:13 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Watched an interesting video earlier that suggested a percentage of those who recovered in China have tested positive again a few weeks after recovering and being discharged. Not sure of the validity of secondary infection but concerning if true.

Mike Oxsaw 9:46 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Any chance that the Woolwich Ferry can re-identify as a cruise ship?

Westham67 9:34 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
6 on that boat have died

simon.s 9:33 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
Isn’t Antarctica the only continent not affected?

Always been on my bucket list. No wonder it’s so expensive to get there.

Sydney_Iron 9:29 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
I dont understand the mentality of some people, in Japan it seems the biggest concern with coronavirus is running out of toilet paper? fuck me, im would be more worried about food or clean water, than fucking what im wiping my arse on!


ted fenton 9:29 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
A GP working in Surrey is believed to have become the 20th person in the UK to catch the coronavirus and the seventh in the past 36 hours

C&P Mail

So I wonder how many he's infected ?

Westham67 9:21 Fri Feb 28
Re: This Coronavirus in China
You pick it up by TOUCH

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