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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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Mike Oxsaw 4:14 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 3:13 Sun Sep 20

Yeah! Better we either default on the loans or...wait! Get the RICH people to pay for it all.

Rich being with assets worth more than 16 grand and the family earning more than the minimum wage between them.

Stepney.Ammer 3:44 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Golden Oldie 12:34 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China

Spot on, great post

BRANDED 3:13 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Here we go

Rishi Sunak 'considers freezing benefits and wages' to pay for Covid crisis

Comes out in the wash

Ridikzappa 2:51 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Has anyone explained yet why we can't just lockdown the old and fat people and let everyone else get on with their lives?

If the old and fat are sectioned off it surely doesn't matter how much the deadly Covid spreads amongst the young, right? 🤔


BRANDED 1:35 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
It is time to write to your MP to tell them to vote to repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020.
Debate on this is forthcoming.
This act is one of the pieces of legislation that is enabling a curtailment of civil liberties without debate in parliament.
To find the contact details for your MP go here:


Pub Bigot 1:18 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China

twoleftfeet 1:15 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
90% of tests give a false positive.

That is very worrying.

BRANDED 12:55 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
One of the benefits of lock down is you see many less cunts out and about. With talk of a new lock dow in London we could get back to the good old days of quiet streets and healthy air.

lab 12:40 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Golden Oldie,
If ever you run for PM you will get my vote.

ak37 12:36 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
I wish more people just took a hot lemsip when this all started. We wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now.

mashed in maryland 12:36 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Speaking of the number 10, there's now up to a 10 grand fine if you test positive* and pop to the shops.

Are the spastics in power really too thick to work out this'll mean no ones gonna want to take one? Or is it part of their plan to make them mandatory?

*tests with a false positive rate higher than the actual infection rate, which our minister of health is too thick (or pretends to be too thick) to understand.

Why are all the site tories so quiet about this when they're always jumping at the chance to mock Diane Abbott for her blunders?

Golden Oldie 12:34 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
If there really was a deadly virus/contagion that was as dangerous as had been claimed, then from the measures taken in allowing unrestricted air/sea/freight travel into the country, the pathetic notion of wearing paper over your faces and orchestrating it so that every member of the public will be more likely to come into contact with the virus due to limited access to places ensuring we all are congregated in the same places like supermarkets etc.

We'd all be dead as nothing that's been implemented could ever possibly do anything to curtail an airborne virus.

Nobody would go out without a full hazmat suit protection as that would be the only thing that could protect us from the dreaded Uber lurgie.

The most disturbing aspect of all this bullshit is the sudden collective hypnosis out of the blue, one day all of a sudden, everybody just forgot what a cold is, what its effects are and the general everyday practices needed to try and avoid spreading it or allowing it to develop into a more critical pneumonia.

All because someone on the telly box told you to be scared or certain death.

Imagine if they one day decided, for a joke, to pretend we're all gonna die if little Timmy or Claire stepped on the cracks in the pavement.

That is literally how insane this entire charade is, with its devoted Branch Covidians spitting blood that not everyone wants to go along with their let's pretend game of death.

Pro tip for normal people in dealing with colds.
Have a hot lemon drink, boost your immunity with fruits, exercise etc and try not to cough all over grandma

Or if you;re a dribbling fucking spastic:
Hands, Face, Space!

mashed in maryland 12:32 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
"Its not just policing, is it? Its an entire erosion of culture and the ability to be honest over 20 years or more.

Hapless as they may be, you can't pin that on this particular government"

Who's been in charge 10 of those years, specifically the 10 where it's got worse? Of course you can pin it on a government.

Mike Oxsaw 11:53 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
There are probably as many virus transmission paths as there are reasons people voted to leave the EU. Trying to pin it to a single issue/cause is pointless (although people are still trying on the Brexit front).

I fully agree with identifying those at risk and applying the appropriate restrictions/protection (spin that how you wish), but that's not being done beyond just saying "Only those over 65 and those with a certain range of existing conditions".

The world don't work like that. At risk/not at risk is not a digital, straight-line boundary (like, say, the age of consent); it's fuzzy, probably more like a 3D "bell curve" (for bell-ends...ha, ha, fucking ha).

Under the curve = at risk, over it = get out on the lash and get the economy going. Close to the curve = expect to yo-yo until the whole thing settles down.

stewie griffin 11:24 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Agree with the sentiment, nh, but that's precisely what his approach is. Priority 1 is to keep schools open, thus enabling people to work. Restrictions will be in the form of curfews and the like. Only way that becomes anything more is if the scientists insist on it.

BRANDED 11:18 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
“Chose to identify as vulnerable”

You mean work shy cunts?

HAMMERNH 11:13 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
In the end, the financial necessity of people having to work will make Bojo’s approach to the virus unworkable.
Once furlough ends, redundancies climb, debts climb and mortgage defaults climb, restricting fit and able people due to number of CASES alone will be shown for the nonsense it is.
Let the fit live their lives. Those who are vulnerable or choose to identify as vulnerable can lockdown.

BRANDED 11:04 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Here’s a lovely claim

Only one in 10 to be protected from coronavirus in first year of vaccine being made available, experts claim

BRANDED 11:02 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Thanks Kaiser. As usual, insightful and to the point.

BRANDED 11:01 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
BTW most hard working families could have foreseen that September was going to be a bit of a mare with schools going back and people returning to work. Why would it be a mystery once you’ve set the fear and confusion up that people respond by wanting tests?

Kaiser Zoso 10:59 Sun Sep 20
Re: This coronavirus in China
Just chucking it out there so your mongy brother in law avoids another banana skin, Brando.

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