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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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stewie griffin 11:07 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Google, Facebook, twitter and all of their subsidiary companies have been tracking shit like that for years.

People pissing their knickers- particularly people who rely on those companies for 100% of their information- about it now is preposterous

Manuel 11:03 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
If you're saying it's fine to have your movements tracked and recording, then yes I would say that is adhering to political correctness, the modern world, etc. In my humble, of course.

Sydney_Iron 10:54 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Thats right manuel, the (Western) world is overly PC in my humble, but not sure the connection with a COVID app or the government having some data on me? Is it PC in some way as its over my head if it is!

stewie griffin 10:44 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Morning, RonaLOLd

Lee Trundle 10:43 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
"I 'pick and choose' people that know what they're talking about"


Manuel 10:43 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sydney - I suspected that would be your response. Interesting that you are forever on on here lamenting how pc the world is today, but now with the possible knowledge that your gov can monitor your every move with a covid app, you are saying that you couldn't give a fuck?

Ronald_antly 10:42 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
I 'pick and choose' people that know what they're talking about, and have no reason to go against the grain just for the hell of it.

There is a LOT of them!

As I alluded to before, statistics can be used to show different pictures of the same scenario.

I shall leave it to Golden Oldie to go into the minutiae of this. He has more stamina for this 'debate' than I do.

Stubbo 10:40 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sydney its not about having something to hide, it's about being open to manipulation in circumstances beyond your control.

Everyone has something that could be used against them, because it's not just about you but about those you know and care about too.

The example Snowden gives is against a bank manager. The authorities leverage him through his daughter and An acquaintance of hers which is perfectly innocent but can be lsveraged on a technicality to push the bank manager to do something that ultimately leads him on the path to ruin owing to actions against customers of the bank that are ultimately not down to him.

If it was just about "I've done nothing wrong" then maybe the "greater good" would be justifiable, but it goes beyond that.

Stubbo 10:36 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
The trouble is you can pick and choose SME's to represent whichever narrative you prefer.

I've been firmly in the Yeadon camp...but when numbers that are unambiguous and not open to interpretation start to challenge what is essentially an educated guess based on historical commonality, you have to be prepared to shift your viewpoint.

I still think the response is disproportionate amd intrinsically wrong, but it's pretty clear something pretty nasty is in circulation causing health issues that are outside of normal occurrence even in a bad year.

Whether lockdown mitigates or worsens the impact is hard to conclusively prove and whilst it's logical it should help against the single issuse (Covid) whether it helps 'on balance' across the full spectrum is very much harder to debate let alone prove.

Sydney_Iron 10:31 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Stubbo, for my money, its just part of the progress in our world and has been so since the modern age started in the 60s/70,s when the computer age we are now living in really started to take off, and is all that available data about us a bad thing in all ways? You go to hospital, they may already know of any allergies, your medical history and this could be a massive factor in saving your life, its also about convenience in other aspects of life, get an insurance quote they know your history in regard to claims etc, the bank have all your details and spending should you need a loan, its not all bad is what im saying, in many ways its made life simpler and easier.

Do you want to stamp out things like terrorism, child abuse, fraud etc? I don’t have a problem with the government having some data on me, I have nothing to hide.

Ronald_antly 10:28 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
*I would LIKE to submit ...

It's not so much about statistics, but it does provide more evidence to the contrary on this topic.

I prefer to hear from an SME rather than a 'stats jockey'.

Ronald_antly 10:25 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
About 6 minutes in. It was to do with the stats not being up to date for the end period, which begs the question "Why not hold off until the numbers are in for that period?"

It also brings to mind the saying "Lies, damn lies and statistics"

I would to submit for your consideration this interview with a highly credentialed doctor.


Stubbo 10:20 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Which bit Ron - can you be specific?

Stubbo 10:19 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
The answer is frankly, yes absolutely it would (and is) happening.

Have you watched the Snowden film or read his book (permanent record)? Personal privacy is already largely eroded by the security services, and it's only headed in one direction.

AI and big data are where policing is heading, like it or not, and the datasets already exist with the myriad of CCTV recording, mobile phone location data, and relentless drive to connect all devices to the internet of things etc.

Ronald_antly 10:17 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Stubbo 10:01 Sun Jan 24

Seems a bit odd that they publish statistics saying one thing, only to later show statistics for the same period showing something completely different.

Coffee 10:15 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Stubbo 9:46 Sun Jan 24

Good video, thanks for posting.

You may find it a total waste of time trying to debate sensibly wth Goldie.

Sydney_Iron 10:11 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Stubbo, Do you honestly think that in western counties like the UK or Australia such a thing would ever come to pass?

Its just scaremongering by delusional conspiracy theorists that seem to have some vulnerable and knicker wetting types thinking it could happen.


Stubbo 10:07 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Movement tracking is an invasion of principle which I'm vehemently against. Whether Ive anything to hide is irrelevant.

It's like saying freedom of speech is not important, just because youve nothing of interest to say or think.

Privacy and right to a private life is very important. Having someone looking and monitoring your every move is oppressive.

Sydney_Iron 10:01 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Manuel, I really couldn’t give a flying fuck if the government know my movements, and TBH it would be pretty boring for anyone interested, I went to the local shopping centre, the gym, called in the pub for a few beers and a chat with friends, picked up a curry on the way home, riveting stuff for about 99% of the population, if anything it may pick up the few wrong uns hanging around schools or entering a business premises after it has closed, not that I agree it should be done though, bit far fetched and delusional of any government and would see them soon out of office, but I doubt for one minute such a thing would ever come to pass!

I don’t buy into all this shit about big brother or the virus is all a plot to get more control the vaccine will sterilize you, poison you or implant you with a tracker or whatever, truth is most of us live pretty boring lives, why the government or the elite want to track us and know what we are up too is all abit farcical and waste of time.

Stubbo 10:01 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
Anyway Ron - watch the FT video and see what you think. Is a decent bit of analysis using figures that are absolutes (total deaths, total ICU admissions) that are irrespective of whether Covid is suggested as the underlying cause or not, with comparisons to years all the way back to 2013.

ak37 10:00 Sun Jan 24
Re: This coronavirus in China
People who have received a Covid-19 vaccine could still pass the virus on to others and should continue following lockdown rules, England's deputy chief medical officer has warned.

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