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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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Mike Oxsaw 12:09 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 11:42 Fri Nov 27

That line gets trotted out every couple of months.

It's like they're trying to deflect the root cause away from Wuhan and the wet market, or something.

BRANDED 11:42 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Coronavirus came to Italy almost 6 months before the first official case, new study shows

Johnson 8:40 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
No answer again Ronald?

Bit of a divvy really aren't you? Apologies for not putting you in the bracket of GO and Branded before, you're very much right down there with them.

Maybe Tesco is doing 3 for 2 on tinfoil this Xmas and you lot can make special hats.

Darby_ 5:07 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Could you tell us how the pandemic interrelates with 9/11, Ronald son?

Are the same people behind both?

Ronald_antly 2:35 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Get some sleep, griffinSON!

You clearly need it.

stewie griffin 2:08 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Here's the BBC criticising the government for ignoring THE SCIENCE



Here's an earlier BBC article leaking on behalf of sage THE SCIENCE the government ignored


Here's the government explaining the reasons for the second lockdown:
The data is really irrefutable about what is happening in the country. The number of deaths alas is on an upward curve that is just unmistakable, more than any time since May, and the government has to act. That's why we're taking the steps we are.
I can't quarrel with those data, we have to act on those data and collectively, that's what we're going to do,"

And the head of the nhs:
"The point my colleagues from across the NHS want to underline is that this second wave of coronavirus is real, and it is serious. I've just got one chart today that indisputably sets out what we in the health service are seeing.
So if we could have that one chart, please.
What it shows is the number of patients that are being looked after in hospitals across England"

Heres the BBC reporting that THE SCIENCE is complete bollocks, and criticising the government for following it, despite having criticised them 3 weeks previously for ignoring it, and despite the reasons for the second lockdown being given in plain English and being nothing to do with sage predictions


I'm yet to find the BBC report praising the government for ignoring THE SCIENCE which is complete bollocks, or their apology for their criticism of the government for ignoring it, or their apology for consistently leaking sage documents in order to try to pressurise the government into further lockdown measures. I'll be sure to let you know when those are published. I'm sure they're coming.

The BBC, along with every other news organisation, have been absolutely vile on this matter.
Completely dishonest, contradicting their own reporting on a weekly basis in the hope that their audience is so fucking retarded that they won't remember what they reported the previous week. Good of you to oblige from 10,000 miles away, Ronald son.

Still, I'll credit the media bods. If there is some grand conspiracy, their levels of dishonesty and desperation to instill fear indicate that they're very much at the heart of it, but they're smart enough to know that people the world over lack the attention span to properly scrutinise what they feed them. So they can continually point the finger somewhere else whilst censoring alternative views, it won't be a problem as long as they are making sure that they continue to point those fingers.

stewie griffin 1:38 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
Haha. Yes, this government and the BBC are famous for getting along so well.

Ronald_antly 12:24 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China

Indeed, but call the Beeb by its proper name.

The Ministry of Truth

aldgate 12:12 Fri Nov 27
Re: This coronavirus in China
BBC reporting meekly following the govt line on this whole shambles really is shocking

Side of Ham 7:12 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
Branded......the only proper minge in Soho these days.....when he's not climbing mountains.....

BRANDED 7:08 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China

Will do son 👍

Side of Ham 7:03 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
....back to scheming schemes...... :-)

Northern Sold 7:01 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
Ha ha ha... like it... lets go back to the lathe and the Spinning jenny...

Side of Ham 6:31 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
Our economy is based on people buying shit they don't need Sold, consumerism is our economy, having things. It was always doomed to fuck up big time at some point and more so than more self sufficient countries, nobody's fault but likely to make the economy have to adjust it's strong points........we are clever bastards and we can make it work....I've seen all series of The Repair Shop!

stewie griffin 6:21 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
i do love a percentage-based stat, headline and report.

10% of fuck all is fuck all. 10% of a lot is a lot.

Northern Sold 6:09 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sidey... blame who?? The Curtain Twitchers or the Government ?? Or Both??

Whoever it is to blame they have right royally fucked up compared to a lot of other economies wouldn't you say??

HAMMERNH 5:45 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
West Ham v Man Utd on 5 December could have 2000 fans.

The announcement of the new tier system for England means some football clubs can welcome a limited number of spectators back into their grounds after the national lockdown ends on 2 December.

Arsenal could be the first Premier League club to have home fans at the Emirates Stadium for their Europa League tie with Rapid Vienna on 3 December.

The first Premier League fixtures to welcome fans could be Brighton v Southampton, Chelsea v Leeds, Liverpool v Wolves, Tottenham v Arsenal and West Ham v Manchester United over the weekend of 5 and 6 December.

Six English Football League matches could see the return of fans on 2 December with Luton, Wycombe, Charlton, Shrewsbury, Cambridge and Carlisle all placed in tier two.

In tier one, a maximum of 4,000 fans will be allowed at outdoor events - although no clubs in League Two or above currently fall into tier one.

Up to 2,000 people will be allowed in tier two areas but none in tier three.

Too Much Too Young 5:38 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
link to the 2nd update for the Bio Bank study i took part in.


its bit out of date as i didn't get an email about this one, i only found it as i went on the site to look.

i've now them 6 samples, so more results will come out at some point.

Johnson 5:26 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
BRANDED 4:40 Thu Nov 26

Remember to do the app you laughed at people for downloading yet faithfully use yourself.

Side of Ham 5:19 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sold, you do love a bit of blame culture don't you.

Northern Sold 5:15 Thu Nov 26
Re: This coronavirus in China

Oh well all teh Curtain Twitcherers have got what they wanted... the biggest economic downturn in over 300 years... so it beats 2 world wars... the banking crisis... the 1920's depression... even Andy carrolls over inflatede wages.... done fucking well havent they...

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