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goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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DagenhamDave 10:52 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
I don't believe I made any reference to any solution. Merely stated the facts.

BRANDED 10:45 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
Excess deaths


Here is a story.

A man is throwing bananas around Piccadilly Circus. A policeman asks him why he is doing this. The man replies it is to keep the crocodiles away. The policeman replies, but there are no crocodiles. The man looks at the policeman as though he is an idiot and says, of course there aren’t, I am keeping them away.

DagenhamDave 10:40 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
Ridikzappa 5:50 Sat Jan 16

Also ONS data: 2020 had the highest number of excess deaths since WW2.

Coffee 6:44 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
Imagine that mental instability was an underlying condition contributing to Covid mortality. How many on this thread would already RIP?

Capitol Man 6:35 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
A conspiracy you say?

Ridikzappa 5:50 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
More Freedom Jab lines created by virtue signalling lemmings, and MSM driven fear

The Govt duplicity in deliberately framed lying and obfuscatied BS. Inventing even 'worse' versions of Coronavirus to aggressively push their state sanctioned euthanasia (murder)

Apparently we have a 'Kent', 'South African' and now 'Brazilian" versions of Coronavirus.
ALL are the normality of mutation and ALL are no different in risk of mortality, with 99.8% recovery

Meanwhile MSM refuses to inform that the UKs Office of National Statistics (ONS) records less than 400 persons died from 'Coronavirus with apparently no underlying medical conditions

Population of the UK is 66.65 million (2819)

400 is 0.00060015% of 66,650,000

Even more cynical observation is NOBODY'S giving 'Informed Consent' before accepting any flu vaccination or gene altering injection

Given the video and on record evidence of this being a laboratory experiment, has proven risks - This queue, and others - WILL become a medical nightmare with major social impact

, 1:00 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
We don’t believe unsubstantiated “apparently” statements Tony.

gph 12:52 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
According to BMJ, there are 400 deaths per week in Norwegian care homes, and the 23 deaths after the vaccine are in line with what would be expected over the group which was vaccinated if they had not been vaccinated.

Nevertheless, these deaths are all being investigated to see if adverse reactions to the vaccine contributed to the deaths.

Which is responsible, as a few deaths partially due to the vaccine may have been hidden by the fact that overall number of deaths is not statistically anomalous. But they probably haven't been.

The old c wing 12:26 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
Or maybe just take solace in the 3m plus which have had it here?

Why is it that anti lockdown bods and deniers turn into anti vaccine bods?

What a contradiction.

Ronald_antly 12:22 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China
Apparently 23 old folk in Norway died (purely coincidentally) after getting the needle.

Well, perhaps it was more than just coincidence. Perhaps there was something about these folk that caused such an unfortunate outcome from the 'safe and effective' health juice.

I think the lesson to be learned here is this;
Before having Grandmama or Grandpapa jabbed, first ensure that they are NOT Norwegian.
It certainly appears to be a contraindication.

SUM A DING WONG 12:20 Sat Jan 16
Re: This coronavirus in China

AKA ERNIE 10:06 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sum wow that's bad

Sorry...Ernie, Ernie,Ernie,Ernie!

zebthecat 11:22 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
mashed in maryland 11:08 Fri Jan 15

What a complete pile of evidence free arse gravy.
Just because you imagine something doesn't make it true you know.

Fo the Communist 11:22 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Access to this country should have been far more restrictive, far earlier.

Tell you what as well, they should also ban smoking in public spaces. How can it be acceptable, given the current restrictions, to allow possibly infected individuals to inhale deeply into their lungs and the exhale forcefully all the shit from those lungs?
They can ban spluttering wheezing fucking joggers from public streets as well while they are at it.

mashed in maryland 11:08 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Also now Boris (who's still a cunt btw) has closed the borders fully, we can all be sure that the very same lefties who've been spaffing over NZ's response to Covid (closing the borders) will suddenly revert to the notion that anything but 100% open borders = racist

Nailed. Fucking. On.

mashed in maryland 11:05 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Question to the lefty lockdown lovers among us (before anyone starts I've reserved most of my cunting off on this subject for the site tories):

Now that NYC gov Cuomo and Chicago's mayor have started saying that their cities need to open up again, does this mean they're evil conspiracy theorist granny killers with blood on their hands?

Or does that only apply to people who've been against lockdown before 5 minutes ago when these people suddenly changed their minds?

The old c wing 11:02 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
A good example of scientific misrepresentation here. This type of action, lack of understanding and misinterpretation was very reflective of many deniers until the second wave took hold.


The Daily Telegraph must publish a correction over a "significantly misleading" column written by Toby Young, press regulator Ipso has ruled.

The July 2020 article claimed the common cold could provide "natural immunity" to Covid-19 and London was "probably approaching herd immunity".

But on Thursday Ipso found the paper had "failed to take care not to publish inaccurate and misleading information".

Ipso said the paper "did not accept it has breached the [Editors] Code".

It said the newspaper said that Young's comments on immunity referred to "cross-reactive T-cells" that work to combat the virus.

Immunity 'misrepresented'

However, the media watchdog sided with the complainant, James Whitehead, in its decision, who said that while these cells "may lessen the impact of Covid-19" after infection, they "would not confer 'natural immunity'"

The ruling added Young's statement "misrepresented the nature of immunity".

Coronavirus immunity: Can you catch it twice?
Antibodies 'fall rapidly after Covid infection'
The people with hidden immunity against Covid-19
Did 'herd immunity' change the course of the outbreak?
Ipso also found Young's suggestion that "London is probably approaching herd immunity, even though only 17% tested positive [for antibodies] in the most recent seroprevalence survey" could be misleading.

Getty Images
There is an antibody response and a cellular response to the coronavirus
The Telegraph referred to surveys listed in an article on Young's own Lockdown Sceptics website in its defence, but the Ipso committee judged these did not accurately reflect "how herd immunity is reached and whether it exists in London".

The ruling concluded that the paper had breached accuracy standards on a topic of "public importance", but deemed a correction an appropriate sanction, given the level of "significant scientific uncertainty" at the time of publication.

Young told the BBC: "I think Ipso has been put in a difficult position because our scientific understanding of the virus is constantly evolving and there is a great deal about it that scientists still disagree about.


"While some of the things I wrote in that article would be contested by some scientists, they would be confirmed by others... Have we achieved herd immunity in London? I think that's an open question and the 'case' data is unreliable because of the well-documented shortcomings of the PCR test.

"I may have been over-emphatic in putting the anti-lockdown case, but it's not as if the advocates of a pro-lockdown position are any less emphatic.

"Don't forget the WHO initially estimated the global IFR [infection fatality rate] of Covid-19 at 3.4%. The consensus now is that it's less than 1% and almost certainly a lot less. Lots of journalists faithfully reported that alarmist figure. Why hasn't Ipso reprimanded them?"

Last week Young told BBC Newsnight that some of his claims from an article he wrote in June had been "wrong", where he had said a second spike of Covid-19 had "refused to materialise" and that one-metre rule is "unnecessary".

Tweets deleted 'not related to ruling'

At the start of the year, Young, an associate editor at The Spectator and general secretary of the Free Speech Union, installed an app that auto-deletes tweets more than a week old.

He said he did so to protect against "politically-motivated offence archaeologists" - a move unrelated to the Ipso ruling.

Reacting to criticism of his past comments on coronavirus from Neil O'Brien, Conservative MP for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, after the deletion, Young then tweeted a defence of his stance against lockdowns.

"This is an important public debate to have," he wrote, "both because it helps us assess the present government's management of the pandemic and because it will help us prepare better for the next one."

The UK entered a second national lockdown last week in a bid to control spiralling virus infection rates. On Wednesday, the UK saw its biggest daily death figure since the start of the pandemic, with 1,564 deaths.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:57 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
The WHO, eh?

ray winstone 10:49 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
"Boris Johnson says all travellers to UK must show negative coronavirus test from Monday"

351 days after the WHO advised the that the outbreak constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

What a guy.

AKA ERNIE 10:06 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Sum wow that's bad

SUM A DING WONG 12:31 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China

bell 10:40 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China

"The first vaccine has nearly run out.

Pfizer Chiefs predict a riot."

You mean to say, everyday they vaccinate less and less?

Coffee 12:28 Fri Jan 15
Re: This coronavirus in China
Goldie will be along soon. He's just getting his tea and biscuits ready for another painstaking afternoon of correction to WHO's weaker brethren.

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