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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

goose 12:23 Wed Jan 22
This coronavirus in China
anyone else worried? 9 dead so far.

CNY soon so the virus will spread very quickly if they cannot control it. It'll be in Europe by the end of CNY if not earlier.

is this the end of humanity?


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riosleftsock 1:27 Fri Dec 3
Re: This coronavirus in China
Capitol's opinions should be listened to and respected. As a member of the purple-haired HR Karen society, xe/xhe deserves a voice and xer own gender.

BRANDED 1:14 Fri Dec 3
Re: This coronavirus in China
Merry Crisis and a happy new fear to you Cap.

Enjoy your angst

fraser 1:08 Fri Dec 3
Re: This coronavirus in China
Capitol is a comedy poster right?

BRANDED 1:01 Fri Dec 3
Re: This coronavirus in China
You clearly never go out. Ever.

Capitol Man 12:59 Fri Dec 3
Re: This coronavirus in China
Good to see the let’s pretend crowd getting worked up again.

Show a bit of common sense and caution after the events of the past couple of years until more information is available? - like fuck, crank up the whine volume to 11 and start searching the internet for any old nonsense you can find to pretend that if you ignore it then it goes away.

You’ve basically been asked to put a mask on for a few minutes again just in case - though the wobbly lips are probably going to pull them right down again.

BRANDED 12:44 Fri Dec 3
Re: This coronavirus in China

People literally barking at each other.

I really hope the leaders are happy

gonks go beat 12:18 Fri Dec 3
Re: This coronavirus in China
We've gone from virtually normal to hysteria in less than a week over another mickey mouse 'variant'. Fear can be turned on and off by the media/government like a tap it seems. It's painful seeing normally sane, decent and intelligent people just automatically buying this crap with no attempt to even peer beneath the bonnet.

"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."

riosleftsock 11:26 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
At the moment we probably have the least oppressive covid restrictions in Europe. I don't really take much pleasure from this unnatural state of affairs as I consider any emergency powers where this is no clear emergency to be draconian.

If this is due to Brexit, thank fuck. If its just using us as a control group, we should probably be concerned.

BRANDED 11:21 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
This started as a corporate land grab / totalitarian nightmare. YES. Bring in the Austro German empire and the Chinese communists. YAY. Bring on the Russians and we’ll be really on track.

Meanwhile. Lets bring in draconian laws. YAY. Cunts should behave themselves.

twoleftfeet 11:16 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
Angela Rayner is such a fucking cry baby, she literally writes to the Met police every day asking them to investigate some bollocks or other. I don’t give a shit about BOJO having a drinks party last Christmas. The police should be investigating crimes not her pathetic little whinges.

Meanwhile Starmer has a reshuffle and doesn’t tell her 😂😂😁

Jasnik 10:23 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
riosleftsock 8:59 Thu Dec 2

Looks like Germany don't want to be left out.

ratcatcher 9:22 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
That new Bill, fucking hell, scary stuff - what is in it and the way it was done. Fuck.

riosleftsock 8:59 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
Impressed with Austria, they've managed to out-nazi both the Germans and vichy France this time.

Mike Oxsaw 8:15 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
Full Claret Jacket 7:34 Thu Dec 2

People are far too busy being offended by shit on Twitter and liking strangers' breakfasts on Facebook to be bothered with all this political stuff.

Anyway - they're much too sophisticated and educated to protest about ANYTHING - that's for POOR people to do.

Too Much Too Young 7:34 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
Everything i wrote and foretold = cut and pasted from elsewhere.

And nothing of what you reckoned has come true.

Johnson 7:34 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
What have I shrieked about and claimed would happen, Auntie TWITTER?

A list of say 5 things will do for now. You seem to think there are a lot so, go higher than 5 if you want.

Full Claret Jacket 7:34 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
Read this article about the things sneaked into a policing bill.


Nobody knows this stuff is happening in the background. The media are largely silent or distracted.
They really are doing what they want and are unopposed in parliament. How can this be added after the bill has passed other stages of scrutiny? How is this bill proportionate? How can the state be given these powers and trusted with them? It's basically a licence to lock up and remove dissenters.

I think when goose asked 'Is this the end of humanity?' all those months ago, I had no idea that we would be here and have such a global coup against the people around the world.
It's not about coronavirus, climate change or public health. What has happened to the world?

Auntie Thermite 6:49 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
As for you Too Much TV

You're long lost and beyond reach.

Auntie Thermite 6:47 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
Johnson and his Trundle

The weird thing being is that from the beginning as this thread is historical testimony to, everything I wrote and foretold has come to pass and everything you ladies shrieked about and claimed would happen, was wrong and now all that was originally said you now pretend you always subscribed to.

Add to that the lies and defamation to make it all okay in your deteriorating brain, it makes me wonder just how you'll fare once the scales fall from your eyes and the true gravity of your wilful stupidity and compliance is realised.

Maybe Pfizer could come up with some experimental drug to take the edge off to help you cope, or something.

Meanwhile, 2 years on and still the world's most boring pantomime strolls on.

Too Much Too Young 6:44 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China

Have you seen that film From Beyond?

I think you've been standing too near the pineal resonator again.

Lee Trundle 6:32 Thu Dec 2
Re: This coronavirus in China
Auntie Thermite 5:08 Thu Dec 2

It's not "no one's said that", it's "Said no one ever".

Are you actually able to read words?

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