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Mr Logic 9:35 Sun Feb 2
Will booing help us?
Does booing help?

I wasn't able to find any objective scientific research on the subject one way or the other. There appears to be a fair bit of anecdotal and some 'expert' assertions that it has a detrimental effect when players are individuals are targeted but not on the widespread booing that often takes place at half\\full time.

Its may be a tricky question or may be patently obvious. If you are made so obviously aware that you have failed, surely this has the potential to play on the mind of the players, thereby decreasing or influencing their capacity to
be strong and focus on the game. There can be no denying surely the link between the effect of positive psychological on physical well being/performance and vica versa. I am not suggesting that fit players who are clearly not making
an effort shouldn't be called out, but, unlike many on here I believe that most if not all (with the exception of Haller perhaps) are trying. The fact that they may not be fit enough or good enough is immaterial, they are by and large
I believe trying their best. It must have a negative effect, surely? Perhaps, in the 'long-term' it makes
individuals stronger and more resilient and weeds out those less resilient, but it seems an inescapable conclusion that negative feedback has a negative effect on confidence. I would dearly like to hear from the team as whether or
not booing gives them a kick up the arse or makes them more nervous.

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Sir Alf 2:47 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Intuitively you would have to say "no" booing does not help in teh slightest. But I can understand why fans do boo. Especially with our ability to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory"

El Scorchio 2:14 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Hahaha well on the BBC it said ‘homophobic gestures’. Not even sure what a homophobic gesture is.

Topspin forehand?

Northern Sold 2:13 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Chanting was WELL OTT…

El Scorchio 2:10 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Worst thing that could happen really. Board were probably delighted about so they can make a big noise about it and do a massive deflecting job away from themselves after another bad result.

Northern Sold 2:00 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
West Ham supporters arrested for homophobic chanting in the game v Brighton.

Sounds like it was more a case of Coo’eeeing rather than Booing at the weekend

El Scorchio 1:53 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Nah, the likes of he and Lanzini will most likely throw a strop and get themselves out of the club. Completely oblivious that the situation is in no small part due to them.

In addition the owners will probably need to 'make savings' and move them on, even at a cut price fee. Then I imagine that will be passed on to further reduced outgoing on replacements.


Pickle Rick 1:33 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
The players putting in poor performances are not doing themselves any favours if\\when we go down as other clubs will not come in for them as quick as they hope or at all. Anderson may have to face facts and familiarise himself with far more northern towns that we'll be visiting in the cold winter months in the Championship.

El Scorchio 1:26 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?

As a gesture to the owners to let them know this isn't good enough then it's helpful.

To boo individual players, then it's not. Especially if they are visibly putting effort in, (I might retract that if the likes of Lanzini or Anderson turn in cowardly low effort performances far poorer than what they are capable of and happen to get substituted)

Booing at half/full time as a gesture to the board and management I don't mind. Booing at individual players WHO ARE TRYING, during the game isn't on for me. We need to get behind them as much as possible and make them realise that if they do well and give 100%, we will appreciate and encourage them, even if they make a mistake.

southbankbornnbred 1:06 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
I don't think that was a difficult prediction to make, Prickle.

Keep your lottery cash in your pocket. You'll need to spend it on beer after you watched some Championship games next season, mate. It's not a good quality league - and all the teams are on a similar level (because the Prem steals all the talent).

Get ready for a relentless, 46-game season of shite.

Pickle Rick 12:58 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
I'm going to ask Birmingham fans to give me some lottery numbers as they pretty much said this would happen when GSB came in.

Queens Fish Bar 12:12 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Right on the money

southbankbornnbred 11:27 Mon Feb 3

Dan M 12:10 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
" A fuck of Moyes "

I always wondered what the collective noun for Moyes was.

southbankbornnbred 11:32 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
I still enjoy going to [away] games among West Ham fans - and I don't think that will ever wear off.

Our fans are hardened and cynical, fierce and ferocious - but humorous and generally sociable. You still hear a lot more earthy humour among West Ham fans than the vast majority of fans - and that makes the experience more tolerable. I hope we never, ever lose that, even with you post-96ers on board!

southbankbornnbred 11:27 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
My personal view is that booing players during games (rather than during breaks - half-time and full-time etc) is kind of pointless and, if it has any impact at all, negative.

BUT my over-riding view of West Ham is that we are fand of the club, we're the only fucking good thing about this football club at the moment - and so I won't lecture any fans about whether they want to boo or not. If fans want to do it, let them. If they don't, great. People who have followed this club for their entire lives - which, let's face it - is most us have just had enough of the annual clusterfuck and shitstorm that the club has become from top to bottom.

We are a two bob football club, run by two bob owners who have appointed a two bob manager, bought two bob players and allowed our scouting, youth system and facilities to become two bob.

The only gold standard thing about this football club, by any measurement, is its long-suffering fans. Sure, weve got some utter cunts. Like any team. But they are our cunts - and they are outnumbered by good, generally hardened and likeable football fans.

If fans wanna' boo - let 'em fucking boo. They've probably just had enough. Like many of us.

Pickle Rick 10:30 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
I swear at my phone as it bings at me, never been so angry after a result as I was this one, especially the way Brighton got their goals; as Sky commentary on their app put it, laughable, comical defending. I refuse to go to the hotpoint and put money in their pocket until its a stadium fit for football.

daveyg 5:17 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
booing is the worst thing in sport, used by people who don't know much about the sport.
" A fuck of Moyes " is far better

Mr Logic 4:14 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Mike the Hammer 12:29 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?

Yeah, I get it and I get how it might be conceived as 'pandering' but I'm just concerned I guess that we're not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There are maybe those who actually don't try and don't care if they get booed or not (in which case the booing is of no consequence) but maybe it also has a negative effect on those who do try and i'd hate to think it made them play worse. I'm not sure if you can say that the likes of Ogbonna and Fredericks and Diop don't try. Remember Antonio is a unit and can destroy defenders simply by brute force and speed, its simply a matter physics, and none of the other players possess these attributes to the extent that he does so their effort may not be 'as' obvious (again the exception in my view being Haller who doesnt bust a gut and in my view could and should do). Antonio probably loses possession just as much if not more than most players but gets a pass because of his physicality and endeavour which we all love
but which Lanzini and Masuaku and Anderson simply cant emulate because they don't possess the same physical characteristics, but I really don't think that they don't try. Also remember the characteristic of the position,
careering around like a bull in a china shop isn't necessarily a useful attribute for the back four especially nowadays given how easy it is to give away free kicks and pens but I don't see any lack of yardage by Cresswell or Fredericks. Bonzo was my hero, I know when I was playing I loved a crunching tackle after chasing back 30 yards (invariably I did FA with it when I won it but winning the ball made me feel like a god) and shrinking violets unless
they are extraordinarily talented don't and shouldn't get a pass. I entirely take your point that those demonstrably not playing to their full potential need to be dropped unless there's no one else better than them at their worst. I guess maybe i'm either not capable of recognising a lack off effort (unless its obvious like when you see Haller walking when there's an opposition player less than ten yards from him) or others simply perceive a lack of effort when we don't win. I don't know how you would measure it. There are stats for distance covered but I couldn't find any for players so far this season.
Trust me 'no-one' gets more fucked off than me when we lose but I see our position this season being more down to half a dozen massive mistakes which have cost us at least 6 or 7 points rather than lack of effort. I can see the argument now with the crazy amounts of money involved, maybe money is spoiling some players and diluting the effort, but I still think/hope most players love the game
so much that the money isn't even in their head when they cross that line. I'm in no way defending those who don't try but I'm just looking at the psychological effect it might have on players, some may be more resilient than others. It might bring Noble and Snodgrass down, I dont know. I just dont want to see us shoot ourselves in the foot.

GreenStreetPlayer 1:21 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Seems to remember a thread or two on booing in years gone by.
Silence speaks volumes as well.
When we had a ground near the pitch players could hear individual shouts if they weren't putting a shift in. They could hide 'less', but nowadays are further away from the crowd and closer scrutiny.
Don't think booing players helps, too camp and pantomine.

arsene york-hunt 1:15 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
The booing after yesterday's game was more to do with the VAR handball, than against the players.

Mike the Hammer 12:29 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Mr Logic

Sheffield United players put a shift in. Constantly.
Ours in general, don't.
And West Ham fans have always appreciated players that try, even if they are having a bad day on the pitch.
Ngakia had a really good debut for us, and considerinit was against the best club side in the world at parent, makes it all the more impressive. Fans saw he was giving it his all, and applauded him because of it, as well as the fact that it was a youngster on his debut.
Antonio gives his all. Snodgrass gives his all. Rice gives his all. Zabaleta gives his all. The other players? We might get their all once every 10 games. But not as a team, and not consistently.
And you want to blame the people that spend their hard earned watching the team and commenting what they want, lest one poor soul on the pitch gets upset because they may be on the receiving end of chants? Will booing help us? Probably not, but the release of anger/frustration can help the fans feel better. And cheering the team on hasn't helped either, we're in the bottom 3.
Tell the players to earn their wages, and they may well find they receive the cheers of the fans for their efforts. All the fans want to give confidence. But the players have a part to play as they need to instill that by showing they care enough to warrant it.

HairyHammer 12:13 Mon Feb 3
Re: Will booing help us?
Not during a game, but when the final whistle blows a two minute long boo with everyone turned toward the owners will hit home . But it has to be the majority of the fans in the stadium.

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