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Ritchie9 2:04 Mon Feb 10
smart meters
My electric company keep ringing asking if I want a smart meter installed for my gas and electric, asked a few mates but nobody's got one to offer advice, anyone got one and think they are worth having? do they really save you much on your bills? I have actually smacked my knob on the boiler (but that's enough about the missus) but still cant decide if its worth the effort of getting one installed.

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Too Much Too Young 9:40 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters
It comes down to the cost of sending some cunt round to read the reader v cost of installing smart meter.

Looked at over 3 years plus.


Far Cough 9:09 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters

White Pony 8:16 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters

ag ag ag

Gaffer58 8:55 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters
Heard that if it’s installed by company A, you then change provider it stops working, don’t know if this true or not though!!!

Russ of the BML 9:55 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters
Alfs 2:28 Tue Feb 11


I bloody do that just on appliances on standby.

White Pony 8:16 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters
Mike is right.

I have a spreadsheet listing every appliance in the house and have inserted the relevant information on consumption rates.

I then stand by each appliance when in use, timing the usage. This pisses my daughter off whenever she is straightening or drying her hair, making toast or a cup of tea, but needs must.

I simply time each use, enter it into the spreadsheet and voila, my electricity use is updated in "real time". No need for fancy "smart" meters, which are all being installed not for our own benefit anyway as.the energy companies are upping the conversion rate just to get government kickbacks.

Admittedly, my wife has left me, I have lost my job and my children hate me, but I go to bed every night I have gotten one over on the big corporations and, more importantly, my stupid, gullible and inept fellow humans.

Mike Oxsaw 7:29 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters
Three things you need to know to work out your energy costs:

1. The consumption rate of whatever is being powered,
2. The time it is in use &
3 The tariff in force at the time of use.

1 x 2 x 3 gives you the cost; how the fuck is that beyond people (today)?

Even if you baulk at using a simple spreadsheet, there are probably a dozen apps out there that do the maths for you. Smart meter, not-so-smart consumer.

Alfs 2:28 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters
We had one. Never looked at it. Though a couple I know limit themselves to a certain spend each day. Quite a low one too, like a £1.

They are northerners, I should point out.

the peckham cod 2:07 Tue Feb 11
Re: smart meters
I got one the other day. Observations and lessons.
1. Wife thinks I am tracking her energy use.
2. Guy who installed it said the energy company wants people to have them so they can procure realtime amounts of energy better from the grid and save money.
3. My tarrif stayed the same.
4. The only way it saves you money is if you act on your excessive energy use. It is an eye opener when you have heating on, appliances on etc etc.
5. You don't have to have the interface on. Thats just for show and you will get bored with it after a while. You can just put it in a cupboard and not use it.
6. The magic is in the meter itself. No more manual or estimated meter readings. All digital innit.
7. Took the guy about 1hr to install
8. Yes I am fun a parties
9. No have yet to wipe my nob on it.

nerd 11:40 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
Just wait till some little twat ,hacks the servers bye bye power.could be devastating.

bruuuno 11:13 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
they really try and make you think it is compulsory though

bruuuno 11:13 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
is that it norway, norway? you definitely have a choice in the uk. I spoke to the girl who was incessantly calling and asked her if I was legally obliged to have one and she said I was not.

Mike Oxsaw 11:00 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
That's exactly is. Smart meter roll-out is not driven by consumer demand.

Nurse Ratched 10:49 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
Ask yourself if the energy companies would be putting relentless pressure on us to have smart meters installed if it would lead to us paying lower bills (I.e. lower profits for energy companies).

There is your answer to the question 'Would I benefit from having a smart meter installed'?

norwaytips 8:34 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
Didn’t have any choice. They just came and installed it. No problems really, life just goes on.
Oh and don’t believe the woofuckery bollocks, about causing headaches and strokes. They just come from the anti vaccination, mobile phones cause cancer and 5G will kill us all, brigade.
It’s just like using an I pad.

bruuuno 7:29 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
The fella in the flat below me has asked me to let him know a day that I’m going to be home all day as the gas company need to access my flat to install a smart meter for him. How about fuck off? As if life isn’t busy enough ffs

Mike Oxsaw 6:51 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
Have one installed then lock up your house and fuck off on a world cruise for a year.

They'll think it's fucked and go apeshit trying to contact you to repair it.

Northern Sold 6:49 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
`It saves them money you having one so in the end everyone will have one`.

Got our meters in a storage cupboard ... when the smart meter man came round to fix one he could not do it as there was not enough room in the cupboard... so we are left with the old ones with the dials you cannot read...

1964 6:46 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
Waste of time. They benefit the energy company not you. When they installed mine, 1. it didn't work properly and they kept getting my bills wrong, and 2 the installer left a leak on my gas meter so I had to call them out to fix.

Pile of trouble.

Russ of the BML 5:51 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
They just ensure you get a bill for exactly what you use instead of estimates. And there is no need to provide a reading as the company know what it is.

I am not sure they save you much money but they do make you much more aware of what you are spending and how much energy costs. For example, previously when our heating was on you never thought twice, but now we know how much it costs me to fire up the boiler and have the heating on we tend to be a lot more aware of not having it too high and turning it down when we are warm enough.

Bloody hell, on a cold day over weekend when you have heating on, tumble dryer on, dishwasher on, oven on.... God, you know about it. Best thing to do is face it against the wall or it drives you mad.

iphammer 5:25 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
If you have one installed you'll just have to hope the engineer knows what he is doing.

The engineer who installed mine seemed to know what he was doing but the engineer who installed my neighbours smart metre ended up blowing the meter up and catching himself on fire.

Harlow Hammer 5:16 Mon Feb 10
Re: smart meters
I wouldn't since having one installed I have noticed that my bills have increased I imagine they are more accurate then the previous old style meters.

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