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defjam 4:05 Mon Feb 17
Andy Weatherall brown bread!
From a pulmonary embolism, just been announced. For those into their music!

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Chrisel 9:55 Wed Feb 26
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
Thanks for that tmty

Queens Fish Bar 7:08 Tue Feb 25
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
Too Much Too Young 6:56 Tue Feb 25

great resource thanks TMTY

Too Much Too Young 6:56 Tue Feb 25
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
How about a link with 188 mixes from Andy W.


Takashi Miike 2:41 Sat Feb 22
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
the lisbon maru is my favourite off that album, I love the way it builds


zebthecat 1:58 Sat Feb 22
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
Great producer


Takashi Miike 1:48 Sat Feb 22
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
my favourite thing weatherall did was him & hugo's production on the scream track, come together. it's genius


Lily Hammer 12:27 Wed Feb 19
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
BRANDED 10:06 Tue Feb 18

Great quote, that. That was what was happening at that very special time. Within a couple of months, a young man could have gone from carnage down at Surrey Quays to scenes described by Weatherall there.

He was indeed part of the beginning of the last great youth (and all other age group welcome), movement.

Peckham 10:44 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
Two Lone Swordsmen - Glide by Shooting. Sublime and Timeless like most of his work.

Danced to loads of his sets over the years.

No ego to the man, like many DJs nowadays.


Too Much Too Young 8:43 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
I'm still feeling a bit shit over this whereas i couldn't give a passing thoughts for most peoples death.

Too Much Too Young 7:10 Fri Feb 7
Re: Music should have stopped in 1996

I posted this only 11 days ago....its was a AW mix.

One of my MATES was his record box carrier MATE for a few years back in the day...got in everywhere on the back of that..which was nice.

Full Circle on a Sunday was also so so good..

The stuff he played always put a massive buzz in my soul and moulded my eclectic taste.

A couple of tracks in honour

Alexkid - Don't Hide It

Fire Island featuring Love Nelson ‘There But For The Grace of God’ (Joey Negro Mix)

Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band - Savannah

smartypants 2:46 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
Haller- the artwork it self was found by someone else who was working with primal scream at the time, but he takes credit for other stuff

JLAP 2:41 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
Yep sad isn’t it, he was only reasonably young too. Loved his unique mixing style and went to many of his gigs. He used to be a regular in the club on Southend see front by the casino, can’t remember what it was called back then ?

Swiss. 2:37 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!

RIP legend

w4hammer 12:58 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
the '93 essential mix still sounds different & fresh


eusebiovic 12:52 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
The Sabres of Paradise - Sabresonic


Manuel 11:23 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
This guys unfortunate passing has effected many people. Seen him called a pioneer, a legend, a trailblazer, a hero, an icon, the list goes on. Real sad stuff.


Hallerinthemorning 11:18 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
smartypants 8:34 Mon Feb 17

The artwork was done by Paul Cannell who killed himself.
yes he was east london but im really not sure about ICF myth. can people just be from east london and not ICF ;-)

BRANDED 10:06 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
My timeline was full of stuff but this is from a photographer who knew him:

Andrew Weatherall said that he was lucky to be 'in the right place at the right time' when acid house and Balearic Beats turned UK clubbing and dance music inside out. We were the lucky ones.
Credit to Danny Rampling for recognising Andy's passion for all kinds of amazing music and asking him to DJ at Shoom. He didn't instantly become a renowned DJ, but he was distinctive; I loved the dubwise reggae and cool, leftfield tunes he played alongside Terry Farley up in the bar at Busby's in 1989. He already had the talent, a lot of knowledge and the imagination to make music and he developed the turntable skills and devil-may-care chutzpah to bring it all together in wonderful DJ sets and mesmerising remixes.
So many people have written beautiful, heartfelt and funny stories about Andrew, how he supported them by playing at their new club nights, gave advice and words of encouragement (or admonishment to the labels he felt should be releasing better music) and always had time for people when he was playing or on record-shopping missions.
I remember sitting with him on the stairs during a Spectrum all-dryer in Heaven in June 1988 as we watched a group of proper football hooligans hugging and (literally) making daisy chains together. Andy pointed towards them and half-whispered: 'He's a Chelsea fan, that one's Millwall, those two are ICF [West Ham's hardcore fans], he's Arsenal and I'm not sure about those wrong-'uns behind them but you can bet that last Saturday they'd have happily been kicking chunks out of each other. This "Summer of Love" could be getting out of hand.'
Even though he was feted as 'Lord Sabre' in the late '90s he didn't do that whole look-at-me celebrity DJ thing, and kept on reinventing himself in new partnerships, fresh clubs, radical record labels and remixes.
It felt like a kick to the stomach to hear that he's no longer with us. Love and condolences to his family, closest friends and the Boy's Own crew. We've been so lucky to enjoy his fantastic music as well as his wit and warmth and the healthy scepticism he brought to those Boy’s Own zine articles.
RIP Andrew Weatherall, a real gentleman and a one-of-a-kind hero.

Don Ravioli 7:39 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
I didn’t even know Paul trouble Anderson had died, had to google it just now.
One of my favourite DJ’s growing up. His shows on kiss in the early days were superb.

defjam 12:21 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
I've never been into house music even though I've probably seen, heard and met lots of house DJ's but throughout the years Weatheralls name was always up there.
I've lots of DJ's as mate and I guess it's the same as supporting a team but admiring a player from another team, Even Hip Hop DJ's revered him!
One wrote this!

'I first saw Andrew Weatherall play when I was about 17 or 18. At the time, I was an up and coming Scratch DJ and automatically thought all house DJ's were pale imitations of what I was doing.
Until I saw him play.
The first time I saw him play it was like being in church or something. The entire crowd were pretty much enchanted and he had every single one of them in the palm of his hand. Myself included. I saw him many times after that, mainly at places like Shoom, Shave Yer Tongue, Full Circle, Valbonnes etc, where I was able to take a night off from Hip Hop and let my hair down.
I found out a few years ago that friends of mine were in a car with him in the early 90's and one of them pulled out a tape of me. He, apparently, listened to the entire tape and thought it was amazing.
I wish I'd been there.
My newsfeed for the last few hours has been just mind blowing as musicians, producers, DJ's and fans of ALL genres of music pay tribute to one of the greatest creatives of my generation. He was a truly gifted human being.
Fly Free, Mr Weatherall.

R.I.P. Andrew Weatherall'

eusebiovic 12:19 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!

Saw him DJ in The Telegraph and White Horse on Brixton Hill many moons ago long before the spoilt middle classes recolonized it...

proper buzzin'


Ridikzappa 12:08 Tue Feb 18
Re: Andy Weatherall brown bread!
Back in the day, when Screamadelica came out, i was a buzzing, hyper 20-something who discovered E and they were utterly marvellous days.

Shaun Ryder, Happy Mondays, Altern 8, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Ozric Tentacles, Castle Morten free raves, spiliffs, saying ‘sorted’ all the time, blim burns, pukka, Joss sticks, global hypercolour, The Shamen, Nomad and MC Mikee, Rizlas, Purdeys herbal drink, The Drum Club, The Orb, Orbital and wearing Cool as Fuck Inspiral Carpet t-shirts amongst other memories

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