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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Bishopsfinger 4:45 Tue Feb 25
Anyone think he helped change Moyes mind and go for it a bit more last night?

Or do you think Moyes has seen Liverpool concede and thought we should be more attacking?

Nolan gets that the fans want us to have a go but how much influence he has I don’t know. Also would he think having a go is the right tactic?

So many questions

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Far Cough 8:13 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
Joe C 8:12 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan

Indeed, classic Nolan that is

Joe C 8:12 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
Absolutely had something to do with it.

Antonio standing on the keeper is exactly what Nolan used to do

Dandy Lyon 6:57 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
Don’t believe he had anything to do with it.

Let’s not forget his playing career was mostly under a negative dinosaur of a manager, so I fully him to have the same traits.

Antonio standing on the keeper is probably his doing. Noble getting narky with the red is probably his doing. Antonio moaning at other players for his own mistakes was probably his doing.

Pretty sure the more positive approach was down to the results at weekend going our way and the stick Moyes got for being soooo negative.

His positive subs were forced on him

Lato 5:43 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
Serious Drinking 3:43 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
Agree with those saying he could be our next manager, can see that coming a mile off!

And bringing in BFS as his head of recruitment!

Razzle 5:04 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
Coleen! Linda!....

simon.s 3:47 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
That fat cunt Nolan as our manager.......proper next level that.

Serious Drinking 3:43 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
Agree with those saying he could be our next manager, can see that coming a mile off!

Takashi Miike 12:25 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
when moyes goes, nolan should follow him but clearly football matters secondary to personal profit, so kev would be a natural cheapo replacement

PeterJ 12:20 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
No we know why NS!

Northern Sold 11:35 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan


COOL HAND LUKE 11:07 Wed Feb 26
Re: Nolan
TBF to Moyes, he wanted Pearce as his right hand man and was denied him - another pathetic ego issue from the Midget. Add to that we barely have any scouting presence, which means the ability to pick up the right players is sorely limited, and you can see how, like him or not, Moyes often has both arms up his back.

We'll be better able to judge what impact Nolan has made after a few games. Yeah, yeah, I know...

gph 10:49 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
I believe Moyes is a devout Protestant of some kind, even though he's private about it.

I've read that he was considered boring in his playing days, as he'd prefer to read his Bible to going out drinking.

He may drink, but I doubt it's anywhere near to excess.

blueeyed.handsomeman 10:03 Tue Feb 25

Lertie Button 9:56 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
Brilliant - as always we have our fingers on the pulse. Best coaches and athletes in the world in the Premiership and we have a scotsman and a bunch of drunks. Small wonder we can't see a game out. We will truly have a team worthy of our owners. The Second division beckons

zico 9:23 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
I reckon Moyes had a go last night because he had probably read about/or been told about the savage posts on social media (WHO included) regarding the pathetic surrender at Man City and probably thought better about doing the same last night!!

Texas Iron 7:38 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
Antonio doing a Nolan on the keeper...
Helped for first goal...

Chigwell 7:34 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
The team just seems to try harder when the fans have finally had enough and start an organised protest.

Sir Alf 5:25 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
I spoke to some Notts County supporters last year who said he did improve them a lot but also that he was sacked not because of the performance or results of the team but because he indeed "liked a drink" and was out on the town getting lashed a lot. Just a rumour but if he does like a drink he's the perfect fit at our club. It will be like the old days in the Slaters Arms after training... Bobby, Jimmy Greaves, Brian Dear, Harry etc... Didnt do them any harm aside from when they went out the night before a game ( Blackpool etc) :-)

Good to get a drinking culture back with Moyes ( Scottish stereotype anyone?) and now Nolan. I mean it will go with everything else that is unprofessional at the club? ;-)

terry-h 5:22 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
If we go down which is very possible, I'd prefer Nolan to Moyes. His record at Orient and Notts County is not at all bad considering his lack of resources.
Yes,I wouldn't object to him taking over as long as he doesn't bring Carroll back as a coach.

Fivetide 5:17 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
Looks just like a puffy-faced alcoholic

Far Cough 4:57 Tue Feb 25
Re: Nolan
"One comment in the match thread that stood out was someone said that looking at the bench, he came across as the manager and not Moyes"

That's what I thought

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