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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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Ridikzappa 11:46 Tue Feb 25
Every Advert
Every advert on TV now is finally showing at least one if not several black/mixed race peoples in prominent, powerful roles.

And any white brethren are to be portrayed in a negative light especially straight white men.

As a person of black heritage this feels right and if you disagree you are a bigot.

What do you say, my West Ham possee?

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Noah 10:32 Thu Mar 5
Re: Every Advert
I thought advertising FAGS was supposed to be illegal

Golden Oldie 7:38 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
The one true beauty about fat girls is that they're much easier to catch.

Bungo 7:36 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
joyo 6:50 Wed Mar 4

Yeah but fewer people riding would hopefully mean fewer skinny lycra clad twats around.

Give me a slow moving fatty any day.

ironsofcanada 7:02 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
The wokeest advert I see online lately is the Burger King plant burger one.

At least it is honest.

Golden Oldie 6:55 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
In what clown derived universe is screechy wailing jooyoo calling someone else a snowflake and woke enforcer?

joyo 6:50 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
Ah bless snowflakes/WOKE enforcers upset by a nothing peloton ad... More people riding is hopefully less fatties around

Bungo 6:39 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
eusebiovic 4:48 Wed Mar 4

Mind you if all the cyclists did that and stayed off my roads, I would call that a result.

geoffpikey 6:32 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
What's this Starbucks one, then?

Seen the one where trans kid goes in calls himself James, no questions. Thus Starbucks being the place where he/she doesn't have to "pretend...." That one? Not saying much to me apart from: everyone, no matter what/who, is welcome to buy our overpriced coffee. As is right. Shops also have the right to decline work (see N Ireland Christian cake makers).

Of course it's "rubbish" but so are 99% of ads. Just trying new ways to convey nebulous "brand values". After all, what IS there to say about Starbucks coffee itself? Im guessing it's totally unremarkable (only been to a Starbucks once: I ordered tea).

McDonalds at least play on that. It's coffee. It's uncomplicated. It's cheap. It's decent coffee. The end. You're welcome.

Sven Roeder 5:37 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
It’s pure advertising agency bollocks and clients who have been convinced that there is money in being or pretending to be WOKE

Is also basically a company that’s given up trying to say something new about their industrial production of coffee.

Hermit Road 4:55 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
Just saw that Starbucks world.

It is what happens when you create a society where ‘everything is relative’ and each individual is the supreme arbiter of ‘their truth’.

It is what happens when the ego is out of control.

eusebiovic 4:48 Wed Mar 4
Re: Every Advert
I hate that fucking Peloton advert

Jeez, it's as if it was put together by the genetic decendants of the Hitler Youth

goose 9:56 Fri Feb 28
Re: Every Advert
saw the Starbucks one last night.

what the merry fuck are we teaching children?

White Pony 11:36 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert
I should apologise for my last post.

That cartoon duck flying the plane might have identified as an interracial lesbian. Quite amiss of me not to recognise that.

*gets nervous that I'm about to outed as a bigot on Twatter*

Mad Dog 11:23 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert
Just seen the Starbucks advert.


bloodinmepoo 7:26 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert
Fruityboots. Absolutely agree. That Barclay add should be banned for harassment. Great post??!

WHU(Exeter) 6:32 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert
Can't stand the adverts that make "heroes" of people just because they've bought a long life cup, or the ones that encourage people to have a meal deal that will see them "face the morning"

10 years time people won't be able to lift a finger without feeling they deserve some kind of pat on the back.

Golden Oldie 5:24 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert
Come come Northern, everyone knows all the advertising execs mainlining this carefully constructed agitation/demoralisation propaganda are moozlim

Northern Sold 5:20 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert

Golden Oldie 4:54 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert
Dis shit been going on a lot longer than most of the drones tiny electronically muddled brains can even register, it's just less subtle nowadays and being force fed with a handful of gravel and a slap in the face.


Bungo 3:38 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert
White Pony 9:24 Thu Feb 27

Patience... maybe they'll work them into the next one?

White Pony 9:24 Thu Feb 27
Re: Every Advert
I just saw.the latest Toilet Duck as and I must say I am disappointed.

I was promised interracial lesbians in every advert and this didn't have any.

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