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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Peckham 9:09 Thu Mar 5
Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
Fuck you Gank to do with West Ham is some way.

Our away game WHOERs and those ITK, all I remember of Chelsea as a kid is going to their away end and being miles from the pitch. Along with the reputation of the Chelsea headhunters and rumours of their razor blading lip/mouthes ( excuse ignorance I was young ). Then whilst abroad alot Ken Bates selling for a pound, Roman bringing untold wealth and success before the Amercian, Thai, Arab investors.

In the Army I did not meet one or know of one Chelsea Supporter. Not one. 93 onwards.

Now I live with no Lord Zoltaneering due to I do not own the gaff, pretty much Chelsea Village. FFS Hope Norman does not read this and hunt me down.

I open my window on to the crowds the other night and had an old mate around, actually old mate of my nan,proper old school West Ham like my Nan. He stood at the window and he is a fucker who loves a drink, grabbed my West Ham scarf waved out of the window IRONS IRONS stick your blue flag etc.
Not one missile came our way**his way. Not one beer can. A few cheers a few laughs, some booing.
Inside you can barely here them. A serious library some games I can sleep through with window open and not hear them.
But what annoys me and I am seeking experiences or knowledge of their ground. What pisses me off , every time I leave my flat , I walk past the Shed old wall they left up. Past their not over massive club shop. Past lots of friendly polite security 24/7 4-5 stagging on all smiles and polite. The Chelsea community team does untold, absolutely untold in the community and sponsors loads and employ locals and chelsea fans and job opportunities to the community.
How they expanded the stadium or increased their ground and modernised was I think done so well ???
They want the land next door to develop a bigger ground but due to Roman not getting a British Passport he is backing down from purchasing land next door.
Pisses me off , depsite geeky boring local Chelsea fans, they remained in their Home, still get good gates and kept that bloody wall which I imagine to Chelsea fans means alot.
What have the board done with the Boleyn Gates, put them by the club shop to attract tourists to the shop and appease fans ( but failed ), some kid and his mum are collecting the memorial stones for free and keeping in back garden and helping fellow hammers get them back- good kid, and half our museum funded by West Ham supporters donations is missing.

So furnish me with your experiences and thoughts on Chelsea and Stamford Bridge, appreciated if so, and does anyone agree GSB have done the polar opposite of Chelsea and fucked us up big time. Roman back in the day could have easily afforded to reclaim land or build a fuck off amazing stadium but they haven´t, and have not lost 10000 supporters.


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paulon 6:13 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
There’s a video doing the rounds this week of some bloke sitting in the Chelsea end on Tuesday night repeatedly shouting ‘fuck Chelsea, we are West Ham’ and no-one did a thing

As bad as it’s got at our gaff these days we’ll never be at that level

arsegrapes 5:55 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
One year mid 70s a few of us arrived early in the shed which had already been taken by ours as per, then before the game started all ours decided to move down the front and climb over the fences and onto the pitch, cue plod cantering out the tunnel on horseback, those were the days!

Cheezey Bell-End 5:46 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
When I first went to live in the UK I went junior school in the borough of Westminster and was surrounded by kids who supported Chelsea at a time when hooligans were the big thing. I learnt to hate them quickly..

Northern Sold 5:38 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
Most entertaining game on and off the pitch was the old Zenith Cup game ... 88/89 or something like that... think we lost 3-4 with only about 10k there... lively ol' night for sure

TheBoleynBoy 5:34 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
Memories of Chelsea away, where do I start? It’s the first game I look out for when the fixtures are released.

Used to always turn up even without a ticket, just a nice place to go and take the piss when you’re a youth.

Getting chased by police out of a park by their ground when loads of us turned up without tickets, just to cause pure aggro...think that would’ve been around 2007ish? It was the Joe Cole winner game

2010 getting wrapped up in an escort and as it got to Fulham Broadway station, few chelsea got a bit lemon and didn’t realise there was a gap with no old bill, so a few just jumped out and slapped them everywhere and they ran back into station

2011 chelsea came and attacked the cock and hen pub about 5 of us were in, loads of shirters though, they got steamed outside, as we’ve come out there’s loads of them but only a few came up to us and they got whacked, one chelsea lad got his hat punched off and stood to the side waiting for an opportunity to pick it up again only to get booted as he did

2016 the payet season, when we come out West Ham were just everywhere, seemed like the whole away end just walked en mass with eachother

2019 chelsea taking a slap on the forecourt just before away end after the game and also getting a good hiding when they attacked the escort which was just all the West Ham fans TV people and all that in there....and that including some of their “faces” getting droppped

Peckham 1:06 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
1993 Norman 25029645 is my number.
Sir John Moore Barracks.

Regards Peckham.

normannomates 5:07 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
I bet you passed out as best recruit and best shot.. didn't you?.. Go on don't be shy.

Best at drill an all wouldn't surprise me.. Rapid fuckers in LI

normannomates 5:01 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
Just out of curiosity..
in which yr did you enlist.. and the depot you passed out from.. Winchester?.. I'm guessing here.. After my time.. GREEN JACKETS were RIFLES in your time?
Also.. which battalion did you serve in?

As you were

normannomates 4:43 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
Two of their lads that night saw my sister home in a cab going their way.. Wouldnt take a penny.. and saw her to the door.

normannomates 4:39 Fri Mar 6
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
Never a problem.. Both knew it.
Know.. and known.. many quality CFC lads.
Attended chubbys funeral few yrs ago.. Sad end for him.. I liked him. the
'Nightmare' and Marriner stood right behind me at the service.. Sniggering away like two schoolboys.. They are both fuckin two bod muppets

WHU(Exeter) 11:57 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
The blue disabled cars around the pitch, I can't think of any other ground having that set up. Was also probably the most lopsided ground in Europe with that west stand towering over the rest of it.

only1billybonds 11:51 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.

Your'e right mate,68 was the 8-0;Sunderland game.

SDKFZ 222 11:46 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
My first away match at Stamford Bridge was a 1-1 draw in 1973, Bobby Gould scored the equaliser and I was right behind the goal in the Shed End. As was the norm during those days we always went into the Shed, there were always more of us in there than Chelsea fans, or so it seemed. I went to most of the Chelsea away matches during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but have rarely been since the Abramovich era. I think my last one was when we lost 2-0 and someone threw a burger at Terry whilst he was warming up in front of us.

I was actually with a mate during their league cup semi final against Sunderland when it all kicked off. My mate was hit by a flying wooden seat and was taken to hospital, which he still reminds me about well over 30 years later.

arsene york-hunt 11:33 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
only1billybonds 10:46 Thu Mar 5

I was there. It was just before Christmas 1966 I think. Bonneti made possibly the best save I have ever seen from Martin Peters' looping header.

only1billybonds 10:46 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
My first ever away game,1968. 5-5.

Beat that you cunts.

Northern Sold 10:43 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
One of my worst ever away games was at CFC ...lost 1-2 ...CliveAllens debut... fucking horrendous game... so bad people were doing sweepstakes on how many jets were going overhead from heathrow... kept us in for about an hour... so the place got ripped up...delays getting home... cunt of a day

tunwhu 10:37 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
My town is full of Chelsea, so I know that they did lose a fair few when they 'upgraded' Stamford Bridge. A few gave up season tickets because their seats in the new ground were shifted from near the half way line to closer to the corner flag.
I know a few of them go in the Shed Bar now, where they pay a few quid to get in but get to watch the game at least. They have definitely changed but nowhere near what we've gone through with our move.
They all still complain about the day trippers and if you've been to the away games there you can see the crowd has changed a lot since the old days.
Personally, I miss the old Stamford Bridge, with that open terrace. Some of my best away day memories over there, especially the 4-0.

Northern Sold 10:30 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
I know a load of their fans.... the vast majority on long term banning orders...

the peckham cod 10:24 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
I've been courtesy of my brother in law a couple of times (a Chelsea season ticket holder). Been in a decent seat in their newer west stand. Always struck me as an old style compact ground. Atmosphere a bit bland in side stands (like most clubs) but better behind goals where more people stand etc. Large 'fake' flags appear in a few places 'Houston Blues' Etc look good to the untrained eye. You do spot a fair few 'mainly oriental' tourist around and some chinless wonders but in the streets outside had the programme, flag sellers, police horses and general feel of a London football match. Ground is the most dated out the big 4 London clubs. Their owners must hate that. Their true fans probably not. Hate to say it but atmosphere was better than at London stadium. Although I do sit upper tier. The only times I've experienced good atmosphere at London stadium is when I've sat lower tier for a Spurs/Chelsea cup game.

Sven Roeder 10:09 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
I understand the bus garage which we were told was restricting development of the 4th side of Upton Park has magically now gone
And it would always have been possible to expend by rebuilding the ground closer to Green St and using the land where the car park was.
Could have been adapted and rebuilt as a 45,000 plus stadium.
Have always thought 45,000 is about the perfect size for a football stadium

Peckham 10:00 Thu Mar 5
Re: Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge.
ffs Considering***

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