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alfs barnet 10:18 Fri Mar 20
Covid-19 Job thread?
Looks like there well be a lot of jobs lost over the coming weeks, and months.

Is it worth pinning a thread at the top to see if we can help each other out? I seem to remember this happening quite well back in 2008.

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Northern Sold 6:37 Thu Jun 4
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
My daughers boyfriend who we have put up since the start of the lockdown lost his job/flat everything... been trying like fuck to get employment (was a chef) ... finally got a job at Amazon which he started this week... and he's been accepted now for the Army... desperate times...

. . 10:47 Thu May 28
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
https://www.jobsinessex.com/job/1512893?utm_source=jooble&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=allvacancies&fbclid=IwAR3RQslCyY6maAKmB3WW1DUOndi4CKTTAsTRpYL1vXaQf_lQb-AxIKGKPQw Not Great Wages, also seen some in Dartford for £8.50 PH and can live in for £50 a week

JLAP 1:12 Sun May 17
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
That’s a fucker Lovejoy, sorry to hear. I would have thought that IT jobs would be in demand due to the remote working culture.

Great message mentioned earlier.. after the great plague came the fire of London, then Manufacturing demand increased as everyone needs stuff !!! Be Ready !!

Lovejoy 3:15 Sat May 16
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Past 20 years IT Director in the facilities management industry.

Crassus 11:16 Sat May 16
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Sorry to hear that Lovejoy
What do you do?

Lovejoy 8:50 Fri May 15
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Made redundant yesterday.

the peckham cod 10:47 Thu May 7
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Any of you fellow hammers working on the ventilator project at Dagenham? I'm doing it after seeing it mentioned here. More staff needed. Shift work. Ok money. Overtime available.


rochesterjohn 7:29 Wed Apr 29
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Looking for something 20 x minutes Thursday/ Friday / Saturday evenings.
Can travel.
Don’t reply if easily offended .

Crassus 5:09 Tue Apr 28
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Hammers 1993
You have mail sir
Regards and best of luck

ted fenton 10:05 Wed Apr 22
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Good that you got something joe !

joe royal 1:54 Mon Apr 20
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Started a new driving job on Tuesday , pulling Amazon trailers up and down the country.

Pays the vast amount of £11 an hour and £15 at weekends.

No wonder our Polish/Romanian and Bulgarian friends jump at it......

mashed in maryland 11:06 Mon Apr 20
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Ignoring the politics chat on the tweets


For anyone looking for driving work, see above

. . 9:58 Sun Apr 19
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
joe royal 8:09 Tue Apr 14

Try getting onto FORS website, see if you can do some of the online driver training.

FORS is the new must have bit of paper to show your a good driver. The fact 90% of it is online just goes to show how good it is.
Is a must have for anything in London (order of the Mayor)

It is free so just registering you can say "I'm working towards FORS accreditation" which will tick a box


Johnson 11:13 Sun Apr 19
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Not really Jasnik, about the going rate. Might be a bit shy if it’s London I suppose.

balders 8:36 Sun Apr 19
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Job below

8k a month plus medical accommodation and flight home every year

Jasnik 3:20 Sun Apr 19
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Joe C isn't that bit on the low side?

balders 10:54 Sat Apr 18
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Qualified with License railway T&C manager required preferably Telecoms ordinated but will look at F-SCADA , Power Supply

Working abroad minimum 18 months (start when they lift the flying in restrictions)

Did put up previously

Joe C 10:08 Sat Apr 18
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
One position I definitely have open is IT Infrastructure Manager - is a hands on position, need experience in the full Microsoft server stack, particularly Sharepoint, experience in cloud migrations (Azure), Citrix (XA and XD), VMWare would be ideal, as would an ITIL qualification.

Should also have a new position of IT Helpdesk Manager, EMEA & APAC being approved this coming week - again will need to be hands on, ideally ITIL qualified and able to speak French. The last bit isn’t essential, but would be preferred

Salaries around £55k for both

joe royal 8:09 Tue Apr 14
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Co-op won’t start anyone without a driving assessment.

Can’t do any assessments due to the 2 meter rule.

Someone hasn’t thought this through.

Westham67 11:50 Sun Apr 12
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
For self employed or LTD try staffline or trg resources for driving or warehouse Tesco or Blue Arrow for CO OP new law says agency have to be paid the same as clients about 15 quid and hour

joe royal 7:21 Sun Apr 12
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I got stood down on Thursday , will be knocking on Asda’s and Morrison’s doors on Tuesday. Applied to Tesco a couple of weeks ago but got knocked back from home deliveries as I didn’t have enough experience of driving.

Just how much experience do they need?

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