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isca hammer 4:16 Sat Mar 21
I have a question?
And due to the state i`m in right at this moment for some reason this seemed as good a place as any to ask it, so........

A couple of mornings ago i had had to phone an ambulance, and while it was on the way the girl on the other end of the phone kept me on the phone talked to me, and kept me focused for about 15 minutes until the paramedics arrived, and i`ve been thinking that what she did was pretty fucking amazing.

So my question is, does anyone know of a way i could get an address or email or something so i could send her a card or message just to say thank you?

And this is West Ham related because i`m asking CUNT x

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Mike Oxsaw 8:32 Thu Mar 26
Re: I have a question?
The call centre could be anywhere in the country. When I was working on the team modernising International Directory Enquiries for BT back in the day, we placed the new call centres in the 6 towns that had then the highest unemployment rates (with, I suspect, not a little government "encouragement").

devonhammer 2:57 Thu Mar 26
Re: I have a question?
Which area are you in ISCA?
If London....it would be London Ambulance Service
Look up their website and either PALS number ( patient advice and liaison service).....or they may have a specific number for plaudits
Give them the time / location of the call & they will pass on your gratitude..... everything is logged so they'll be able to find out call takers identity.
Any problems.....whomail me

bruuuno 7:15 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
It would be very easy to do - just find out where the local 999 call centre is based and send whatever you have to them along with the number of the phone you called from and when and they will be able track the specific handler.

Mike Oxsaw 3:26 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
Manuel 3:11 Mon Mar 23

In your wet dreams.

Golden Oldie 3:22 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
Not sure about the correct practice of social etiquette around this but I understand unsolicited dick pics are normally from the 2nd interaction onwards, first impressions are important, so maybe just a bit of the ball sack or summink

Manuel 3:11 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
You're right there, Mr lonely old man. Don't worry we'll send you a reef when you snuff it.

Mike Oxsaw 2:02 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
She was getting paid for doing the same thing Manuel does on here for free? Somebody's not joining the dots...

Manuel 1:52 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
She was just doing her job. Paid for talking shite to you haha.

Russ of the BML 1:46 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
Unfortunately it would be almost impossible. No sooner had she finished her call with you she would've been onto another call. Probably doing the same. Its what they are trained to do.

My advice would be to make a donation and raise awareness via social media like you have done on here.

Mike Oxsaw 12:11 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
Send her a pack of bog rolls.

Spandex Sidney 1:24 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
If it was a bloke would you be doing the same?

This has nonce stalker written all over it.

Oh come on, it's WHO?

gank 12:37 Mon Mar 23
Re: I have a question?
I'm still doing my chosen job too, any chance of you doing a whip-round for me as well?

Darby_ 5:33 Sat Mar 21
Re: I have a question?
Agree with Jaan. Maybe go further and ask your friends on facebook or whatever to think about donating too. Everyone involved in medicine is going to go through a fraught period in the coming months.

Are you or your loved ones alright now isca, son?

Jaan Kenbrovin 4:33 Sat Mar 21
Re: I have a question?
Make a donation to the ambulance staff charity. It’ll not just thank her but her colleagues too.

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