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Leonard Hatred 6:26 Sun Mar 29
Couch to 5K
Talk to me.

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Lato 5:27 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K
I started this back in October last year I got to week 7 and was running for 25 minutes continuously something I hadn't been able to do since I was in my mid 20's when I was still playing football. Then I copped a chest infection, shortage of breath, coughing etc. By the time that cleared it was Christmas and I haven't bothered since. I will start it again this week hopefully cos it definitely works slowly building you up. I would highly recommend it.

Razzle 4:59 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K
Leonard Hatred 1:37 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K

The other to try is torso twists, where your you right arm goes to your left foot/shin area and you swing you left arm to the right foot/shin area. This helps mobilise the ower back

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:14 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K
….Week 22 Get Sponsorship deal, become Kenyan, Win London Marathon.

Razzle 3:51 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K
Leonard Hatred 1:37 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K

This stretch is the winner. Lower back pain in running is usually caused by tight glutes. Do this stretch before and after. https://youtu.be/m1z3crIbEl4

Fortunes Hiding 3:47 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K
I started this last Thursday.

I have completed week 1, I started week 2 this morning, so I’ve done for runs in 6 days.

Don’t know if I’m rushing it.

Dan M 2:06 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K
Lots of stretching. Especially your quads and hamstrings. Often with people returning to exercise its the top half of the legs that cause lower back pain.

My stretching regime as a 47-year-old that cycles a lot:

Quad stretch and hammy stretch
Then all on your back:
Rotate hips (so you're doing sexy times thrusts from arse on the floor to dick pointing up and back). 15 of those
Three or four 15 second bridge stretches
Bring your knees together and up. Roll them out to one side, keeping your shoulders as flat to the floor as possible so you're using your hips and stretching your lower back. 12 to each side. You should feel the improvement in flexibility as you do this one.

Leonard Hatred 1:37 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K

I had to abandon day 3 yesterday cos my lower back was killing me.

How do I sort that out?

geoffpikey 1:06 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K
Well done Razzle. If only someone would invent an app / programme covering such matters... but with well-written professional advice?

Razzle 12:49 Tue Mar 31
Re: Couch to 5K
Easy way to achieve it is little and often
ie 300m Jog every day for 6 days (approx a lap around a footy pitch). day 7 walk 5k. Remember to stretch calf, glutes and quads after exercise. If your lower back aches that is a sign of tight glutes. Also get a foam roller not gnarly one, just one a standard foam roller so you can do your ITband. This releases stress from your knees - it hurts, like anything the more you do it the better it is.

2nd week same as week one will start to seem easy.

3rd week 1k every other day and extend your walk

4th week your muscles should now be used to the activity so 3k every other day and extended walk

5th week do your 5k drop back to your 3k and walk

6th week 7k, 5k 3k walk

7th weeks 8k, 5k, 3k walk

8th 9,5,3 walk

9th week do a 10k.

Once you can do 10k you can achieve 10 miles.
Once you do 10 miles you can do a half marathon

The longer distance you do the more stretching and rolling you will need to do.

Most important is set the goal. Be realistic, dont over do it once you have tight quads you start to stress your knees. If the muscles are tight it pulls on tendons and skeleton. Eat better and control portions, drink less booze try and not drink in the week and enjoy it at the weekend.

You'll be fitter, lose weight and feel better about yourself. the only downside is that you will need a new wardrobe.

Go out, do it, get over your self-consciousness because that will be replaced by confidence the fitter you get.

Alsoas you start doing it more make sure you have the correct footwear. Brands like Brooks, Saucony, Asics, Hoka will serve you well. Also mkae sure you get the right shoe for your pronation

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:27 Mon Mar 30
Re: Couch to 5K
My training on From Couch to Fridge is going swmmingly.

Darby_ 2:29 Mon Mar 30
Re: Couch to 5K
Why don’t you try an audiobook while you exercise, geep? I can’t do it for long without an audiobook to stop me from getting bored.

Fortunes Hiding 12:59 Mon Mar 30
Re: Couch to 5K
I use Jo Wylie when I do the run.

She was ok the first time, but does get a bit boring.

gph 11:36 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
5K to couch more like.

I find exercise apart from football deadly boring. And there's no football.

joe royal 11:30 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
You have heard of Amazon ?

Sniper 11:28 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
It’s really good in fairness. I’ve done it, and the first part of about building fitness but pretty quickly it also turns into just training yourself to run for without quitting and getting your body used to just carrying on as it is quite dull if it’s not your thing.

It also jumps one week from ‘ooh let’s run for 4 minutes and walk for two’ to ‘and now you can run for 20 minutes’ which is weird

Oh and don’t use Michael Johnson as the voiceover - he’ll put you to sleep!!

Leonard Hatred 11:06 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
I can't, can I?

The fucking shops are shut.

joe royal 10:47 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
Len , buy some proper trainers.

happygilmore 9:35 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
Go for it Len. It you can avoid doing it on concrete all the better. If knee pain is an issue stick to brisk walking and hold off on the running for a while.

lowermarshhammer 9:26 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
17 20 at 48?

Could have been a contender level

Leonard Hatred 9:21 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
I'm not arsed about doing the 5k in 30 minutes. If I can get to doing a slow jog for 30 minutes that'll do me.

Mace66 9:17 Sun Mar 29
Re: Couch to 5K
my parkrun pb is 17m 20s and I did that as a 48 year old

When I stated running (as an adult) about 8 years ago I could barely run half a mile

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