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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Malayammer 3:28 Mon Mar 30
Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Haven’t posted in some time

Hope you’re all safe including the old nightshifters

How bad is it where you are , not too bad here in KL but the first two weeks has now been extended for a further two weeks

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Mike Oxsaw 9:34 Thu Apr 2
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Darby_ 9:26 Thu Apr 2


Darby_ 9:26 Thu Apr 2
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
First thing I’m gonna do after this shit is over is fly to Oman, drive up to Jebel Shams, put out a deck chair on the edge of Wadi Ghul (Oman’s Grand Canyon), light a cigar and take in the view.

Texas Iron 8:58 Thu Apr 2
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Self imposed housebound for 17 days...Supermarket...bank..post office needed soon..
Essential services etc open only...
Pjysical separation advised...
Bars restaurants gyms etc closed
Cant take risks being elderly age..
Missing European UK Football on TV...
Luckily freezer..fridge... full and lots of canned goods...
Stay safe ...

Mike Oxsaw 8:05 Wed Apr 1
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
In Oman, drivers commuting to/from the workplace now need a signed letter from their company, on headed notepaper, detailing exactly why they are needed at work.

That's really pissed off the 3 semi-locals giving everybody the billy big-bollocks "I'm vital to the business, I HAVE to be here," line for the last few days.

Lovejoy 3:59 Wed Apr 1
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Since Friday last week curfew here is Dubai 8pm to 6am so that they can disinfect the whole city - they are using drones to do this.

Hefty fines in place for not wearing a mask while out, more than 3 in a car etc.

Far East Hammer 10:42 Wed Apr 1
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Coffee - Dhaka seemed to be ramping up concern over the 3 weeks I was there.

Panic starting by the time I left. They cancelled celebrations of the 100th birthday for the Bangabandhu (people still had the day off). People working from home as of last week.

And i think they've tightened up on visas etc, though not quite to the extent of India

But it still hasn't regained what it lost on 1st July 2016. Hence not a place one really walks much in - hence my cooped up tetchiness!

Coffee 9:28 Wed Apr 1
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe

I fully understand and sympathise with you about the tetchiness.

What's Dhaka been like?

Far East Hammer 7:50 Wed Apr 1
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
I'm now on Day 12 of 14 days of mandatory quarantine in Hong Kong. 2600 quid fine + up to six months in jail if I set foot outside my apartment before this coming Saturday.

HK Gov't gave a week to ten days' notice of a mandatory fortnight's quarantine for those returning / arriving from UK, EU, US, etc. Then 40 hours before that kicked in announced that this was now extended to the rest of the world. Leaving me unable to return from Dhaka before the cut-off (last direct flight before the cut-off landed a couple of hours before the announcement and all connecting flights full of those coming in from UK & EU). Note: Bangladesh infection rate was of the order of 1.25% of that in Hong Kong!

Given that you don't get out-and-about much in Dhaka (not a walkable city) it means I've been cooped up now for around 5 weeks.

And have been largely working from home since mid-January, except for my 23 day stint in Dhaka and just before then a 7-night trip (3 nights in mid-air, 3 in Lagos, 1 in England).

But I can assure you there's a world of difference between working largely from home (but able to nip out for a ciggie/ a walk/ the shops/ pop into office when a change of scene/ access to office equipment, etc required) and not being allowed out at all.

So yes, I'm getting tetchy.

Flat a bit too cramped for prolonged working from home. I really need A3 printers and a few tables to spread stuff out on every now and again (which we don't have here)

Added to which my daughter has been schooling from home since mid-January. And there's quite a bit she can't do from home - she's mainly studying Art and related practical subjects, with access to equipment required/ not enough room to spread out at home.

Working from the dining table is far from ideal.

Just hope that come the weekend I'm not feeling too lethargic to go out for a decent walk - and that they don't announce a new fart of compulsory measures between now and then!

On the plus side:

1) I don't need to take the rubbish out (not allowed to), so this is either for the missus or daughter

2) I can't be sent to the shops - and in fact I can play the lazy cunt and send Mrs or daughter out

3) Without informing me (and at the time I'd probably have vetoed it due to small size of flat), in mid-February whilst I was in Lagos the daughter & wife got an aquarium. Not a large one. Freshwater. Actually given the size of the stand/ shelving unit they got to support it, they could have gotten a tank upto about 3 times the size (and tbh might just as well have done - the stand cost almost 5 times as much as the tank itself!) But it's amazing how staring at the fish can relax de-stress me.

Come midnight on Friday night, i.e. 0:00:01 on Saturday morning I'm heading over to 7-Eleven to buy a few cans of beer.
(Though knowing me I'll forget to remove the quarantine bracelet and find myself being carted away!)

My biggest concerns however:

I lived through SARS 17 years ago and saw my income completely wiped-out (I was then & still am self-employed/ independent consultant).

Yes, I've got a bit more work-in-hand at the moment. But last year I had a couple of big projects fall through at the very last moment (in one instance contract negotiations were ongoing & smoothly, mobilisation dates pencilled-in, then a change of staff in Client and the project basically dropped; in another, contract signed, but client repeatedly withheld approval to commence data collection - delaying by a couple of weeks every fortnight by means of a query each time). So bank balance entering this year wasn't as healthy as it was 17 years ago. Oh yes, and I'm also owed quite a bit from a project in 2018 which was due to go to arbitration (which I suspect has now been postponed)

Also, SARS was relatively localised. It fucked me, given my workload was HK, SIngapore & China. But this time around, it's global and likely to go on much longer. So even though my workload is much more geographically spread, this might actually screw me up even more this time around.

Chip Shop Charlie 6:10 Tue Mar 31
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe

Me and the missus flew back from Bangkok to Sweden 2 days ago. What a strange and surreal experience. Leaving Bangkok where lots of folk are wearing masks, pubs n clubs etc closed, temperature scan upon entry to the airport.....we get to Sweden and it's almost business as normal, no-one wearing masks, airport staff and security without masks, not even supermarket workers wearing them. Pubs are open, shops open....no thermal scan or testing of any kind upon arrival or at immigration. Maybe there's a little less traffic on the roads...Feels very strange.

Hello Mrs. Jones 4:13 Tue Mar 31
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
LA is increasing restrictions. Beaches and parks closed. Most shops are shut as 'non-essential' although gun shops are open.
Drove on the 405 freeway yesterday. Very few cars but lots of trucks. But shit it's 80F

balders 8:18 Tue Mar 31
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
All bars, and non food shops now closed in HCMC

Restaurant bars final ones to close on Saturday

Limit of 10 persons can meet together

Cheezey Bell-End 6:04 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Was in KL just before they stopped letting foreigners in. Was nice and quiet.

Until 2 weeks ago, I was enjoying Bangkok. Now I'm bored and sweaty. Can't see things changing for weeks yet.

ParadiseLost 5:53 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe

Clearly you’re not a big expert on the Colombian medical system. Universal health care, surprisingly cheap and available to all. My brother in law is a doctor at a hospital that available to all and considered in the top 10 in Latin America.

Westham67 5:42 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Probably, as like Thailand, the government don't give the people the correct information and don't give a fuck either

If your brother in law works in a swanky hospital I doubt the locals could afford the insurance or the treatment

ParadiseLost 5:25 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Medellin, Colombia

The country locked down early, closing off borders and imposing a lock down until mid April. Not a huge number of cases, last I saw 4 deaths (population 50 million) , but the health service wouldn’t take a lot of strain. My brother in law works at one of the big hospitals and says it’s quiet. They’ve added additional restrictions, no domestic flights, no travel between cities. You can go out shopping three slots a week based on the last digit of your I’d. No shortages as of now. Supermarkets at first struggled to get home delivery up and running but now seems to work fine.

There’s not at this point major discontent. I’m sure they well extend the lockdown, maybe with some changes until say the end of May. Local universities were working early on with manufacturing here to produce more ventilators.

So, when I watch Sky News each day I do wonder why a ‘third world’ country like Colombia can get on with it when other more developed countries seem to find it difficult.

Mike Oxsaw 5:00 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Supermarkets, Pharmacies & Opticians are the only shops open around me here in Muscat.

Popped out to my local Spar (5 mins walk) earlier today, went to grab a shopping cart and before I got anywhere near it an assistant drenched it in disinfectant/sanitiser; was only 4 days ago a few there started wearing masks.

The locals and more swarthy-skinned expats in my team seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth and 90% of the senior management team are stuck outside the country and can't get in.

Full-on Arabesque panic mode, apparently, but I'm sat in my apartment well away from it all.

geoffpikey 4:43 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
No change for some.

3 stooges still in self-idolation. Bad case of cronyvirus.

ironsofcanada 4:28 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Where my mom is they are still allowing gatherings of 15 people or less.

My sister in law and her husband are headed up 3/4 hours to adopt a baby tomorrow.

Has not hit them too bad yet 3 deaths in 4.3 million people.

Westham67 4:19 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Not too bad . There may be work for me in KL when this virus thing stops

nychammer 4:05 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe
Pretty crazy here, guess it’s near to peaking here in s week or two. Lockdown extended to April 30.

Trump must be a nightmare to deal with for the doctors advising him and trying to keep a lid on this thing.

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:01 Mon Mar 30
Re: Whoers in lockdown around the Globe

Wong Fred

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