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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

easthammer 11:43 Sat Apr 11
Spot that plane
A new game for those suffering lockdown boredom.

Currently there are very few vapour trails across our skys for us to contemplate (I wonder where that ones going)

So much so that if you currently see a plane overhead its a novelty. But if you do and you have one of the many flight tracker apps it is really easy to check out where that plane is heading.

I have been sad enough to do this with some surprising results


Tehran to London
Gran Canaria to Aberdeen

What is overflying you?

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Pocket 6:14 Sun Apr 26
Re: Spot that plane
We’ve had a Chinook rattling through about 5pm every evening for the past week...my 4 year old has now clocked it & will wait in the garden to jump up & down waving at it....turns out it’s on the way to the temporary morgue at RAF Henlow...taken the edge off it a bit...

Dan M 6:01 Sun Apr 26
Re: Spot that plane
A MATE of mine has been putting pics from his cycling around Dorset on Strava. Bournemouth Hurn Airport has half the BA fleet parked there.

side effect 5:24 Sun Apr 26
Re: Spot that plane
Btw I'm an anorak I also have traksy realtime trains and Railcam and even marine traffic. For fellow train fans railcam have a few cams free to view on youtube.

Northern Sold 4:13 Sun Apr 26
Re: Spot that plane
Lot more action over Southend Airport last couple of days... must of been 7 or 8 Ryan air easy jet flights either taking off or landing

Dan M 2:54 Sun Apr 26
Re: Spot that plane
Had the first low plane for a while over Epping this week. Flightradar had it as a 747 cargo freighter flying from Moscow to Stansted. Of course since the MP helicopter base was moved from Epping Forest to North Weald we get those noisy bastards overhead several times a day. Not that we'll be able to begrudge it, but it'll be worse when the new Air Ambulance station is built there.

side effect 8:52 Fri Apr 24
Re: Spot that plane
I paid the 5 quid for plane finder and some of the icons are now covered with the raf logo. Chinooks Hercules and Globemeister to name a few. Last night it looked like a chin landed at the excel but I never seem to get any past Harold Wood even with normal traffic limited.

yngwies Cat 12:28 Thu Apr 23
Re: Spot that plane
Plane radar is great.

SDKFZ 222 9:25 Wed Apr 22
Re: Spot that plane
A few nights ago at about 10pm, I saw four vapour trails whilst standing in my back garden. Normally, I can probably see about a dozen or more at that time.

Northern Sold 6:42 Wed Apr 22
Re: Spot that plane
Had one of these buzzing over the house a few weeks back...


Right fat cunt of a plane

violator 11:39 Wed Apr 22
Re: Spot that plane
I'm also guilty

Johnson 11:16 Wed Apr 22
Re: Spot that plane
I must admit this sort of thing is one of my geeky pleasures.

violator 11:08 Wed Apr 22
Re: Spot that plane
There's a border force drone over the channel at the moment

ironsofcanada 10:08 Wed Apr 22
Re: Spot that plane
Couple of virus stories - empty planes coming back to Canada from China and the delayed one coming into Brize Norton - made me aware of this cheat.


Probably old news for some people, but there you go.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 4:29 Sat Apr 11
Re: Spot that plane
Had a Canadian airforce plane coming in from Basra today

gph 3:04 Sat Apr 11
Re: Spot that plane
Fucking hell, Ron. Put that hat back on.

You're not you without it...

Nurse Ratched 2:12 Sat Apr 11
Re: Spot that plane
Indeed I do.

GreenStreetPlayer 2:11 Sat Apr 11
Re: Spot that plane
Planefinder.net is a decent one.

Ronald_antly 2:11 Sat Apr 11
Re: Spot that plane
You know you LOVE me for it, Matron!

Nurse Ratched 2:10 Sat Apr 11
Re: Spot that plane
More dottiness from Ron, there.

Ronald_antly 2:09 Sat Apr 11
Re: Spot that plane
"There's a C17 military transporter plane about to land in Calcutta, origin Kuwait. I wonder what that's about."

The military wanted to transport something from Kuwait to Calcutta. It is just about to complete its journey.

That's my take on it, anyway.

Coffee 1:14 Sat Apr 11
Re: Spot that plane

It's going to land at Dhaka.

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