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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Peckham 1:20 Sun Apr 26
Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Have not read the article on Claret and Hugh site.

I do not know much about Red Bull apart from they own RB Leipzig, New York Red bulls, Red Bull Brasil, Red Bull Salzburg, the F1 team based in the UK. Company is worth 25 billion, with two owners about 5 billion each.

The Dildo Daves about a billion.

Would you be happy to be part of the Red Bull Brand , whereas we want our identity back and not considered customers like Brady treats the fan base.

Any WHOERS in the know with their other football teams?

Despite not mega oil money and the Arabs, personally I would be happy with a firm that seems to run sports teams etc professionally with stability.

The stadium operators would take them more seriously, and I am sure they cant wait for those 3 cunts to move on.

West Ham Red Bull - West Ham London , our identity has already been fucked over.

Finally despite more expense to the kids and merchandise shoppers, would you be happy to be shirts and all reverted back to West Ham United.

Hopefully Red Bull have observed the protests and stroll and seen what a large unhappy fan base , protesting with integrity and maybe able to come in and be on the supporters side rather than a pure commercial outlet.

Any ITK re.Red Bull

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geoffpikey 12:33 Tue Apr 28
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Simply don't believe GSB will sell yet.

Not until AT LEAST May 2021 due to them having to pay extra tax on the sale of the club (if sold within 5 or 7 years) which was included in the contract when they signed the Stadium lease.

C-19 simply adds to the timeframe, as well, I reckon. Financially, like every other club, WHUFC will be in shoddy shape for probably another 2 years minimum. Deadwood players have fuck all value now. I'd expect Anderson to go, Diangana to return and replace. If this season isn't voided, AND we get relegated, we're fucked. Even if GSB are, also.

But they're cash-grab gamblers.

But even if we do survive, they'll try and survive on bare minimum outlay (more than ever!) AND avoid paying extra tax. Unless RB (or someone) comes in with an offer which WAY overvalues WHU. Which is unlikely. GSB have already turned down £650m according to the last Red Bull rumour (also denied by RB!) So that 'rumour' ( no doubt seeded by GSB) is just to flag: they'd want EVEN MORE!

goose 11:50 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Beardy said there was no truth in this the other day.

Peckham 11:01 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
But can anyone trust the stooges when they claim a complete fabrication ( like the Next Level ).

Personally I think Red Bull would keep the club as West Ham United.

To say the owners will not sell, deems the Hammers United campaign over before it has started.

With those numbers on the stroll and growing momentum up until Covid, GSB would eventually give in, money talks and Red Bull has enough wealth to have Brady and Co drooling.

Red Bull will be happy to name the arena and cash in on branding and commercial opportunities around the Olympic Park.

Their New York Red Bulls training facilities are mind blowing.

Red Bull has a connection with Athletics and sponsors over 500 athletes.

Red Bull Leipzig rose up from the 5 division.

If people have faith in Hammers United or a huge payout for GSB to quench their greed to sell then I would be well happy for Red Bull based on their form in Sports Globally.

geoffpikey 4:50 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Haven't The Stooges already denied this as "complete fabrication".As have Red Bull.

So, nothing to see. May as well speculate that Mike Ashley will take over when he's flogged Newcastle.

factory seconds 3:42 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
leave the colours and the name and if it came with the promise to knock down the cathedral of wank and build a proper football ground i'd drink the shite by the gallon if that's what it took.

eusebiovic 3:17 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Come to think of it REEF would be pretty good at a funeral especially if they played out to "Place Your Hands"

Side of Ham 1:47 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Texas Bulls it is then......

Jose+ 1:45 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
The clubs already dead. If someone wants to fuck it's corpse I'm not here to cock block.

White Pony 1:17 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
I’d like a big fat reefer passed round at my funeral.

Fifth Column 1:08 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
I thought name changes are allowed but only if fans can be proven to support it? Hull fans groups opposed it with the FA. IF West Ham fans agreed a name change it could be allowed. I'm not saying I'd support that, just that name changes potentially can be agreed.

West Ham United Red Bull FC? And not being run by the porn dwarves?

gph 12:42 Mon Apr 27
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
I want a reef at my funeral.

I'm being buried at sea, so I can feed those amazing coral fishes.

On The Ball 11:27 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Vexed 10:40 Sun Apr 26

They did, but that was to reflect a city move that wouldn't be allowed again. A better example is Hull City who weren't allowed to change to Hull City Tigers a few years ago, because name changes aren't allowed.

Son of Sam 11:18 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Mike Oxsaw 2:34 Sun Apr 26

Very funny, nice one

chim chim cha boo 11:08 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Does anyone give a flying fuck about kicking a football around anymore?

I'd quite like the remainder of my season ticket reimbursed but know perfectly well that I may as well believe in Father Christmas as think those tight-arsed cunts are going to part with a penny of my money.

Vexed 10:40 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
On The Ball 1:51 Sun Apr 26

MK Dons changed their name did they not?

Side of Ham 7:44 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
'REEF at my funeral'.......ag ag ag......what a div.

....if Manuel went now would he be buried in a COUGHING?

Peckham 6:40 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Manuel wrote...

Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
This is exactly why I labelled you boring, Pecks. I was right wasn't I.

Manuel you are indeed right I am boring, I rather get entertainment from others wit, of which you have zero.

You are without doubt one perpetually bored cunt who I would not hesitate is bored to the state of having different user names with Manuel your stroppy Kevin the teenager persona ( Kevin and Perry go Large ).

You continually without doubt again go on threads , read them, comment, insult and have no interest or input in the OP.

This below comment sums you up , well , your Manuel persona sounding like stroppy Kevin the teenager...........

Manuel 6:49 Mon Apr 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
Never speak for others, cunt. And I sincerely hope you're right, and PLEASE no fucking reef at my funeral :-)

How bored you must have been. To be a cunt for no reason.

RBshorty 4:41 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
I wish I did have a connection with Red Bull Miike. As regards to them taking us over. There’s more chance of the owners of the Top Six welcoming the new Saudi owners of Newcastle with open arms.

cygnet 4:22 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Could we be like Cardiff and play in red shirts with a slightly different colour red shorts?

Kaiser Zoso 3:06 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Manuel 12:07 Sun Apr 26


North Bank 3:02 Sun Apr 26
Re: Red Bull takeover *Delete if done
Mike OX agag very good mate

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