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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Gary Strodders shank 1:10 Thu Apr 30
Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Anyone watching ?
Bellew and Fashanu struggling to contain their aggression and maintain self control in some of the tasks thus far, could be a bit of a powder keg.
Joey Essex holding up well.

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theaxeman 5:01 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Talk of Fashanu im pretty sure we were going to sign him the year they won the cup. Deadline was in March or early April back then and we'd been turned down by Harford and Dixon previously. Anyway we played Wimbledon and they beat us 1 nil fash scoring i think. At the end of the game he came over to rhe chicken run clapping us and putting thumbs up. They won their cup tie unexpectedly and i presume he wanted to stay. I think we signed Leroy ultimately.

defjam 3:48 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Always enjoy these series, and as always the word 'celebrities' is used very loosely, I just want one person to say "I'm not a celebrity, I'm just a normal person" but they all seem to thrive on it.

As much as I try to dislike Joey Essex, Mainly just for being from Essex and isn't bright, I actually like him...There I've said it.
He knows his limitations but seems quite genuine, I guess he's not smart enough to be anything else.
He is actually quite funny without realising it.

Bellews eyes as posted already are scary!

I just looked at what Ant Middletons said about Covid, what an idiotic!
He seems to be a bigger celebrity than most contestants.
My friend who is the director of the Big Fish off, Monster carp and flirty dancing had a meeting with Ant few weeks back, not asked him what the idea is.
I'm still trying to float an idea about storm chasing :)

Gary Strodders shank 3:41 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
I’m pretty certain Fashanu wouldn’t last five minutes in today’s game, the challenges on Colin Foster and Gary Mabbutt were diabolical.
Also had an infamous training ground fight with Laurie Sanchez in which he was accused of using his martial arts skills.

El Scorchio 3:28 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Fash was a fucking bell end on a show about cannabis which aired a year or two ago on ITV or channel 5.

Actually it was a quality show. Well worth a watch in these times. Who doesn't want to see Bobby George, Pat from Eastenders and Biggins getting stoned?


Northern Sold 3:18 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Fash the Bash?? More like Fash the CUNT... always hated that fucking elbow throwing merchant... been a CUNT on this prog and read an interview where he told his daughters boyfriend to fuck off and leave his daughter alone as he did not have a nice pair of shoes on... CUNT

Bellow... like him a lot... great mental eyes

Essex been excellent so far... fair play

Bird with one arm inspirational but getting a free pass when the push ups come along...

Price... fucking embarrassing MESS

Enjoying it so far

GreenStreetPlayer 3:09 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
The SAS staff are more celebrities than that youtube person.
Understood Fashanu was a black belt in karate some years back, so not surprised he was 'torturing' one of his colleagues, can't remember his name.
Surprised Fashanu struggled with that run at the end.
Essex seems to be doing okay, not too much attention on him at the moment apart from the start where he had to use his brain for a small bit of decision making, ie where to stand!

Grumpster 3:08 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Fashanu is a proper cunt.

Didnt even go for the tire and then pretty much admitted that him and his family thought justin was disgraceful for liking cock.

No wonder he killed himself.

yngwies Cat 3:05 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Mr Kenzo 2:57 Thu Apr 30

Nothing wrong with watering down.

In fact Water Boarding on the z listers would make great telly.

Mr Kenzo 2:57 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Getting a bit silly now, just feel programs like this are watering down what the Special Forces do with numpties like this taking part

Moncurs Putting Iron 2:49 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
it's rarely those that shine in one area that make the cut as they are not rounded. If you excel at being aggressive you don't excel at being able to hold back under interrogation for example.

Always keep an eye on the middle of the pack, the grey man.

El Scorchio 1:55 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
I was surprised by Joey Essex. I had him pegged as a quitter. I think he could win too. Also kudos to the woman with one hand that's doing it.

As for Ant Middleton- well, just see his social media post about coronavirus from about six weeks ago....

goose 1:47 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Yeh Bellew has some serious problems.

Anyone notice the weird Jordan v Middleton sex shouting match when she was about to abseil? Proper weird.

Oh and fame has gone to Middleton’s head, proper ego now.

Jim79 1:18 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
agreed on Bellew, has absolutely zero self control and Fash the Bash defo has a screw loose, the chock hold he got the geeze from Rudimental in was very worrying as he laid their with emotionless eyes waiting for the poor bloke to black out.

Joey Essex has got this in the bag it seems, seems chilled out enough to just get on with it and not get wound up and is as fit as a flea.

cup of tea 1:18 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Yep, pretty good. Bellew is a walking time bomb. Looks like he could kill someone at any moment

El Scorchio 1:15 Thu Apr 30
Re: Celebrity SAS Who Dares
Bellew looks like a violent crime waiting to happen.

Fash is just a cunt.

Jordan was fucking laughable. Joke of a human. 'I don't quit things'. Quits 5 seconds later.

Anthea Turner did fucking well considering she's a 59 year old woman.

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