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d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

IRONMAN ROSS 9:36 Wed Jun 17
letting agent advice ?
I was wondering if anyone on here is/was an agent or has any similar experience to myself.

I’m trying to rent a place with my partner (I’m 30 now and divorced, girlfriend makes me sound like a teenager). After splitting up with my ex I filed for an IVA it had completely been settled and I have no debts in the world. Currently living with mother.

I’m literally like a financial fucking leper. Most agents won’t touch me and the ones that will (literally two out of like 30 agents) also offer the place to at least two other applicants that aren’t insolvent and of course the landlord picks them over me (who could blame them).

A guarantor would seem like the easy option. But they need to earn 3 times the annual rent plus tax. (I.E if they place is a grand a month then they need to earn 36k plus 20%). And I don’t have anyone close enough that earns that much.

Other options are 6 months rent up front. Which yes we could save up for. But it’s absurd. Because you still have to pay for the first 6 months and then after the first 6 months they want another 6 months up front.

Any advice anyone?

Thanks in advance.

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Justin P 11:05 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
A sure fire way to get a place is to pay the 6 months rent for the AST up front in cash plus a months dipper.

Good luck

Fifth Column 10:43 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
I know a lot of landlords now renting at open rent. Co. Uk
Which is like lettings version of Purple Bricks ie you tend to deal with landlords more directly. Don't know if they have same credit check process.

Vexed 10:25 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
Private landlords can get the same credit checks anyone else can, it just depends on how much risk they want to take. You'll generally find that the ones that want to take risks by allowing people with dodgy credit histories ( or not checking properly) will either be trying to rent an absolute shithole or you'll pay through the nose for it or both.

In the current climate I certainly wouldn't entertain the idea of renting to someone with a credit history that isn't decent unless I was really struggling to rent the place out and really needed to get someone in there.

OP is in a tricky spot, but divorce and an IVA by the age of thirty indicates the system is probably working correctly to protect potential landlords! Save the six months rent or LARGE deposit is the answer I'm afraid.

Westside 10:12 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
Try letting direct from a private landlord, who doesn't use a letting agency?

Not sure how stringent their credit referencing checks would be.

You may have to effectively manage your own property (liaising directly with landlord, to arrange repairs, safety inspections etc, rather than leaving all to letting agent), but a little hassle could be worth it.

Don't know where "direct" landlords advertise. Sure you could find out. rent shouldn't be any higher, with no letting agent fees fro the landlord to pay.

Mr Kenzo 10:05 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
Whomail Bolty

On second thoughts, ask an expert

Vexed 9:45 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
LINK to ex/girlfriend/mum

goose 9:39 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
You’re living at your mums? Rent free I’m guessing?
You earn decent money so why can’t you save up the 6 months deposit?

hammer205 9:31 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
Surely if you have sufficient deposit then it’s mot a problem
I’m sure somewhere in Newham will help or the housing list. Just say it’s affecting your mental health and your mothers .

bobbymoore 9:20 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
You've gone through all the options available, nothing more to add really.

I used to be a letting agent a while back.

The only other option is to find a private landlord who may consider it.

IRONMAN ROSS 7:37 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
Only hit her because I love her

DiCaniosLefty 6:04 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
wheres Bolty when you need him?!

gank 12:24 Thu Jun 18
Re: letting agent advice ?
Shouldn't have slapped your wife about then, you proper cunt.

IRONMAN ROSS 10:32 Wed Jun 17
Re: letting agent advice ?
She’d need to earn enough to cover the rent x3 on here own I believe. And in honesty she does not earn a great amount anyway.

Annoyingly, I earn pretty decent money. But it’s not worth a wank until we actually get to the point where we can start paying rent really.

mallard 10:21 Wed Jun 17
Re: letting agent advice ?
Can’t it go in your PARTNERS name?

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