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the exile 7:37 Mon Jul 6
Team for Burnley
I would like to see a couple of changes for this one and more use of substitutes - some of these players may start running out of steam with two games a week.

Dropping Lanzini is probably something most would agree with. Opinion will be more divided on Fornals and Noble. Yarmolenko has been superb in his two cameos and I would like to see him start. If he's not up to 90 minutes bring on Haller (if fit) or Silva and switch Antonio out wide. Fornals is clearly not a wide player so I would bring him central behind Antonio, with Wilshire deputising at some point. If we're 3-0 up (!) bring Noble on to give Soucek or Rice a breather. Likewise Johnson for one of the fullbacks.

Fredericks. Diop. Ogbonna. Cresswell
Soucek. Rice
Yarmolenko. Fornals. Bowen

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Mex Martillo 7:48 Wed Jul 8
Re: Team for Burnley
Hells bells you got it spot on Exile, well done that man.

Vexed 12:35 Wed Jul 8
Re: Team for Burnley
Moyes would have to think about changing his winning formula of making a pointless like for like substitution on 60ish minutes, then, needing a goal, chucks on someone who could change the game too late at about 75-80 mins.

The dreary, uninspiring, imposter CUNT

Lee Trundle 11:44 Wed Jul 8
Re: Team for Burnley
Maybe someone should tell him we're allowed to make 5 substitutes if he's concerned about their fitness?

El Scorchio 11:42 Wed Jul 8
Re: Team for Burnley
He’s got a point but the schedule is more or less the same for everyone else. Bits and pieces here and there like Norwich having an extra day rest for Saturday is a pain though.

Also he needs to try and rotate the squad a bit better. Frustrating though seen as he’s finally found a combination of 11 players that seem to be able to muster up some bollocks between them.

Mex Martillo 7:34 Wed Jul 8
Re: Team for Burnley
Maybe a bit of squad rotation is in order?

Yesterday Moyes was whinging about the schedule, 3 games in 7 days.

connolly8 11:25 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Chris Wood made a cameo in their last game so he should be fit. Ben Mee is out

Lertie Button 10:48 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Never change a winning team, even if they only drew their last game.
Time has come to leave Noble on the bench, Martin Peter's corpse has more pace and movement these days

New Jersey 7:54 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
We nearly always get 'bullied' by Burnley, so we need to man up and match their physicality! It will help if both Woods and Barnes are still injured.

the exile 6:51 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
The thing I noticed about Bowen when he moved to the left was that he looked tired. But he is far from being one-footed, as he has shown with a couple of assists in the last two games. I don't think there's any evidence to show that he would be less effective on the left. Whereas there is plenty of evidence that Fornals is not a wide player. A front three of Bowen, Antonio and Yarmolenko with Fornals just behind in a central role would really take the game to Burnley. But the biggest issue is whether Moyes has the balls to leave Noble out of the starting lineup.

lowlife 5:55 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Been trying to set up a BT sport account so I can watch the next few games. It’s an stupid process that results in not being able to log on to the app.

So, I’ll be looking for a good quality stream.

Hopeful that Noble doesn’t start tomorrow, impressed with Rice and Soucek across the middle.

Spandex Sidney 5:51 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Yarmalenko needs to start if fit enough for an hour. No point him coming on for 30 mins if we are 0-3 down. That said he's quite a weapon to bring on later.

Glenn Rodent 5:47 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley

Glenn Rodent 5:47 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
We need to take the game to Burney in my opinion. They have key injuries, we are at home and need 3 points.

So that is why I would start Yarmolenko over Lanzini who has been ineffective,

Glenn Rodent 5:45 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
It isn't an issue playing Yarmalenko and Bowen in wide positions. You don't keep the formation rigid anyway, you get them to swap sides or get Yarmolenko closer to Antonio in a two. You can then play Bowen on the right hand side and Fornals on the left with Soucek and Rice central.

Haz 5:43 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
I agree entirely with the origianal post.

easthammer 5:41 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Since the restart (and before if my memory isn't playing up) Bowen has started down the right and has been most effective cutting in on his left foot. When in the Newcastle match he was moved across to left his almost reactive first move was to move to the left (as he had been doing before) but of course that was taking him wide and making him less effective. I am not saying he can't play left-wing but he will be less effective. Yarmolenko plays the same way. Although he is less mobile than Bowen and looks more effective against tiring defences. If Yarmolenko is to make the team from the start for me it should be playing off Antonio as part of a front two. That would mean changing a relatively successful set up. For me its the same starters from the last game.

Troy McClure 5:41 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Fredericks. Diop. Ogbonna. Cresswell
...............Soucek. Rice
.......Bowen. McCLURE. Lanzini

Glenn Rodent 5:40 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Fredericks. Diop. Ogbonna. Cresswell
Rice Fornals
Yarmalenko Soucek Bowen


Vexed 5:18 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Yeah let's play one of our in form players out of position, you fucking lemon.

Stubbo 4:56 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
Yarmolenko in for Lanzini, with him moving to the right, and Bowen to the left would be my only change.

Yarmo has shown more in two games of being fit again than Lanzini has shown in the entire season thus far.

I hope to god that Haller is also fit - Antonio will snap his hamstrings in the near future if some of the work load isn't removed from him.

stepney hammer 4:18 Tue Jul 7
Re: Team for Burnley
I'm expecting the only change Moyes will make will be to start Noble instead of Lanzini and play Soucek in the more advanced role he took late on against Newcastle.

Apart from that I reckon it will be as you were.

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