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blueeyed.handsomeman 7:38 Fri Jul 10
Benicio Baker Boaitey
has he signed for anyone

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blueeyed.handsomeman 9:40 Thu Jul 23
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey

you just need some discernment

Vexed 9:34 Thu Jul 23
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
As someone said on a previous thread:


Sven Roeder 9:34 Thu Jul 23
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
How many 16yo’s do you imagine Bayern have on their books?
I’d be wary of going into a factory like that
How many 16yo’s have gone to big foreign clubs and ended up in their first team?

blueeyed.handsomeman 9:26 Thu Jul 23
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
VEXXY YOU POOR POOR SAD LITTLE MAN did someone break your heart so much that you even hate yourself

blueeyed.handsomeman 9:22 Thu Jul 23
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
german clubs are set up in such a way.
that all young players are developed as inividuals

Vexed 9:04 Thu Jul 23
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
I'm not sure I'd advise any kid that West Ham with its current owners and manager is the place to develop your career.

However I hope this kid breaks his fucking leg the moment he signs a deal somewhere else, the little CUNT.

Sven Roeder 8:49 Thu Jul 23
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
I’m sure we have told him how highly we rate him.
And that he has seen teenagers get a chance in our first team.
Maybe Bayern will be great for him & he is in their first team in 2 years or maybe the money is influencing his agent , parents etc
I don’t have a problem with the age of 17 being set as when a kid can sign a pro contract but the compensation needs to increased with maybe an extra payment when the player makes the first team.

blueeyed.handsomeman 8:07 Thu Jul 23
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
Frank MCAVENNIE, RECKONSthat we should have had himin the first team squad

geoffpikey 3:40 Wed Jul 22
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
The Boaitey Boy is in Munich TODAY, discussing terms.

I expect an open-topped bus parade, nothing less. He may be 5 minutes out of school but is CLEARLY the Saviour Of Football.

geoffpikey 11:37 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
Gloucester, he made 11 appearances for Augsburg this season. Mostly as sub. (He was injured though)

We sold him for £1.8m. Transfermkt currently value him at £2.1m. So, no great loss either playing or value wise.

I think his sale was more to do with the mistake of paying him £40k pw.

Boaitey and Ngakia may prove to be MUCH better, of course. Or not as good. We cannot panic about not retaining every promising youngster, though... as our Academy tends not to produce great talent. Not in recent years, anyway.

The best of a bit earlier - Carrick, Cole, Defoe, Lampard, Glen Johnson - we got a few years out of and THEN sold far too easily/cheaply. Because we are badly run higher up and the club could not match their ambitions. And we kept getting bloody relegated! There's a lot to fix. Always is at West Ham.

Gloucester Iron 11:16 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
How is Reece Oxford doing lately...?

geoffpikey 11:15 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
* JADON Sancho. Spellcheck doesn't do yoot names.

geoffpikey 11:11 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
He's 25. Got 1 cap for England u19 in 2014.

Went to Manchester City, then loaned to League 1 and 2 but hasn't really cut it. I'm not having a pop at you Hugh, but the truly good players we've let go and have gone on great success seem few. You mentioned Kieran Richardson. He did okay. John Terry, obviously. But I'm struggling to think of more. Can you?

It's a tough business. Read earlier that the Etihad-era Manchester City have signed 300 youth players after spending £200m on their Academy. Only one, Phil Foden, is anywhere near being of long term use to them? True, they let Jason Sancho go for £9m (which now looks foolish) but, as I say, these are tough calls.

blueeyed.handsomeman 10:56 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
Devante had an impressive trial with us,and i believe he is a member of an age appropriate national team

geoffpikey 10:06 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
Andy Cole's son, Devante Cole? Currently tearing it up with ZERO goals for Doncaster Utd? That one? Why, what a disappointment we didn't sign him on a 10 year deal.

There's a Cole Minor's Strike joke in here somewhere, but I can't quite picket out.

blueeyed.handsomeman 3:51 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
niv orbnek'

wot izzet yer tryin to say matey

Jaan Kenbrovin 2:35 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey

blueeyed.handsomeman 2:27 Tue Jul 21
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
we have lost so many youngstars over the years.
we can go back to jimmy GREAVES. Barry BRIDGES, Les ALLEN, Ken SHELLITO, I CAN NAME MANY MORE/
I am sure we all can.

in more recent times we had first option on Andy Coles son,
we have had success in getting so many classy youngstars because of our fan base,our recruitment personnel,relationships and personalities.
its most definately not any professional system we have designed for the purpose.

Dr Matt 4:28 Sun Jul 19
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
£100m of talent lost in one Summer!

Future is lost...

RM10 3:35 Sun Jul 19
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
its a free world im afraid football is no exception, but £230k should be raised, we do the same to other lower clubs.

Sven Roeder 3:21 Sun Jul 19
Re: Benicio Baker Boaitey
Personally I think these age players would be better staying than being seduced by the money and glamour of Bayern or Barca and being in another country with dozens if not 100’s of 16yo’s.
If he develops he is more likely to be in our first team than theirs at 18 and can take it from there.
Slightly different with players like Sancho and the kid from Birmingham who is going to Dortmund if they are physically ready to play in the first team

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