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goose 12:46 Thu Jul 16
Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum has won a legal battle to be allowed to return home to fight the government's decision to remove her UK citizenship.

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Peckham 10:42 Fri Sep 11
Re: Shamima Begum
Back to OP,

Where is the Bangladeshi cunt now???

Did they refuse her citizenship??

Should be treated as a criminal, aiding and abetting terrorism.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 10:04 Fri Sep 11
Re: Shamima Begum
Didn’t have you down as a racist, mashed?

mashed in maryland 10:01 Fri Sep 11
Re: Shamima Begum
50+ boats crossed the channel today.

Any Tories on here got an excuse why absolutely zero of them will be sent back?

401+ ISIS, lockdowns, curfews, politicised plod, and an endless stream of illegal immigrants turning up with impunity, assisted by the border force.

This is literally what millions of people voted Boris in for, in order to stop Corbyn doing.

Vote Labour next chance you get. At least they're honest what they're about.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:31 Fri Aug 28
Re: Shamima Begum

Don't drag me into it. I've never defended the Tories' piss-poor record on immigration

mashed in maryland 3:05 Fri Aug 28
Re: Shamima Begum
Oi Hermit

Remember your party's courageous, collosal, game-changing deportation of twelve migrants?


They can't even do that right.

Also in Kent, an Albanian who killed a bus driver in a car crash it turns out arrived here 5 years ago and has a criminal record for drug dealing, for which he wasn't deported.

Do you, Surf or 8 have an excuse ready for this? Or is it just more "the left would be up in arms!!" meaning you are admitting your party requires permission of "the left" to do anything therefore don't really run the country at all?

ray winstone 9:55 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Dunno, I’ll check with Nige.....

, 9:48 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Thanks for that info Ray.

Did they all come here in dinghies.

ray winstone 9:14 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Net migration in the UK was around 313,000 in the year to March, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said.

Taking back control, no ifs, no buts.....

bruuuno 7:22 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
I don’t know this for sure and have not read the news but if there has been an influx in dinghy people recently this may simply be due to tides/weather etc than incompetence by politicians

mashed in maryland 5:19 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Fuck me comma, you're quick off the mark. I've been cunting off politicians on here since about 2007 (christ). Hardly anything OMINOUS about it.

Mike Oxsaw 3:37 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Because we can't identify and deport ALL illegal immigrants, we shouldn't identify and deport ANY illegal immigrants.

Come in! Come in! All welcome! Free housing! Free Benefits! No waiting! (unlike the locals).

That's how it works, isn't it, or are we allowed to start shipping them out at some time of our own choosing?

, 3:30 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Fact is we’ve spotted what you’re up to.

mashed in maryland 11:54 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Comma playing damage control for the Tories.

Now you know the country is fucked.

mashed in maryland 11:52 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Behave yourself. Boasting about TWELVE illegals getting booted out of hundreds of thousands? When more than that sometimes roll up on one boat?

Please just smell the coffee Hermit. Bozza and Prizza want these people here just as much as Jezza & co do.

, 11:44 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
You are missing the point. He is not annoyed at all but is simply pretending in order to pursue his intention to stir things up.

In reality those attempting to come here by boat are a trickle compared to the overall number illegally entering.

Mim, as always is acting as an agent provocateur

Hermit Road 11:40 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Are you annoyed because what you said about Labour and Tories being the same was wrong?

mashed in maryland 8:15 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
(Spoiler alert: as soon as they touch down in France and Germany they'll start making their way straight back to Calais)

mashed in maryland 8:13 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Oooh wow, all 12 of them. Out of literally hundreds of thousands living here illegally.

Fucking hell Hermit. More people leave the country on the average stag do.

Hermit Road 12:32 Thu Aug 27
Re: Shamima Begum

Migrants arriving by boat sent back to EU country they should have claimes asylum in.

No boats yesterday or today.

Apparently this is evidence of this government doing nothing.

If you think Labour would have done the same then I have a bridge AND some beans to sell you.

Golden Oldie 4:14 Tue Aug 25
Re: Shamima Begum
Say what you like about the hardline rightwing Priti Patelstein or Bojo Ataturk gunning down all refugees off the coast but they always have had their priorities in order when it comes to dealing with the most pressing matters.

Vote Tory - Get commie faggotry

As a nation, sodomy is indeed our greatest virtue of all.

Maybe we need Shamima and friends to help address this faggotry because sure as shit our neocon globalist far far right government only appear to promote it.

JAC 1:11 Tue Aug 25
Re: Shamima Begum
Tories handling of it is a shambles but those Labour cunts would be sending ferrys to France to bring them over.

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