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goose 12:46 Thu Jul 16
Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum has won a legal battle to be allowed to return home to fight the government's decision to remove her UK citizenship.

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Hermit Road 4:40 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
"Begum fulfills the criteria to be granted Bangladeshi citizenship but that is entirely in the gift of the Bangladeshi government."

People seem to misunderstand the difference between citizenship and a passport.

She is a Bangladeshi citizen, according to their law. The fact that their government stripped her of that right AFTER we did is a secondary issue.

We DID NOT make her stateless. The Bangladeshi govt did. The timing matters.

A passport is a completely separate matter.

Hello Mrs. Jones 2:37 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
If she gets back in she'll be on Bake Off within a year

Fifth Column 12:08 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum

There is 100% agreement that she's a ####. The question is just whether she's our #### to deal with or not. To be honest if the government are not breaking the law then actually I don't have a problem with their actions. If it is eventually ruled that she has the right to return (which I think will happen) then again if that's the law then that should happen. The government should follow the law.

She WAS clearly an innocent schoolgirl at some point in her life, she was then groomed online and left to join Daeesh. So both are true ie she WAS an innocent schoolgirl and then was also part of a horrendous death cult. The two are not mutually exclusive.

riosleftsock 11:55 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
It was quite poignant that the BBC, when they wanted to interview her father to support her claims of british citizenship, they had to travel to a remote village in Bangladesh.

Her father refused to support her because he has failed to repent or apologise.

Her brother in law supports the government's actions.

There seem to be two Shamima Begums. The one is an innocent runaway schoolgirl, the other one is described in a DT and other press

The Daily Telegraph reported that Begum was an "enforcer" in ISIL's "morality police", and tried to recruit other young women to join the jihadist group.[20] She was allowed to carry a Kalashnikov rifle and earned a reputation as a strict enforcer of ISIL's laws, such as dress codes for women. An anti-ISIL activist told The Independent that there are separate allegations of "Begum [stitching] suicide bombers into explosive vests so they could not be removed without detonating"

, 11:46 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
What I would like to see is the UK government ( aka Boris ) put on its big boy trousers and fulfill its international obligations.

Kaiser Zoso 11:43 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
ag ag ag

Keep em coming.

Lee Trundle 11:42 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
Careful comma. You're appearing to be desperate to get her back to face the pitiful punishment she's likely to receive.

, 11:37 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
Begum fulfills the criteria to be granted Bangladeshi citizenship but that is entirely in the gift of the Bangladeshi government.

Though we have left the EU club we are still part of the world club and even though we have our country back it does not give us the right to palm individuals off to other countries.

The UK cannot assume that any country is obligated to grant citizenship to one of its own nationals.

Chigwell 11:24 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
Much as I dislike the girl and her offhand attitude to the crimes which her behaviour supported, I don't think it right (or legal) that her citizenship was revoked merely on the basis that she could apply for a Bangladeshi passport. Why would they grant her one? They have said they would not, and it is illegal to make a person stateless. So I expect that she will eventually win her court case (which has not been decided by the way: the latest hearing was only about whether she should be able to attend it in person).

Fifth Column 11:11 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
Boris managed to do more to keep Zaghari Ratcliffe locked up in Iran with one sentence than anything the government have managed with Begum.

riosleftsock 11:11 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum

As should be expected. Perhaps they shouldn't have sent her to Iran to foment unrest.

, 11:09 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
Government seems to be expending more effort keeping Begum out than it does bringing Zaghari Ratcliffe home.

riosleftsock 10:35 Mon Mar 1
Re: Shamima Begum
" law firms take on these cases for buckshees"

Not really, the big law firms and outfits like the Good Law Project have revolving doors recruitment policies between civil servants, quangos and open society nut jobs. Self-scratching backs.

bruuuno 11:21 Sun Feb 28
Re: Shamima Begum
In terms of her legal fees, law firms take on these cases for buckshees as it’s good publicity

Fifth Column 11:13 Sun Feb 28
Re: Shamima Begum
How can she appeal? The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land isn't it?

arsene york-hunt 10:21 Sun Feb 28
Re: Shamima Begum
I had reason to use the legal system and I had to contribute hundreds of pounds a month to my legal aid nearly bankrupted me. People who go to work and pay their taxes for nomal salaries can not afford legal bills which is the preserve of the mega rich and the scum of the earth. The lawyer thenselves are parasites and generally act against the interests of the general public. I have no doubt that this terrorist will have dozens of lawyers and others fighting her corner. probably at our expense.

Hermit Road 9:04 Sun Feb 28
Re: Shamima Begum
Course she is going to appeal, doesn’t cost her anything. A charity will be picking up the millions of pounds bill

David L 9:01 Sun Feb 28
Re: Shamima Begum
Depressingly, I read today that she's going to appeal....

Hermit Road 8:57 Sun Feb 28
Re: Shamima Begum
Mashed, the only reason this is a discussion, literally the only reason is because the government you keep slagging off is resolutely trying to keep her from returning.

mashed in maryland 8:34 Sun Feb 28
Re: Shamima Begum
What's most depressing about this is that its even a discussion.

I reckon they'll let her back in, btw. She'll end up with a Guardian column and a sympathetic BBC documentary about her "ordeal".

Leatherhead Hammer 8:16 Sun Feb 28
Re: Shamima Begum
Biden has started bombing Syria, so we may soon not have to worry about this bitch tying to get back to the UK

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