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goose 12:46 Thu Jul 16
Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum has won a legal battle to be allowed to return home to fight the government's decision to remove her UK citizenship.

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:37 Sun Nov 29
Re: Shamima Begum
Zero. That's why the government opposed her return.

wansteadman 11:39 Sun Nov 29
Re: Shamima Begum
If they allow her to come back to face the charges against her and she loses the right to live here, what would be the odds on her getting chucked out ??

Peckham 9:04 Sat Nov 28
Re: Shamima Begum
Community service for involvement directly or indirectly, fucksake was hoping I would never have to repeat what old cunts say on this site daily. But only this country....dogs...etc...

Even Cabbage knows he was bying bombs

mashed in maryland 3:12 Sat Nov 28
Re: Shamima Begum
I read it fully Darby. I understand every detail of the story. I just differ from you in that I think involvement* in a terrorist attack that kills children isn't worthy of community service. There's no nuance at play here, its that simple.

And now I'll go back to not reading your posts. Cheers for the reminder.

*(involvement in this case being to finance the purchase of bomb materials, which we only have his word to go on that he didn't know what it was for, and considering he's a habitual fraudster is worth less than nothing)

Golden Oldie 3:04 Sat Nov 28
Re: Shamima Begum
Shamima Begum, one whore cunt that after having been 'educated' in Britain's state indoctrination centres as a minority encouraged to maintain her own culture in a society that undermines and demonises the host nation's culture never felt part of this society, as she wouldn't be, as it isn't her culture or heritage and will never feel any such love for a foreign land, goes off to serve Anglo-US-isreal interests in the middle east and join the cartoon jihadi-jihadists whose philosophy contradicts itself ever since their invention by only ever fighting against countries that do not have a central bank...

The British establishment protect and rub her 'news' in our faces every day in their media, meanwhile thousands of her mates she made out there are entering the country illegally with state and military protection and assistance via dinghies into Dover.

What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile keep focused solely on the fat jihadi-jihadi spunk receptacle they keep showing us on the telly and not the 1,000's of fighting age, seasoned battle proven terrorists walking around mingling freely in the UK since this shitshow was presented as just "one silly girl" on our telly screens.

Darby_ 2:50 Sat Nov 28
Re: Shamima Begum
You really are an airhead himbo, Mashed. You still haven't read the link you yourself posted.

Do your friends treat you like you're a bit simple?

mashed in maryland 1:03 Sat Nov 28
Re: Shamima Begum
Oh and if even my closest friend or family member asked me "hello my i please use your bank account to buy a shit load of bomb materials" I'd say "what no fuck off are you mental".

I defy anyone on here to say that they'd do any different.

But yeah, its only a load of dead kids, lets give him the benefit of the doubt and make him paint some railings in a hi-viz. Proper justice, that.

mashed in maryland 1:00 Sat Nov 28
Re: Shamima Begum

Fifth Column 12:33 Fri Nov 27

Involvement in a terrorist attack that murdered children should not result in community service.

How is this even a point that needs arguing?

And why the fuck are they just taking his word for it that they just used his bank account when they admit he's involved in fraud? Which is just legal speak for well.. lying?

Anywhere else in the world he wouldn't be seeing daylight again yet in Britain he's gonna be picking up crisp packets for a few sundays. If he even bothers turning up.

Again, it's unbelievable that this is even a point that needs labouring.

Johnson 9:43 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
You get worse for unwittingly helping a money launderer, don't you?

Mike Oxsaw 9:25 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Fifth Column 9:21 Fri Nov 27

Doesn't that count as "Plausible deniability" further up the political ladder?

Fifth Column 9:21 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Surface, if you look at the case against him, he gave them his bank details, they made the purchase. The truth is it's impossible to know. However, the anti terror cops would have a feather in their cap professionally if they could get a terror charge. The fact he was only ever charged with fraud (not charged but found not guilty of terror offences - never even charged) indicates that the anti terror police either were convinced he wasn't in on it or they had absolutely no evidence to that effect so didn't charge him with it.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:17 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
That case in full:

Bloke A - I haven't seen you for years. Can me and my bruv use your credit card to but 185 quid's worth of hydrogen peroxide?

Bloke B: That's a lot of hydrogen peroxide just to bleach your grannie's moustache ***laughs all round***

Bloke A: ***taps nose***

Bloke B: Okay. When do I get it back?

Bloke C: Inshallah

Bloke B; All sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Here's my credit card details. Have yourself a blast! ***mirth***

Darby_ 12:37 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Like Goldie, Mashed doesn’t actually read the things he posts. Just copy and pastes the link from Facebook.

Another lazy airhead.

Fifth Column 12:33 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Mim he was found guilty of fraud. Not any terror offence. If there'd been evidence of his involvement in terror offence he'd have been charged with it.

Cabbage Savage 12:17 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Duped in to bying bombs

joe royal 9:39 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
One was duped into a fraud , the other downloaded extreme terror stuff, two totally different charges.

Johnson, you do know the definition of racism don’t you?

It’s banded about so often these days the true meaning seems to have been lost forever.

Johnson 8:57 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
The same judge this year gave out 4 years in January


An obvious difference in the defendants.

The judicial system seemingly is systemically racist. Just not in the way people would have you believe.

mashed in maryland 6:03 Fri Nov 27
Re: Shamima Begum
Friend of Manchester bomber given community service for buying key ingredients for the bomb.


We really are ruled by people who aren't on our side.

Meanwhile 400+ ISIS stroll around.

Nurse Ratched 10:19 Thu Nov 26
Re: Shamima Begum is a c##t

See also, Coneheads.

I think they look smashing.

joe royal 7:41 Thu Nov 26
Re: Shamima Begum is a c##t
Nurse Ratched 9:57 Wed Nov 25

Ever seen The Point?


Full movie.


Darlo Debs 11:54 Wed Nov 25
Re: Shamima Begum is a c##t
Mike Cygnet (which is sub contracted by the NHS), snd i believe the services they run used to be run by Castlebeck are both examples of how the private sector are getting it very wrong, alongside many care homes and childrens care services.

The biggest issue though seemed to arise from.planned inspections, which enabled the management to.hide failings. This of course can happen in the public sector too (and has) but both ways of running these services must have better inspection and monitoring processes and clearer rules for staff who are left really vulnerable by grey areas in the rules set.

I can give you a clear example of this, there are times when a person's human rights clash with the clear stated rules around neglect. I was once told off by some uppity social.worker because a client was refusing to let us tend his personal care needs and we had half an hour to get the call done which included getting him.to.eat which he was also.refusing despite trying to encourage him.to do.both. He had to be put in a home in the end but to my mind it was clear that the social worker was at fault for not recognising his care needs could not be met in the community. The social worker was there by the way because he set fire to.the microwave and they were assessing him despite us warning that something like this was likely.

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