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goose 12:46 Thu Jul 16
Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum has won a legal battle to be allowed to return home to fight the government's decision to remove her UK citizenship.

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Mike Oxsaw 4:06 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Fifth Column 2:51 Wed Mar 17

I think the argument is that she automatically had Bangladeshi citizenship by dint of her mother's nationality. All the Bangladeshi government could do is revoke that citizenship (whether or not she held a passport is irrelevant).

Given that the UK government effectively "beat them to the door" on this one by revoking her UK citizenship (while, legally she still had automatic Bangladeshi citizenship), it would be the Bangladeshi's making her stateless should they revoke her citizenship, too.

You may not feel comfortable (by association) with this time-line, but it doesn't seem to me that the UK government acted illegally in this matter at any point in the process - they were just quicker off the mark.

Fifth Column 2:51 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum

That's my point. The Bangladeshi government argues there is discretion for them to refuse to award citizenship.

Hermit... you keep posting the same thing - I've already acknowledged that there is a legal opinion that says that - there is definitively another which disagrees.

That's the whole point of the case Begum wanted to bring ie to test that in the British court.

Lee Trundle 2:29 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Haven't you two got a drive to tarmac badly somewhere?

Leonard Hatred 2:28 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
*strips naked, defecates, throws shit around cell*

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:26 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Pub Bigot

Your after havin me digging with the wrong side of the spade there, so you are.

***picks up flute and small framed photograph, kisses picture of Rev Ian Paisley and launches into a sprightly rendition of The Sash* ***

mashed in maryland 1:02 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum

Block 11:20 Wed Mar 17

Don't talk such shi'ite

mashed in maryland 1:01 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum

Alfs 4:00 Wed Mar 17

I hope to fucking god you're taking the piss

Block 11:20 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Guarantee there's a few on here who would smash her , after her transformation to look more "british".

Pub Bigot 11:20 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
I won't stay long as it won't be long before the resident Micks start belting out the Wolfe Tones.

I've only read one page, but as her citizenship has been revoked here, she can apply for a Bangladeshi passport because she's deemed a citizen because of natural heritage?

Maybe the Jocks will do the same if they do achieve independence. I'd finally be eligible for dual citizenship!

Leonard Hatred 11:18 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:15 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
I'm grand, Trunds. How's yourself and the Da?

Lee Trundle 11:08 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Top of the mornin' to ya, Hatred and Surf.

(I like to try and fit in when I'm around foreigners)

Leonard Hatred 11:06 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
If Begum's mum is Bangladeshi, that means she is a Bangladeshi citizen, as well as a British citizen.

She doesn't have to apply for either.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:53 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum

Read the Irish thing. Hatred and I ARE Irish citizens. So are my children, the only difference being they have to fill in a form to let the Irish government know they exist. I don't. There is no discretion for the Irish government to refuse to acknowledge that citizenship.

Hermit Road 10:45 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Fifth, 'eligible' implies that you qualify for citizenship, but haven't been granted it yet. The situation with Begum and Hatred is that they already have citizenship so the eligible bit has passed and is redundant.

Again, I know you have friends who have told you different, but I remember you responding to a detailed article from a Law journal on this thread a while ago which went through the relevant Bangladeshi law in detail.

Mike Oxsaw 9:51 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Married to and knocked up several times by a Dutchman, wasn't she?

Did he ever say "I divorce you" three times?

If not, the Dutch have a court in The Hague specifically designed to deal with this sort of case (media-friendly & lucrative for both sets of lawyers).

Fifth Column 9:34 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum

You don't need to be eligible to be recognised as a citizen? So anyone in th entire world can just claim citizenship of anywhere? Of course you have to be eligible whether it's through parents, place of birth or whatever.

In some cases, like me being born to British parents in Britain, that's clear and automatic. In other cases the government makes an assessment. The legal Q in this case is whether she's automatically deemed a citizen. British government claims she is. Bangladesh government claims she isn't. That's not been fully tested in court.

violator 9:24 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
She wasn't a child when sky went to see her and she acted like a cunt during the interview

Mike Oxsaw 5:52 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Friend of mine has two kids to his Thai common-law wife and they hold British Citizenship by default.

As asked him a while back what was holding him back in getting their UK passports sorted and he said that he was still legally married to his UK based Filipina wife (a peril of having a job that takes you all around the world, it seems), with whom he also has a kid (now young adult). That lad lives in the UK and holds a UK passport to travel.

I suspect that his wife only has leave to stay in the UK on account of the marriage still being valid.

Westham67 5:27 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Fifth Column 11:21 Tue Mar 16

Anyone born in UK is British by birth and outside of the UK to a least 1 British parent is British by descent

Mike Oxsaw 5:09 Wed Mar 17
Re: Shamima Begum
Where those who killed Jaimie Bulger also just stupid little kids?

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