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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

grasshopper 10:42 Sun Jul 19
Teams for the drop
I would like to see Watford and Bournemouth go down, but reckon it will be Villa and another.

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Swiss. 5:06 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
I don't mind Villa. Proper club.Hope they stay up.

Coffee 2:12 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
MTC - good thinking.

MTC 1:40 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Reckon Bournmouth and Villa were gutted Arsenal reached the cup final.Watford have a huge chance to beat them on the final day now.

Alwaysaniron 1:39 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Knee a lad from Birmingham when I was in the army. His nickname was physco (says it all really and that was before Stuart Pearce days). We asked him why he supporter West Ham. His reply (in broad brummie) “They fucking West Ham in Birmingham, as much as they hate Villa). For that reason I want Villa down. Oh a Mx Watford.

Sven Roeder 1:22 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Looking forward to us relegating John Terry next weekend.

gph 1:18 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Birmingham is the only place I've lived in where I never met a local Hammer.

Maybe the colours are a disincentive there.

eswing hammer 1:14 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
I have this weird scenario, l come from Birmingham,and lived in whitehead rd ,Aston , as were my brothers and sisters , moved when l was 5 , relations still live there , all support Villa ,season ticket holders , if l ‘d stayed there l would be Villa 100% but I’m not , l have no feelings for them at all , the abuse l have received over the years from my relations up there about West Ham only makes me even more apathetic about them but there’s this huge part of me that says you should be Villa !

RichyP 1:09 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
I’ve known 2 Villa fans, they were both cunts, I will be very happy if they go down knowing that the 2 cunts will be extremely gutted.

Sir Alf 12:55 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Being able to relax while watching a game involving teams at the bottom will be the best part today.

Think it will be Villa and Bournemouth although don’t care really as I don’t like any of them:-)

VickyPkVillageIdiot 12:51 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Got a feeling Bournemouth will win their last two and stay up.

So Villa and Watford to go.

Kaiser Zoso 12:50 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Prefer Bournemouth to stay up,

Don’t much like Villa or Watford

that Peaky Blinders div with his socks rolled down, getting away with diving, and fatso Deeney who’s become rent a quote these days.

gph 12:48 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Grealish won't be going down, whether or not Villa do.

I'm a bit bemused as to why he's highly rated, but he clearly is.

ironsofcanada 12:43 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Grealish, Deeney and Wilson can all go down: so I will be happy.

Be nice to beat Villa last day, hopefully keep some momentum going into next season, so that makes them one of the two.

Westside 12:40 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Would like Watford and Bournemouth to go, suspect it will be Villa and Bournemouth.

Manuel 12:18 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
I think most seasons the 3 that are lodged down there most of the time are usually the 3 that end up going.

Villa don't even have a striker, forget them. B'mouth have a chance as they could win their last 2 games. If they do Watford need a win, Arsenal getting to the cup final may have helped them.

gph 12:00 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
The only way I want Villa to stay up is if they can do so while losing to us on the final day.

Which is not impossible.

Sven Roeder 11:51 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
The best news for Watford is that Arsenal are now in the FA Cup final on Sat 1st , 6 days after their last league game of the season.
Will be a weakened Arsenal team without Aubamayang etc and the rest will looking not to get hurt.

Bournemouth have finally come to life but reckon them & Villa will take the drop.

jack flash 11:46 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
I don't like Villa for a variety of reasons. The latest being that ridiculous dive by Grealish which he should have been given a Lanzini-type ban for. Then before that they were squaking about us having to have points deducted for the Haller late payment
Their fans have always struck me as being a bunch of knobs
I'll be glad to see them go down and I hope it's us that sends them down
Bournemouth have done well and had a decent little run in the top flight, but it was never really sustainable
Howe has done well to get them so far, but their time with the big boys is up
Watford looked like they were going to be the leagues whipping boys earlier in the season but Pearson has done a truly amazing job to even give them a chance of survival. On paper, you wouldn't give them a chance of getting any points at Arsenal or City, but it's end of season with little or nothing to play for as far as those sides are concerned and Arsenal have one eye on the cup
I think they'll pick up the point that they need to survive. Not that I particularly like them much or their ridiculous moose badge!
Brighton! How on earth do they keep hanging on in there every season? It's not their turn to go down yet
Maybe next season

El Scorchio 11:43 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
I’d like Villa to stay up. Think they have a chance.

Bournemouth and Watford have both had an annoying knack of taking points off us and I’d like to see them both gone. Both have a few players we could look at too.

geoffpikey 11:39 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
I'd like to see Bournemouth stay up at the expense of tWatford.

Because Troy is a smelly turd fatty boy.

Justin P 11:27 Sun Jul 19
Re: Teams for the drop
Bournemouth will win today

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