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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

only1billybonds 6:37 Sat Aug 8
Life before H&S
H&S of course being health and safety.

The ice cream thread got me thinking back about some things that these days would be deemed illegal and totally bonkers.

Used to have a bloke come round and sharpen Mum's carving knife on a Sunday lunchtime,it wasnt uncommon to see half a dozen or so 7 year old lads tear arseing down the street yielding the said weaponary. All you'd get is a 'dont run' which was ignored then off you'd go,legging it for all you were worth,clutching Sheffields finest in your mitt.

Seems insane now but was common practise at one time.

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Westham67 12:01 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
Thats all about risk mitigation and insurance premiums. Every railway site has wear them as well as safety glasses

Percy Dalton 11:59 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
Just before I jacked that game in they were starting to introduce hard hats.
All us erectors refused to wear them our argument was that they obscure your line of vision it's a bit like a horse with blinkers on.
We said if a girder falls on top of us a fucking helmet ain't gonna make any difference.

Westham67 11:45 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
My brother was in that game Percy. he lost a few workmates. Complacency is the biggest killer.Falling from height is biggest cause at deaths at work in the UK

Percy Dalton 11:20 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
I was a steel erector in years gone by when I think of some of the strokes we used to pull to get a job finished as we all were on lucrative bonus schemes it's a wonder more of us weren't killed.
The worst job I was on was when we were constructing Littlebrooke power station there were seven deaths in the three years I was there.
All avoidable but we were all chasing the big penny then.

Tomshardware 11:11 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
Worked on some building sites in past 20 years. The old site formen had some horrendous stories from the days when H&S was seen as a joke. My grandad had a lump hammer dropped on him from 2nd storey, luckily landed on his shoulder rather than his head.

mashed in maryland 10:54 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
"In regards to what dangerous items you could purchase legally there was an army surplus come second hand shop in Harrow beck in the 70s 80s a veritable aladins cave where you could purchase all manner of evil looking knives & machetes as well as air rifles starting pistols catapults and bayonets"

There are still loads of shops like that tbf, minus the gas. As a general rule, the more rural the area the more lethal the stock.

Many "sporting goods" shops also sell crossbows over the counter for less than £100 no questions asked that are as lethal as any firearm.

wanstead_hammer 10:18 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
And smoking on coaches. Who remembers the ashtrays on the back of the seats? haha

(not that it still goes on like!)

Cheezey Bell-End 12:16 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
I feel a bit sorry for businesses that have lost out, shisha cafes for example, but it's so much nicer now.

only1billybonds 12:05 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
Smoking in the cinema. Christ,that is unthinkable now. Same as lighting up on a plane.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:03 Mon Aug 10
Re: Life before H&S
I remember when there was a no smoking carriage.

At work, we had a friendly agreement that our office was no smoking. Wankers from other offices used to swan through smoking to make their point that we couldn't stop them.

wanstead_hammer 11:32 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
The smoking carriage on the underground!

Cheezey Bell-End 11:28 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
When I was 16-17 I worked in a factory. One time an electrician came to do some work on a light up in the roof that was just too high for the ladder to lean on anything. So I had to hold it while he went up. He got me to put my leg through it to keep it secure. "if you let go, it'll break your leg, ha ha".
After he'd been up there a while, I noticed the women around me looking scared. I looked up, and I'd let the ladder go past the vertical and he was clinging on. I righted it, and he scrambles down. "You stupid bastard".
I also used to bomb around on the forklift, for which I had no training. That was great fun.
There were tons of accidents there. I broke my foot, I accidentally injured a girl by activating a machine while she had her hand in it, and one guy had his nose smashed by a metal thing, amongst others.

Stepney.Ammer 7:50 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
only1billybonds 4:20 Sun Aug 9

That's a quality story


Was bloody hot on my wedding day...didn't help that the bus driver ignored my advice to avoid the mile end road, which was gridlocked! The pie n mash back at reception and the knees up that followed was blinding.

Yeah, Abour Youth Club, that's the one!

Alex G 7:38 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
I used to work on a manufacturing site, that until the early 2000s served alcohol in the staff canteen.

Supposedly it baffled management for years that the number of accidents in the afternoon was about five times that seen in the morning. Until some bright spark pointed out that the plant workers necking four pints with their lunch might have something to do with it. Amazingly, stopping the flow of the alcohol had an immediate effect that the accident levels in the afternoon shrunk to be in line with the rates seen in the mornings.

wanstead_hammer 5:05 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
Mike bongard! Haha.

Went loads of wedding receptions/parties in there as well.

only1billybonds 4:50 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
Will you twp pack it in.

We used to go to the Arbour to play the pinballs and smoke in peace some lunchtimes.

wanstead_hammer 4:40 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S

Alright ‘erbert.
And what a blinding wedding it was. Was hotter than today on that old red double-decker though! haha.
I remember that adventure playground in the 70s when it first appeared. Used to have a massive bonfire every year (scaffold boards, the lot). You talking about Arbour Youth club on the ocean?

Lots of me family/friends got married in St.Dunstans. I got married here as I’d just moved here. (I just put an extra 1 on me post code).
Was me anniversary last week, so I went and put the church windows through!

It came back though with a note saying I still owe em for the licence.

only1billybonds 4:20 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S

My Mrs is an Aussie,her old man emigrated in the 50's. When we got together i took her to the East End to show her where i grew up etc. Turned out her Mum n Dad got married in St Dunstans. She was looking through Ancestry.com and discovered that there was 2 years dulifference in age between our respective Nan's on our Dad's side. Hers lived at no. 76 and mine at 111,both in Maroon St Stepney. Stopped looking after that in case i found out she was my Sister. :-)

Joking aside,it was a spooky discovery.

Stepney.Ammer 4:14 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
Far Cough 10:50 Sun Aug 9

Remember the Ocean Estate well, you to go to the youth club there.

The price

Dagenhammer 11:38 Sun Aug 9
Yep, those were the ones.

only1billybonds 12:37 Sun Aug 9
Love St Dunstans. Plenty a good memory over there as a kid but also got married there, which was a few years after I had moved out of London.

Talking of St Dunstans has reminded me of the adventure playground at the back of there on White Horse Rd. Now there is something you definitely don't get today due to H&S....if there wasn't at least one kid being hurt each day then it was unusual. Those rope swings would often have 10-12 kids all piled on at the same time.

Westham67 2:56 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
True axeman I am studying a NEBOSH certificate with an exam on 9/9/20

150 workers a year dying work

theaxeman 2:51 Sun Aug 9
Re: Life before H&S
A lot more working people died for no real reason.

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