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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

yngwies Cat 11:33 Fri Aug 14
Pete Way - Hovis
Sad News for the Who bass players and rockers.

He was a fantastic musician, and great bassist.


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dm 9:50 Thu Aug 20
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Forgot about Mechanix
that was a great album as well.
so was Misdemeanor imo, although of course that was after Way had left.

dm 9:41 Thu Aug 20
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
I thought UFO2 Flying and Lights Out were the best albums.
both brilliant in quite different ways

dm 9:40 Thu Aug 20
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
yngwie's cat

Agree about Phil Mogg being an underrated singer

I understand that Arjen Lucassen approached him a few years ago about singing on an Ayreon album, but he declined, which I think is a great shame.

Claret Badger 9:24 Thu Aug 20
Re: Pete Way - Hovis

yngwies Cat 10:05 Wed Aug 19
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
I liked them all. It was Phil's voice that I really liked.

He's a very underated singer a right Character as well.

The White Horse 7:50 Wed Aug 19
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
To those that say UFO were tons better with Schenker - doh - of course they were!
Deep Purple were tons better with Ritchie but they were still watchable with a lesser guitarist
- Bolin etc.

munkyfunk 3:29 Tue Aug 18
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Favourite gig of mine was 2003ish with jason bonham and pete way came back for a while.
Charing cross astoria.

Bungo 12:31 Tue Aug 18
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
geoffpikey 7:29 Tue Aug 18

Going to see UFO was always a bit of a punt. The gig may or may not have gone ahead depending on how many of the band were fit to perform that night.

If there was a league table of cancelled gigs I'd be interested to see where they ranked!

Takashi Miike 11:45 Tue Aug 18
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
an excerpt from Pete Way's book "Fast Ride Out of Here"..............

Pete Way, UFO:

We hit it off with Rush more or less straight away, which was a first for us. They didn’t mind if we made jokes about music or Stage gear, or our extra-curricular activities. But the, at the time the three of them were playing these elaborate prog-rock epics and did step out on stage in Japanese kimonos. In particular, Geddy Lee, their bassist and singer, and guitarist Alex Lifeson were a joy to be around. For years afterwards, I would go round to Geddy’s house whenever we were in Toronto. I would have our tour bus park at the end of his road and used to move all the bloody awful Yes albums from the front to the back of his record collection. Geddy once told me that I fell off the stage mid-song during one show on that tour. I don’t recall doing so, but it's entirely possible. There were also plenty of unintended theatrics that went on during the Rush show. They would use so much dry ice that Phil and I were able to crawl around onstage unseen while they were playing. Michael and I would also on occasion finish their set off for them. Their road crew would hand us their guitars and the two of us would bash out the last crescendo of notes from the side of the stage, while Geddy and Alex buggered off back to their dressing room.

Geddy Lee, Rush

You know, to be frank, I don’t remember Pete ever coming to visit me at my home in Toronto. I do, though remember him falling off the stage on two occasions on that tour. The second time the three of us in Rush were sat talking in our dressing room and Pete’s bass just vanished from the stage. It was like, "Uh-oh, Pete's gone over the edge again." But everybody partied back then; we were all of us younger and making the most of our opportunity to be out on the road.

That tour was my introduction to UFO and their music. They were all very friendly, but you couldn't help but notice that they would all be in their cups, shall we say, and before every show. They would pound a few drinks and then hit the stage flying. That was their thing. I recall us doing one show in a dry county in Texas, which meant there was no alcohol allowed the building. We were backstage and I’d hear the UFO guys bitching and moaning about not having any booze. I looked out of our dressing room window into the car park, and there they were all in their stage gear, brown bagging it out of the boot of their car. Hey, necessity is the mother of adventure.

They were also always insulting each other for the sake of humour. That soon extended to us, which I took to be a good sign and a compliment. We used to play the song Xanadu at the time, and yes, all kinds of dry ice would come on stage. Pete and Phil Mogg would stand at the side of the stage and yell things about honeydew and melons at us, because one of the lines in the song goes "I have dined on honeydew". On one occasion, they even snuck up on stage and nailed a pair of slippers beside my foot pedals. There the slippers were when the dry ice dissipated, I guess to go along with my kimono.

Pete and I spent a lot of time together on the tour and I enjoyed his company a lot. He was, of course, a very different kind of musician to me. He was this guy in skin-tight pants with his shag haircut and playing his big Thunderbird bass. He had a typical Thunderbird sound, too, with a really heavy bottom end. He described it to me once as "three-quarters nice, one quarter not very nice".

Whenever Pete's name comes up between the three of us today we all smile. He was a lot of fun to be around, but also very sweet. He truly was a wouldn't-hurt-a-fly kind of guy and dedicated to his music. And he was very rock and roll. I was on our tour bus one time and listening to the new Bill Bruford solo album, which had just then come out. There was a great bass player on that record named named Jeff Berlin, and it was pretty complex sort of jazz-rock. Pete came stumbling around the bus and was just appalled at the sound of it. He sat down beside me and said, as if in profound pain, "Glee", which he used to call me, "don't listen to this, it isn't rock and roll." You know, Pete's a rocker at heart and he's remained true to that from the music that he's played to the way he's lived his life.

JAC 11:12 Tue Aug 18
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
I agree 100% with geoffpikey,Schenker made the band and they were never as good once he left.

The White Horse 8:42 Tue Aug 18
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Followed this band as a teenager from the onset. Obviously met all of them many times over the years at the Marquee and a number
of places. The very first gig with Schenker was at Barking tech (long gone) and they were supporting a band called Sharks.
Of course they were at their apex with Schenker but at times with Chapman and Raymond they were VERY good. You could go back pre- Schenker to Mick Bolton and they put on a good show. I won’t mention how long ago this all was - but it was definitely before we beat Fulham in the cup in 75. 😂
Very memorable times.

geoffpikey 7:29 Tue Aug 18
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
I don't claim to speak to anyone but myself, Horse.

But, from the little I know, UFO were brilliant for about 3 years. I have met Schenker on a few occasions... and even HE said " I just had to leave. It was insane." And Schenker is fucking mad himself!

It is a shame about Pete Way, nonetheless.

The White Horse 4:06 Tue Aug 18
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
The pikey has spoken. I guess he speaks for all of us.

geoffpikey 12:22 Tue Aug 18
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Not really into "classic rock" anymore, Percy. I got over it


UFO, for whatever reason, are worth listening to. Stop when Michael Schenker left.

Percy Dalton 11:10 Mon Aug 17
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
I wasn't much into UFO until I heard You are Here seem to remember it was Classic Rock's magazine album of the year.

paulon 10:39 Mon Aug 17
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Did some early studio work with the Cockney Rejects didn't he?

geoffpikey 10:39 Mon Aug 17
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Percy, I don't KNOW the reason/ diagnosis of his death.

I am not a Doctor (Doctor?)

But.... Sadly... Could see this coming. Peter Way never "grew up".

Others did.

Percy Dalton 10:27 Mon Aug 17
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Cheers Pikey.

geoffpikey 10:17 Mon Aug 17
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Percy, Peter Way was a chronic alcoholic.

His body just gave up, I guess. A shame. I may play some STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT later. Mainly because of Schenker who was absolute fire. Even I know that..

Bring on the GIBSON THUNDERBIRDS. For Peter. I met him and Mogg once. Even Phil was embarrassed

Percy Dalton 9:48 Mon Aug 17
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
What were the life threatening injuries that he had.
Was it an accident?
Can't seem to find any information.

JAC 2:39 Mon Aug 17
Re: Pete Way - Hovis
Gutted,he was a great guitarist and character.

His father-in-law use to own a music shop in East Ham near Greenwoods Sports and Laceys coaches back in the late 70s and he use to love telling stories about his wild son-in-law.

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