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Alfs 1:10 Sat Aug 22
Getting dentures
What's left of my upper teeth ain't pretty and it's time to get them sorted. Weirdly, my lower teeth are all intact and in decent condition.

So I've decided to get a full set of upper dentures. I'm going private so will have plenty of options.

Anyone been through this? Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

I shall be auctioning the 8 extracted teeth with the proceeds going to the WHO fund. Details to follow.

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Cheezey Bell-End 3:12 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
I didn't start it. He started it before I even noticed he existed and he's persisted with this crap ever since. Anything from him is never banter and any threats to him are usually provoked and well deserved.
I never make threats. I don't see the point. Whether you intend to follow through or not, it's you that looks bad. And if you do, there is evidence in writing if the police are involved.
And I hope you guys realise that this guy is about 60 going on 6.

joyo 2:44 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
fraser 10.03.. You're right because it's WHO plus there is a bit of history there which he started.
Oh my original bit of banter about him falling to bits (re his dentures) was reverent to the thread and hardly offensive... Anyway fuck him if he thinks it's ok for other scumbags to threaten me the cowardly shitbag

charleyfarley 11:53 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Alfs I went at least 9 times in just over 6 months for full treatment, so not sure how this works in a day as veneers often take at leat 3 weeks to make. Also no dentist worth his salt would leave you without teeth again they normally put some temporary veneers in to make sure they fit well before putting the permanent ones in

fraser 10:03 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Alfs - because everytime CBE posts, whatever the thread Joyo is never far behind calling him a nonce, I have no idea why.

Oh and because this is who..

Alfs 3:54 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
I don't quite get how a thread about dentures has started a 'nonce throwing' event.

Anyway, cheers for the advice Cheezy and Peckham.

joyo 1:01 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Can't or won't get back to UK and Oz because of nonce arrest warrants awaiting

Cheezey Bell-End 12:56 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
It's too late for that.

joyo 12:55 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Noncy Bell End 12.16.. Ha ha what a load of bollocks

Cheezey Bell-End 12:54 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Alfs 12:44 Mon Aug 24

Sorry about fucking up your thread..

My teeth aren't as bad as yours, but years of drinking diet cola have taken their toll and I looked into getting the top row replaced. I wouldn't want normal dentures that are held in by suction/glue, but the option of a set that are retained by 2 implants but which can be taken out were a possibility - implant retained dentures. The other option was to have 4 implants inserted and a permanent set of porcelain teeth screwed onto them. See all-on-4 method aka implant supported dentures. I'm years off needing it, but by the time I do, they could be healed and established.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:44 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Thailand is a great place. I didn't mean to be here this long, but the pandemic put the UK and Australia into (badly managed) lockdown, and the Thais announced an amnesty for tourist overstayers, so I stayed.

Alfs 12:44 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Peckham 7:52 Sun Aug 23

Please do, Peckham. My initial consultation is on the 27th so it's great (from my pov, anyway) that you're going to go through it first. Very kind of you!

Interesting that they can put a set in on the same day as I thought you had to wait a few weeks for the gums to reform. Maybe they're temporary. I hate the thought of having no upper teeth for a month, though mine could be used as a cigarette packet frightener at the moment.

I'm going private too. Last time I had cosmetic work done it actually worked out cheaper than the NHS

joyo 12:39 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Night night nonce

fraser 12:39 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
I go to Thailand a fair amount hardly makes me a desperate man.

Loads who go aren't.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:32 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
You're jumping to conclusions based on this Joyce prick.

Nutsin 12:29 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Well to each his own, who am I to judge.

Do you ever worry about disease?

I mean there's some real nasty bastards out there, does that bother you?

Cheezey Bell-End 12:27 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
Anyway, it's 4:30 am and this has veered slightly from dentures. So I'm off to sleep.
If you want to want to discuss SE Asia, hookers, noncing etc, probably polite to start a separate thread.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:24 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
I don't see it as normal or abnormal, but I don't see the relevance.

Nutsin 12:20 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
So is paying for it normal to you Cheezey?

Cheezey Bell-End 12:16 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
joyo 11:57 Sun Aug 23
Mercedes taxi. The one that's parked in your drive.
You went to Cambodia years ago and told another board member about the deaf mute you procured. Only you didn't know it at the time. No point trying to put that one back in the box. You told him who you were and I presented him with pics of you and he confirmed it was you. Case closed.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:12 Mon Aug 24
Re: Getting dentures
I don't think there's any point trying to explain or convince either of you about anything as you've both demonstrated repeatedly on this forum.

joyo 11:59 Sun Aug 23
Re: Getting dentures
It ain't normal to marry a brass, but then seeing as you can't pull a bog chain it may seen normal for you

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