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Pub Bigot 7:43 Sat Aug 29
Season predictions
With an uninterested board showing zero ambition and no sign of a transfer budget, it'll be another season trying to avoid the drop. We have an unbalanced squad, quite a few older players and others who just won't put a shift in when we need to dig in.

If we manage to keep Rice, which will be a tall order, we stand a better chance of survival than without him, but for me it won't be enough and I genuinely predict 20th.

A season full of unrest ahead.

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Razzle 12:34 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
Quite happy to eat humble pie. Great season although I still have a tinge of disappointment as we really could have done top 4. But I will absolutely take this.

Takashi Miike 12:32 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
clown cunt, what username did you use for your prediction?

Come On You Irons 12:22 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
Some absolute MUGS in this thread. Love it!

the exile 12:12 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions

the exile 12:11 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
Haha! That's a great read, looking back at all that room and gloom. No doubt there will still be plenty of that around for next season too from some of our special fans.

Sir Alf 11:53 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
Fair play Terry-h. :-)

I had us at 18th but then 60 years of largely depression watching West Ham along with the Pellegrini disaster, the stadium move disaster had me lower than my normal pessimistic self. The missus was shutting upstairs windows and hiding the knives.

What we have got to do now is temper expectations for next season but I suspect that is a non-starter.

Kaiser Zoso 11:43 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
Yeah, I had us down the bottom of the table, mainly because I predicted Haller wouldn't score more than 5 league goals and we wouldn't have enough goals in the team to overcome having a dud at centre forward.

Moyes took that one on, got rid at a loss, and came out on top.

He deserves all the credit going, just for that, and maybe aiming Anderson and Snodgrass out.

terry-h 11:37 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
All those from 18-20 should be ashamed of themselves.

I had them comfortably escaping relegation in 16th!!

If we sell Rice,Coufal and Soucek,we could be in trouble next season.


RBshorty 1:03 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
There’s a reason why I don’t bet. I tip my cap towards COFFEE.

I calling it now. We will struggle next season.(I hope I’m wrong.) But with the SPIVS holding the purse string. There will be the minimum investment into the squad. I can see Moyes trying his best for Europe. But will be hamstrung at every turn by the board. We will do well to get top half.


zebthecat 12:11 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
I am so happy to have been proven massively wrong.
What a great and superbly weird season it has been.
Roll on the next one.

Alfs 12:07 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
I said 8th, not 14th.


Mad Dog 12:04 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
Fucking hold on. Just went through thread and I didn't predict 17th

I quoted rocky 3 and predicted "pain"

Cheeky cunt

BRANDED 12:01 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
20 points.

Mad Dog 12:00 Mon May 24
Re: Season predictions
Extremely happy to admit I was way off.

Love being proven wrong sometimes.

BRANDED 11:57 Sun May 23
Re: Season predictions
branded 13

10 points more than my prediction. What is gutting is we could easily have done better. Always good when they prove you wrong though.

Pub Bigot 11:47 Sun May 23
Re: Season predictions
Chomping on humble pie, and enjoying it.

I just hope GSB adequately fund Moyes next season, which I doubt. But I'll save the negativity about the owners until next season and enjoy the now.

Alex G 11:30 Sun May 23
Re: Season predictions
Pleased to see I was one of only ten of us to predict a top half finish. Must have been having a good day to have made such an optimistic prediction!

joyo 11:26 Sun May 23
Re: Season predictions
Didnt notice that,fair play coffee

Iron Duke 11:25 Sun May 23
Re: Season predictions
I think that’s the first correct prediction coffee’s ever made.

joyo 11:17 Sun May 23
Re: Season predictions
Fair play most of you humble pie,but come on next season under Moyes less of the doom and gloom...COYI

Keep dreaming 11:54 Sat Sep 12
Re: Season predictions
Just a reminder.

Fuck me this site is slow as shit, just like our team

westham67 1
coffee 6
mex martillo 8
too much too young 9
lufbra iron 9
nutsin 10
Alex g 10
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w4hammer 10
Vicky idiot 11
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stevejacko 11
parris st 12
stevethehammer 12
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Glenn rodent 12
westhammerer 12
secondopinion 12
the phantom 13
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the exile 13
only1billy 14
dagenhandave 14
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terry-h 16
Mr kenzo 16
balders 16
per wee 16
one iron 16
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North bank 16
ray winstone 16
zebthecat 16
ashman 16
Joe c 17
chinkey weasel 17
Sydney iron 17
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Torino hammer 17
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hermit road 18
browno22 18
sir alf 18
keep dreaming 18
athammer 18
worst case ontario 18
irons10 18
chelmsfordhammer 18
richyp 18
noah 18
Manuel 19
jaympee 19
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chedylan 2 19
grasshopper 19
crassus 19
takashi miike 19
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pub bigot 20
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balto 20

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