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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

ted fenton 12:27 Wed Sep 2
New rules on parking fines !!!
New rules on parking fines will mean thousands won't have to pay penalty charges.
Thousands of parking fines could be reduced to £20 under new proposals to crack down on "aggressive" firms, and make the system fairer for motorists.

New rules will give drivers a 10 minute buffer period once they've hit their limit, while a new appeals process will wipe charges for those who have a legitimate excuse, such as they accidentally failed to display their blue badge.

Communities Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP said: "These new measures are a victory for the millions of motorists across the country.

"They will put a stop once and for all to rogue parking firms using aggressive tactics and handing out unfair parking tickets with no right to appeal, while also boosting our high streets by making it easier for people to park near their local shops without being unfairly fined.

"Our proposals will restore common sense to the way parking fines are issued, while cracking down on the worst offenders who put other people in danger and hinder our emergency services from carrying out their duties."

C&P Mirror

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gph 12:51 Thu Sep 3
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!
My local hospital has got a system in all the departments apart from A+E that if you have to wait more than an hour, they will give you a note meaning you only have to pay for an hour's parking.

But they don't tell you about it!

I only found out after I kicked up a fuss after waiting 4 hours on one occasion.

zico 4:22 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!
It's obvious why because it creates fines but it's stupid that all car parking facilities aren't "pay as you leave". So many shops miss out on revenue because someone has to get back to their car before their ticket runs out, when they might shop longer, and it's ridiculous that hospitals use the pay before system. After all how do you know how long you are going to be there?!

I remember a few years ago talking to a fella who saved some lady a fine. As she was walking to get a ticket the ticket inspector jumped out of his car and slapped a fine on her windscreen "before" she got her ticket. Can't remember if this chap had to go to court or just wrote a letter as a witness but he saw the whole thing.

arsegrapes 3:50 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!
A tad late this. Will be no need for parking with no shops? Already cancelled out by Khans rise in CC and ULEZ? I don't know why they don't just do away with petrol and diesel cars altogether...oh..

Buster 1:55 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!
penners28 1:16 Wed Sep 2

Cheers for that, Elmor son.

Vexed 1:30 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!
Shouldn't make any difference to your piss stained mobility scooter should it Ted?

penners28 1:16 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!
Need to differentiate between Penalty Charge Notices and Parking Charge Notices..

Sniper 1:13 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!

Agreed about the fines. Actual parking fees are ludicrous as well. I live between Bristol and bath with Bristol centre, Bath, and then shopping centres at cribbs causeway and Swindon all roughly the same time to get to. The amount it costs to park in Bristol/bath centre is enough to drive you away (no pun intended) when out of town shopping places are free or a couple of quid all day.

Sniper 1:11 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!
I agree that the fines are ridiculous but not necessarily that they should be wiped for the things listed - there needs to be some common sense applied in some situations, but there are reserved bays for blue badges for a reason, is it really that hard to display a badge?! (And I’ve worked on the team Managing blue badge distribution for the local council, I know the hoops people have to jump through to get them - to then not stick it on your dashboard is unbelievable!)

ray winstone 12:38 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!

Stevethehammer 12:38 Wed Sep 2
Re: New rules on parking fines !!!
Hopefully this is true.
Its fucking disgusting that you can be charged well over 50/60 quid for staying a minute over the time on the ticket.
It why I personally shop online now, fuck am I standing in a queue waiting to pay and then Euro car parks decided to chuck another 50 quid my way to pay.
Stay indoors, do it online and fuck the potential fines for trying to do the right thing and keep people in a job.

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