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one iron 1:27 Mon Sep 7
moyes to walk
Ive been told he will walk by this friday,and i think its the right thing to do,when it all goes tits up gsb will sack him ,which will make him look a right cunt.Speak up david, help the fans to get rid of the devils that are killing our club.

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simon.s 1:14 Sun Sep 27
Re: moyes to walk
Well I should imagine the only walking Moyes will be doing at the moment is around his back garden.

13 Brentford Rd 1:11 Sun Sep 27
Re: moyes to walk
Careful what you wish for!

The kill your enthusiasm clueless unambitious cunts will only appoint Nolan anyway which will be as bad or even worse.

There really is nothing to get excited about with West Ham anymore, even a change of manager!

one iron 1:06 Sun Sep 27
Re: moyes to walk
I just watched on kumb, well said nicky. well worth a look

Coffee 7:50 Sun Sep 27
Re: moyes to walk
Norm, are you Catweazel?

normannomates 6:24 Sun Sep 27
Re: moyes to walk


normannomates 6:15 Sun Sep 27
Re: moyes to walk
Excellent post

normannomates 6:11 Sun Sep 27
Re: moyes to walk
Nothing like a bit of context and rational common sense eh.
Moyes lost all credibility when he accepted smurfs return.
I do believe Moyes has good intentions and actually gives a shit about our club.

His vision didn't go down well the first time round.. we will be relegated this season..and reckon we need it to be honest

Far East Hammer 5:44 Mon Sep 14
Re: moyes to walk
The closest equivalents I feel are when Roeder dropped PDC due to a personality clash and prospects just seeped away, or when Avram Grant was appointed - and you could see what the result would be.

But this time feels worse.

I said earlier this year that if West Ham survived last season, GSB would congratulate themselves on a job well done and use this as self-justification to keep things on a shoestring again this season. So at best we'd have another narrow & lucky escape from the drop - and then repeat the following season, until we do go down. And as such, it might be better to get the inevitable relegation over and done with.

Just seems now that GSB see relegation staring them in the face and don't want to throw good money after bad. Which of course then means we've got a self-fulfilling prophecy

They also probably realise they've lost the fanbase come what may. So maybe their thinking (Brady's almost certainly, Gold maybe less so) is to let us old timers give up and then await an influx of "happy clappy soccer fans" to replace us.

Usually one game into a season - and well used to West Ham fucking up their start - I wouldn't be a knicker-wetter. But right now I struggle to see the prospect of any positives happening.

I would love to be proven 180 degrees wrong on all of the above.

Mike Oxsaw 4:37 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
In any business, there exists a point where the owners decide that it's no longer a viable concept (for them) and walking away is the best option - again, for THEM. It's no good ignoring that, it's a fact.

The name of the game is to never reach that point - I don't believe ANYBODY starts/buys a business with the intention to fail, even the clowns in charge of us.

Are we there? Nope, but that's not the same as being on the way there. I've seen many "too big to fail" companies fail, particularly during the .com crash and one of the biggest indicators is no cash flow. Generally as short term problem in that area can be addressed by borrowing money to cover the shortfall.

If nobody is prepared to lend the money, then the company is probably fucked because the lenders not only see they risk loosing the capital lent, but also any interest payments on that capital.

So long as the lenders can see a safe future income stream equal or greater than the repayments on any loan they are generally happy to take the risk.

Selling assets to pay for daily living costs is a big alarm signal.

There are probably scores of other clubs in a similar position though, so it's not unique to West Ham.

I wouldn't be surprised, though, if it was not unique in the premiership, even with all the money sloshing around.

Nick QQQ 1:01 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
The funny thing is with Moyse the club is in such a mess he might actually come out of it with an excuse. Regardless he won’t get another top job.
Bloke is so depressing to watch. Game 1 yesterday and he looked lost

Come On You Irons 12:56 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
Agreed. He must feel lucky to have a job in top flight football, given he was fired/let go from his last FOUR jobs (Man Utd, Real Sociedad, Sunderland and West Ham).

He is now, in his current spell, officially the worst manager in our history by way of win percentage, below the likes of Zola and Grant.

He is a clueless, laptop, dinosaur, spineless jock cunt who is surely just waiting for his pay off.

swindon hammer 11:46 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
He’s not going to walk.

He knows this is his last job in football at this level and last chance to earn decent money. This season will be like his Pension pay off.

He’s not going to get another job so why would he walk away from a final pay day.

ChillTheKeel 11:39 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
Yet again no game plan and another woeful second half after yet another inevitably shit HT team talk. A truly hopeless no pride cunt of a manager.

, 11:39 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
Yes Jack Sullivan might do a better job.

Just look at how West Ham ladies, under Jack’s stewardship, did against Arsenal yesterday.

Sajmo1 10:27 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
Has he walked yet? Jack Sullivan might do a better job

JayeMPee 10:25 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
If there is any danger of Sullivan junior taking over perhaps we should switch the spotlight to him? Always assumed these greedy arseholes would sell out not attempt to keep it in the family.

Hells bells, he clearly has zero influence on his thick skinned, arrogant father who has destroyed our club, unless of course he agrees with all that has taken place. The thought of another Sullivan!!!!

Darby_ 4:16 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
I don’t think the story is necessarily completely wrong. As I said, Moyes may have given them an ultimatum for Friday about spending money or something like that and they backed down before Friday.

normannomates 4:01 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
One Iron 2.04

Nothing too apologise for.
And certainly not to some of the 2bob wankers on here.
Keep well.

normannomates 3:50 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
Any old iron 1.47

arsegrapes 1:49 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
Well Sullivan Junior won't be taking over after tonight agag

Any Old Iron 1:47 Sun Sep 13
Re: moyes to walk
I've been supporting them since '62 and I'm pretty sure this is easily the worst time. The three turds are in a league of their own for lying, incompetence and greed.

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