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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Johnson 12:44 Tue Sep 15
Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
...but invites the bidders to invest a minority stake.



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Alwaysaniron 6:58 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Willtell 12:49 Tue Oct 20

Can't agree with that Willtell. I think the vast majority of our fans want these clowns gone. They're dishonest, disingenuous and quite frankly couldn't tell you the truth if their sorry little lives depended upon it. There are good owners out there who really do care about their fans and the clubs they own. Ours though arent amongst them.

Sir Alf 1:54 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
The owners are dishonest, disingenuous at best, self aggrandising to the point where what they say can never be trusted.

I am actually less concerned about what they have or i their case have not achieved. I would rather an honest, "hold your hands up" failure than a dishonest success. Although they are even worse being dishonest failures.

Don't tell lies and stop the self promotion and aggrandising Mr Sullivan and Gold. It e a exposes their weak character and manipulative, narcissitic personalities.

Owners that are honest ( even if we do not like what we are told), that listen and we can trust and respect. That is not in their DNA so we need new ones. Simple as that.

Vexed 1:28 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
WILL you ever TELL the police what you did with poor Maddie you beast?

Willtell 12:59 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Probably because you're a nasty, lying communist that hates anyone that's been successful in their lives I'm guessing?

ChillTheKeel 12:53 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Why would I discuss anything with a dense empty grass cunt who isn't even West Ham?

Willtell 12:49 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Yes I do say that GSB have been incompetent so I agree to a certain extent.

However, I also think that fans forums give a skewered view of what the majority of fans actually think.

I'd lay odds on the majority of fans not giving a shit who owns WH as long as the football is entertaining.

Thames Ironworks 12:35 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Willtell 12:24 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid..

The decent football we are currently seeing is not systemic to how GSB have run the club. Other teams are producing decent football, while the top 6 are definitely below par. This season will be an anomaly due to lack of fans and COVID.

My judgement of GSB would be more in line with the 10 years of absolute failure from them. Their decisions to propel the club forward and move us to a rented stadium has brought nothing to the success of WHU but rather to their own pockets.

If we are to judge, then we judge over time not a month or so in to the season.

Yes I would like new owners, and yes it may be riskier than what we have, but what we have today have failed. The fans are further distancing themselves due to GSB, and this will continue. Those loyal to the club will still support, but the enthusiasm will continue to dwindle while they are here.

Judge the season at the end and then let's see what views change, but judge the 10 years of their tenure and I feel few views will change.

Willtell 12:33 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Ha ha ha! Why not try to discuss the point I'm making? You don't you have one other than personal abuse do you?

You're a sad needy cunt Chill...

ChillTheKeel 12:31 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
You fucking mess

Willtell 12:26 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Apologies I meant to delete the last 2 paras that were below the visible screen when I posted.

Willtell 12:24 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
You know what? I'm saying it all again having been rudely interrupted by morons. Why, when things have started to come right, is everyone so keen to see a change of owners?

GSB are not nice people I'd ever want a drink with them but that's very unlikely to ever be an issue and neither do I want to suck their shrivelled cocks as has been suggested.

I'm reluctant to wish for new owners because we are WH and always get these things wrong. We've never had good owners as far back as I can remember. I'm not confident we will be lucky next time either.

The Warners & Cearns family meant little to me when I started supporting WH as it really wasn't ever an issue that far back. Terence Brown somehow acquired a 40% stake with the Warners and Cearns family the rest I believe yet that was never good enough for fans.

Brown was an accountant who was not very inspiring but tried to get in more cash with the Bond scheme and he generally muddled along taking care of himself as the highest paid chairman in PL for many years. His final year in early 2000's saw him get more than £1m before selling WH and getting £33m for his 40% from an Icelandic billionaire.

That was when we all thought the tide had turned. A billionaire that wanted to back WH to the top of European football. Only the guy we all saw was Eggert Magnusson but he was only the Icelandic front man that owned just 5%.

The man that owned 95% kept quiet and remained in the background because he was a convicted fraudster for stealing huge sums as false expenses and misrepresenting the public company's profits to shareholders. That man was Bjorngolfur Gudmundsson who also had links to Russian mafia and Putin...

Of course within a year or so of happy days Gudmundssons banks went bust, Eggie was fired and the whole lot went into administration except for WH but we were owned by an Icelandic bank which was in administration.

Remember the days of being lied to by Scott Duxberry who took over managing the club until a new owner could be found?

Enter GSB. Birmingham fans warned us what would happen and GSB's incompetence proved the Brum fans right. However, over the last 10 years of ups & downs we seem to have accidentally discovered a successful formula that I'd like to see where it takes us.

Moyes is generally regarded as not very good as are GSB but here we are playing decent football. Scoring lots of goals and with a stronger squad than I can ever recall.

My fear is we'll drive GSB out and get some horrid dictator type billionaire from a 3rd world country or USA and if you think that automatically means a route to success, then I fear for your sanity. Owners are there for themselves....

Terence Brown (who is still a shareholder) was a Lincolnshire caravan park owner (iirc?) that really did lack the wealth to cope with the big wages creeping into football. He made himself unpopular over the bond scheme and always rather paid himself than buy footballers. Famously he was teh highest paid chairman in the PL and earned over £1m in his last year before selling WH to an Icelandic billionaire.

That Icelandic billionaire wasn't Eggert Magnusson the likeable idiot that was constantly in the media making himself look an idiot. Eggie was the front man for Bjorngolfur

ChillTheKeel 11:25 Tue Oct 20
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
But it's okay, its just an alternative view. A bit like alternative facts.

Step aside for the thick, weird, empty vessel that is Willgrass.

Willtell 8:20 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Well done Chill. Your astute arguments have brought another thread to a halt...

I thought I'd try to put an alternative view but of course, stupidity rules on WHO once again...

ChillTheKeel 6:15 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Willtell 5:54

To be fair, its pointless constantly ridiculing you. Your moronic posts do the job for me.

Now fuck off and cry to some mods.

southbankbornnbred 5:56 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...

Mike Oxsaw 4:18 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
One of the thinks Sullivan bangs on about is that the fans "wanted big name signings".

Well, I, for one, didn't. I wanted fit-for-purpose signings. Big name, small name, unpronounceable name, no name at all, I just wanted signings that would meld with the team (and it's history).

In fact, apart from the media claiming that was what the fans wanted, I saw no evidence for fans wanting "marque signings" at all; Payet wasn't a "Marque signing", but Andy Carroll was; who was a better fit for West Ham?

Well articulated, fella. I quite agree. I'm sure few on here would admit it now, but many West Ham fans had not really heard of Payet when he joined. He wasn't the 'marquee' signing Sullivan promised, despite the price tag. He was a superb addition, though. What nobody - the board included - could have envisaged was the extent to which he would throw his toys out of his pram and demand a move back to France.

But give me players who fit with the club before any 'big name' in the first instance. Soucek seems to be the latest of those - hard-working, technically good, gives everything and respected by our fans for it. Unlike some of the 'poster boy' signings.

One thing I'll give Moyes credit for is his ability to bring in players who seem that little bit more down to Earth and hard-working. Let's have more of that.

Willtell 5:54 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
If you have a disagreement for fucks sake say what it is. Gudmunsson helped crash the world's banking system when he was WH owner. That's a fact.

It is irrelevant to the issue I'm raising which is beware of what you wish for as things are moving along nicely for the first time in living memory.

And it's really funny that a communist like you wants our chav billionaire chucked out for a stylish American billionaire don't you think?

roltrader 5:53 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
The Icelandics were Nice owners?

Willtell 5:48 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Oh yes! and Nazi stands for -

Nazi Party, byname of National Socialist German Workers' Party, German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), political party of the mass movement known as National Socialism.

ChillTheKeel 5:47 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
Willgrass 2:50 Mon Oct 19

We got an Icelandic banking billionaire that crashed the world banking system

Willtell 5:45 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
ChillTheKeel 5:32

No I've not Googled anything as I researched our then owners 15 years ago as Landsbanki offered me 7% return on savings over £100,000 which made me think all was not right and I discovered that Gudmundsson was a convicted fraudster.

I've been sawing logs and cutting grass with my mini-tractor as it happens. You should try some work some time instead of spending all your idle shirker time on here.

I'm not back-tracking either because I didn't actually say "a single Icelander caused the global crash." You made that up like the idiot you are.

We all know that Lehman Bros started the wobble but Landsbanki's collapse brought home how vulnerable a lot of banks were which started the rush on withdrawals collapsing savings banks around the world.

Stop deflecting attention from making a fool of yourself with your stupidity -

Wahhhh! I want a stylish American billionaire and...

Wahhh! he said buiscuit factory owner crashed the world's banks.

Willtell 5:33 Mon Oct 19
Re: Sullivan turns down £350m bid...
147man 2:56

Tony Fernandes failed in his bid to buy WHUFC so bought QPR in 2011 when I think they had either won or were about to win promotion to PL. They got relegated in 2nd season and over-spent to get back to PL in 2013/14.

They got back to PL in 2014/15 and finished last and have struggled in Championship since. Fernandes resigned as acting Chairman in 2018 and hi record suggests he'd have done just as badly at WH.

That's all I meant as no-one knows what kind of owner might take over. One thing is sure though. Whoever does take over won't be doing it for the benefit of anyone but themselves so who cares who owns WH?

I was a supporter for years before I ever heard owners discussed

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