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Any Old Iron 2:30 Fri Sep 18
Van IS the man!
Van Morrison criticises 'fascist bullies' in anti-lockdown Covid songs

Songwriter uses new material to condemn UK government, scientists and celebrities


Right on, Van

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ray winstone 1:42 Mon Sep 21
Re: Van IS the man!
Iron Duke 1:27 Mon Sep 21

Róisín Dubh, what a chooooon.

Far Cough 1:28 Mon Sep 21
Re: Van IS the man!
How the fuck did Morrison get a knighthood?

Iron Duke 1:27 Mon Sep 21
Re: Van IS the man!
But Van is the man
Starvation once again
Drinking whiskey in the jar-o
Synge's Playboy of the Western World
As Shaw, Sean I was born and reared there
Where the Mountains of Mourne come down to the sea
Is such a long, long way from Tipperary

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:22 Mon Sep 21
Re: Van IS the man!
Consummate singer-songwriter though he is, Van is without doubt the miserablest old curmudgeon that ever tooted on a sax.
His behaviour in not turning up to his mate Kenny Craddock's funeral without explanation after promising his family he would be there was disgraceful.

However, such obnoxiousness does mean he produced one of the finest fuck-offs to a record company ever given when he produced this in response to legal threats demanding a last contractual album:


It was recorded in about an hour flat. It starts off just deliberately rubbish, but as Van becomes bored into becomes increasingly bonkers and insulting to his record company. I particularly admire Ring Worm.

For those who can't be arsed to listen to it (and who could blame them), here is the track listing:

"Twist And Shake" – 1:19
"Shake And Roll" – 0:58
"Stomp And Scream" – 1:14
"Scream And Holler" – 1:14
"Jump And Thump" – 1:08
"Drivin' Wheel" – 1:13
"Just Ball" – 1:00
"Shake It Mable" – 1:12
"Hold On George" – 1:30
"The Big Royalty Check" – 1:36
"Ring Worm" – 1:31
"Savoy Hollywood" – 1:00
"Freaky If You Got This Far" – 1:04
"Up Your Mind" – 1:13
"Thirty Two" – 0:59
"All The Bits" – 0:54
"You Say France And I Whistle" – 0:54
"Blow In Your Nose" – 1:25
"Nose In Your Blow" – 1:02
"La Mambo" – 0:52
"Go For Yourself" – 1:20
"Want A Danish" – 1:05
"Here Comes Dumb George" – 0:56
"Chickee Coo" – 1:10
"Do It" – 1:01
"Hang On Groovy" – 0:57
"Goodbye George" – 1:17
"Dum Dum George" – 1:27
"Walk And Talk" – 1:07
"The Wobble" – 1:03
"Wobble And Ball" – 1:06

It's actually worth a listen for its hilarious vindictiveness.

Ronald_antly 4:34 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
Neither does the word 'get'.

Mex Martillo 1:38 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
Great word twat
Does not used enough in my opinion

Nurse Ratched 12:31 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
I wouldn't take any notice of Jed. He's a a twat. Ward is the intellectual of the pair.

Golden Oldie 12:27 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
What would Jedward say?

Ronald_antly 12:23 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
You can't beat a bit of titillation on WHO.

Mex Martillo 11:44 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
Cricky that sounds idilic.
All that’s missing is a West Ham Ratched to top it of.
For sure it’ll happen...

Nurse Ratched 11:43 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!

Eerie Descent 11:41 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
53 with great tits?

*books Uber*

Nurse Ratched 11:39 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
It is indeed a beautiful day, Mex. A perfect autumn day with the leaves in my garden just starting to turn golden and red, and blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, greenfinches and a robin flitting about in the bright dappled light.

'I'm a soul in wonder', as Van Morrison might say.

I have a lovely pot of tea and a good book, too.

Bollocks to Covid.

Mex Martillo 11:31 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
He has always been the man.

Oh fuck it Nurse get out there! It’s a wonderful new day!

Nurse Ratched 11:29 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
I'm not leaving my house until I hear what 'H' from Steps says about corona masks.

Ronald_antly 11:03 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
He must be doing SOMETHING right, surely, given they continue to turn up.

When they're allowed to, that is.

Chigwell 10:56 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
Van wanting no restriction on live performances is rather ironic, bearing in mind that he makes no effort at all on stage to involve his audiences or even speak to them.

Eerie Descent 10:38 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
Ian Brown ain't scared either.

Ronald_antly 10:33 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
Problem is, Coffee old bean, you won't take notice of people that ARE respected scientists.

VanSON clearly has, and so has yours truly.

Coffee 9:21 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
Both are respected scientists and should be listened to.

Ronald_antly 9:05 Sat Sep 19
Re: Van IS the man!
Good on ya, VanSON!

I note that Noel Gallagher is also speaking out.
Not been a fan of him personally, but I could certainly warm to him if he keeps this up.

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