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eusebiovic 10:49 Fri Sep 18
Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
A cracking article for all the oldies who remember 1981


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rubble 2:46 Thu Sep 24
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
I read somewhere that Lyall hadn't had a chance to watch them prior to the game as the Russian league was in its winter break. The result would have been closer, I'm sure.
Went to the return and the crowd rose to applaud us as we walked into the ground, which was nice.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:14 Wed Sep 23
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
***Hangs head***

eusebiovic 11:00 Wed Sep 23
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
gph 7:57 Tue Sep 22

Vitali Daraselia died at 25 in a car crash which is why his name is on the thread and in the article. David Kapiani died in 2001 also as a result of a car crash.

This site, honestly sometimes I despair


gph 8:37 Tue Sep 22
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
Worrying that Michail Antonio seems to have gone to the Tblisis Driving School...

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:06 Tue Sep 22
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
David Kipiani was their best player and the one that died early in a car crash.

gph 7:57 Tue Sep 22
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
That night, Tblisi were marvellous, but the evidence is that they played above themselves.

TBF, though, I think one of their stars got killed in a car crash not long after.

(Much more recently, another died in the same way, IIRC. Having trouble remembering their names)

wansteadman 11:08 Tue Sep 22
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
I always thought we played into their hands, we got carried away by the great crowd and atmosphere and went all out and they were such a good team they just clipped us on the break and they were the best team I’ve seen at it, they were all very quick and comfortable on the ball

bill green 10:56 Tue Sep 22
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
I'll never forget that first Chivadze goal, no one beat Parkes from that distance.
Good goals by the opposition were applauded in those days.
So having seen what was a good WHU team played off the park then what was there to do but clap them off.
I saw it as part of the West Ham way.

tanman 10:23 Tue Sep 22
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
Another good article:

Sven Roeder 8:54 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
Wasn’t there but my understanding is that most stayed to the end and applauded them off.
Not sure the APPLAUSE would happen again to respect a great team (most decent teams are just the result of billionaires largesse) but suspect the last part of the game would be played in front of a half empty stadium as sulky twats in their 3/4 length trousers & flat caps headed off.

Takashi Miike 8:34 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
the home leg was my first ever game, with my dad in the chicken run. they took the piss out of us, we just couldn't get near them on the night. during the 1980 European cup campaign they also knocked out the great liverpool side 4-2 on aggregate, getting knocked out in the next round by keegan's hamburg

Manuel 7:09 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
Well okay, apart from one ECWC :-)

Manuel 4:53 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
People go well over the top about this Tblisi 'folklore' Many teams take us apart. What did this so called great Tblisi side ever win? We even won the second leg 0-1. Sentimental twerps.

only1billybonds 2:29 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
That Tblisi side played the best 90 minutes of football i had ever seen at Upton Park. I had many many more enjoyable nights and afternoons watching us but they were all about emotion,cup replay wins,last minute winners,beating rials etc. But from a purely footballing aspect, Tblisi were a cut or two above,the only team i saw applauded off the Upton Park pitch by all parts of the ground after taking us apart.

gph 2:08 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
Our recent thrashings by Man City may look the same on paper, but that night Tblisi did to a decent West Ham side what City have done to poor ones.

I've never been so compensated for losing by feeling that I've been privilieged to see a great team.

arsegrapes 2:03 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
Crassus cheers mate, it's funny about you saying hoping it travels and I agree, if not reckon it's worth putting out their maybe for any younger might take something from it and it makes it worthwhile sharing when there are a few of us older comment that get what it was all about back then.

arsegrapes 1:51 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
Crassus, it's strange but although of course gutted we were effectively knocked out at the same time there was only ever one team in it and still honoured today to have been there and witnessed their performance to an extent but more so clapping them off with the rest of our supporters, which made me proud of the great supporters we have, well back then we had plenty for sure.

Crassus 1:39 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
arsegrapes 1:30 Sat Sep 19

That mate absolutely nails the thread, the era and respect deserved of the subject posted

As an Old Skool purist at heart, how good would it be if we as DT had that posted here from an opposition site, about a game way back that resonated not only with us as victors today but with the highly capable vanquished then and remains with a known partisan support - hope it travels Arse

arsegrapes 1:30 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
I was there in the Westside when DT put 4 past us. No exaggeration to say they played Brooking & Co off the pitch and our team wasn't shabby. I don't know what possession was, but our lot did a lot of chasing around and couldn't get the ball, when they did they weren't given any time on it and it wasn't long before they were rushed into a misplaced pass and it was back with DT again.

There passing and movement was sharp and incisive. It was the best performance I have ever seen from an opposing team in 47 years. I was expecting our boys to give them a beating, having watched us beat Eintracht Frankfurt under the lights I was well up for this, so to say I was shocked and many around me was an understatement. Most just watched on in awe at their magnificent display from the off, my jaw dropped when that long range effort flew in at the North Bank end. Then at the final whistle when they walked off and the whole ground spontaneously clapped them off, I can't recall that happening anywhere before.

Crassus 12:04 Sat Sep 19
Re: Vitali Daraselia - Dinamo Tblisi
Oh mate thanks for that, brilliant read

I remember that vividly, they were superb
Not to be forgotten that we then went on to beat them away - Pancho iirc

Also, when drawn against them it did not escape my lot that they had taken the Scouse to the cleaners before, they were a truly proper side that deserves immortality

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