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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Upton Fart 8:34 Tue Sep 22
Bowen v Diangana
Im sorry ive said it from the moment we signed Bowen AND NOBODY can convince ne he is an improvement on Diangana !

Bowens decision making is poor and largely ineffective against good defenders ! I am still in shock how we let Diangan leave

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Moncurs Putting Iron 12:33 Mon Sep 28
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Can we not keep focus on the way that Grady went rather than comparing him to Bowen?

Even if Grady sale proves to be good business it was how it went down that infuriated the supporters and even the Captain who is usually diplomatically silent or supportive. It was typical of how Sullivan operates and we are sick of it.

Alwaysaniron 12:12 Mon Sep 28
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Diangana is good
Bowen is better. EOT

White Pony 11:36 Mon Sep 28
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Ritchie that was my point exactly. Quite why we are only comparing Bowen and Diangana is a mystery really when we have about 5 billion other wide players who you can compare him to.

Sniper 11:29 Mon Sep 28
Re: Bowen v Diangana
The issue for me was never bowen v Diangana

It was Diangana vs Anderson/lanzini/snodgrass/yarmolenko/ fornals/masuaku

I want two good wide players on the pitch. Or, if you go with fornals and Arthur overlapping, at least have a touch of pace on the bench

In January we decided that the 7 wide players we had weren’t good enough and bought Bowen - one of the best wide players in the league below. We had one of the other ones on our books, who, by the same logic, would be better than what we’ve got and yet sold him. It’s stupid.

The Libertine 9:07 Mon Sep 28
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Bowen is good and so is Diangana! Why on earth would you not want both of them?

Mad Dog 1:24 Mon Sep 28
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Whilst I think diangana will be good one day I'd have bowen every day of the week.

The boy puts an absolute shift in

Come On You Irons 11:10 Sun Sep 27
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Upton Fart is an appropriate username for a poster who talks SHIT.

twoleftfeet 10:58 Sun Sep 27
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Have you been convinced now?

Bowen IS a better player than Diangana, Diangana is a luxury player we can do without.

So 1-0 to Bowen on this evidence.

Ritchie9 1:48 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Bit of a silly thread this as bowen plays on the right and diagana has been playing on the left for west brom, yes I know they can be switched but why compare the 2 when they could both have been playing for us, The kid was sold to raise money for transfers which still hasnt happened, and the club have 0 points, I still cant see any point to this sale, when the only options we have on the left are anderson, lanzini, and masuaku. All have been poor for at least a season and a half, I thought after the way grady played last season he'd have been worth a go.

angryprumphs 1:35 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Billic is a car crash of a human being? slightly ironic that

Upton Fart 1:32 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
chedylan ! yes a twat 2nd time

Upton Fart 1:31 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
lol , you just proven yourself a twat

Vexed 1:14 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Yeah the Baggies I know seem pretty please. However they think Hal Robson-Kanu is a good player so I'm going to stick with my assessment.

They also think Bilic is a good manager, when we all know he's a hapless car crash of a human. So there you go.

angryprumphs 1:10 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Vexed 6:48 Tue Sep 22

Mate of mine is a baggie season ticket holder, he would not agree with you. Was over the moon when they signed him, said he was his favourite player by a country mile since he has been there, and was really missed when injured.

I would still take Bowen though, think he still have a lot to offer as he gets used to the prem.

chedylan 2 10:06 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Just ignore him, hes a proven idiot on this subject.

Raymond Reddington 9:53 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Vexed wrote...

Re: Bowen v Diangana
Block - I agree it would have been better not to sell him and the lack of anyone being brought into the squad with the money is fucking criminal. There's no doubt this club is going nowhere but down until these cunt owners fuck off.

However, people are talking like Diangana is the second coming of Maradona when he was a potential prospect who has actually shown very little. I actually think selling Diangana is the straw the broke the camel's back rather than as big a problem as it's being made out to be. Shit ground, shit squad, shit manager, hated cunt no class owners are the main issues but Diangana appears to be the thing that's woken everyone up to the obvious - these owners are killing the club and we're fucking shit.

Spot on

zico 8:52 Wed Sep 23
Re: Bowen v Diangana
If you could merge the work rate of Bowen and the technical ability of Yarmolenko then you would have some player. Hope Bowen get a goal or two to give his confidence a boost but you can't knock the guys effort.

Vexed 11:32 Tue Sep 22
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Gutted Grady son

LeroysBoots 11:02 Tue Sep 22
Re: Bowen v Diangana
Grady missed a pen to put Brentford through

Full Claret Jacket 10:20 Tue Sep 22
Re: Bowen v Diangana
I dont rate Bowen as much as many others do. Dont get me wrong, he works hard both ends of the pitch and is a Moyes type player but hasnt contributed much goals and assist wise and from what Ive seen lacks the quality and technique of other midfielders. As a grafter and battler hes ok. Diangana is a bit more unpredictable, bit more flair and can either be quiet or stand out. If you want somebody to make something happen I'd back Diangana to do it ahead of Bowen.

Vexed 6:48 Tue Sep 22
Re: Bowen v Diangana
I think his time in the championship is vastly overrated. Was injured or a sub for large parts of the season. I used to tune in to West Brom games to see how he was getting on and he was largely anonymous or not playing. If the money paid for Soucek then it's money well spent. Haller not so much.

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