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iphammer 11:16 Sun Sep 27
Arthur Masuaku
Top performance from him tonight and against Hull

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Stubbo 1:23 Wed Sep 30
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Just watched this YouTube of some of Arthur's skills and dribbling:


Basically he's just not a fullback but a left winger. Probably the most skilful dribbler in our squad.

Sir Alf 10:59 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Moyes taking the role of Bishop Brennan?

threesixty 10:52 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Touch line doesn’t mean much, thats why most of the time the managers dont say anything and sit down.

It’s all in training. Maybe Moyes didn’t take training but in reality we played the same way we played at Arsenal. So this system has been in the works for a while.

Can only really make tactical changes in game and give instructions to subs coming on (all of which he probably did down the phone I suppose),

Peckham 9:21 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
He has hardly been noticed as a motivational figure on the side-lines. Good old Father Ted Irvine pulling the strings.

I think the players were closing down Wolves with such a difference and with tenacity compared to Newcastle.

With Claret and Blue glasses if Balbuena keeps form and the youth step up quick, both our 1st and 2nd elevens will put shifts in as a fuck you to everyone. Its time they all proved themselves regardless of coach.

How the fuck can Moyes make quick decisions or see the full picture, manage a team down the end of a mobile ffs.

Should just make Father Ted caretaker with Moyes guidance. But on pitch decisions surely Ted can be trusted to make them.

Good to see the players self motivated for once. As all professionals should be.

Manuel 6:36 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Pecks - Probably. Our 2 biggest wins have been when the cunt was either in the stand or at home on the blower. Coincidence?

Peckham 6:18 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Maybe without old miserable cod eyes Moyes on the side lines, he is thinking fuck it I am playing my way. Attacking.

Be funny if all the cunts were ignoring Moyes and playing the exact opposite to his phone calls.

Texas Iron 5:19 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
No. !!!

the exile 5:09 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Texas Iron 5:00 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku

Why use 20;words when 1 or 2 are sufficient...


He's got a point, Vexed. Just "You dickhead" would have sufficed.

Block 5:07 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Want to try that again?

Texas Iron 5:06 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku

Missed you Moorfields ???


Block 5:01 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Fuck off Texas you boring cunt

Texas Iron 5:00 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku

Why use 20;words when 1 or 2 are sufficient...


Vexed 4:21 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Texas son...
Your posts always...
Look like they...
Were written..
By a malfunctioning AI algorithm...
You dickhead...

Texas Iron 4:18 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Never a LB...
Better as LWB...
Brilliant vs Wolves...
Crossing has improved...
Hope he continues...

ted fenton 3:15 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
He has great very quick feet and brilliant when they're in sync with his brain !
I think he is going to have a very good season.

Norflundon 11:12 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
The fella can’t defend. IMO he’s like a shit Gareth bale he’s a wide forward player who’s been used as a defender and although I’m not a Moyes fan the only time this fella has looked anything but shit over a decent period of time not a one off game like last night is when Moyes played him wide left in the front three in his first spell.
People get confused because they see him one on one and because he’s got pace he’s not bad in that situation but he’s blind to balls played down the channel between the centrehalf and fullback and he constantly switches off but wolves don’t really play like that they tend to run with the ball more.
We desperately need a new left back far more than we need a centre half and I just hope Sunday doesn’t con the manager into thinking we don’t as neither Arthur or cress well are good enough at this level

Russ of the BML 9:53 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Lily Hammer 11:49 Mon Sep 28

"This set up suits him well. He gets to focus more on attacking, isn't loaded with as much defensive responsibility, but he is good at the defensive duties of an attacking player."

Spot on.

normannomates 4:11 Tue Sep 29
Re: Arthur Masuaku
He's an oddbod..
brilliant one minute.. Dogshit the next.
No discipline and basically does what he wants.
What's not to like?..proper WHU

Mex Martillo 5:19 Mon Sep 28
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Hear hear, well posted iphammer.

LeroysBoots 5:09 Mon Sep 28
Re: Arthur Masuaku
Its the West Ham disease, buy a player and play him out of position

We seem to accommodate certain players just to get them in the team, maybe a demand from Sullivan

Fornals is no fucking winger you cunts

Stubbo 4:46 Mon Sep 28
Re: Arthur Masuaku
I still don't really subscribe to Fredericks as a wing back as just don't think he's goo enough on the ball.

He gets up and down well, but I'd rate his defending higher than his attacking (although one on one at the attacking end of the pitch he's good at getting round the last man...just then the final ball is rarely up to anything).

But is one and two touch passing when under pressure really isn't up to much and as a wing back needs to be better really.

He is FAST though which makes up for a lot.

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