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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Mex Martillo 8:14 Mon Sep 28
Let’s give David Moyes some credit
All the crap he is putting up with and doing well.
Great displays against Arsenal and Wolves.
Good end to last season to keep us up.

Happy days enjoy it!

(I looked for the old credit to Moyes thread but could not find it!)

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ChillTheKeel 9:40 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
No need to take it personally, Mr Walker, you grovelling, premature bastard.

Toe knee cot Tea 9:36 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Typical dumb helmet...couldn't have described you better!

ChillTheKeel 7:04 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Typical DUMB helmet.

How about saving that drivel until May?

Sir Alf 7:01 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Interesting view on KUMB below. This lad is sticking his head out. I tend to agree albeit not quite as strongly. The more attacking, forward looking style many put down to Moyes not being on the touchline coincided with the availability of Antonio.

Anyway, here is a pro Moyes view from KUMB:

The man who wants to change West Ham
By Paul Walker Filed: Thursday, 31st December 2020
David Moyes took it on the chin, admitted he was wrong and just got on with business. That being to change once and for all the image of West Ham outside the Hammers' bubble.

He got it wrong against Brighton; the wrong selection, wrong tactics. Just a mess. A bad day at the office, we've all been there, haven't we?

And the inevitable abuse flowed his way, not surprising really because the die-hard, anti Moyes brigade have been waiting for their moment. Most of the season had seen them running out of ammunition, if not vitriol.

The results kept improving, Moyes' signings continued to look top class and the team were nestled nicely in mid-table. At one point, looking for a top four place. How hard it must be to be a fully paid-up member of the Moyes hate mob?

The twitter terrorists had been waiting, having been made to look pretty daft with all their bluster and hostility. But how annoying must it be to constantly have the facts spoiling all that twitter outrage?

Not the man for West Ham; too old, too old school, too set in his ways, past his best. Unfortunately facts came into it again.

Somehow he dug himself out of a hole with some decent half time changes against Brighton and a point was salvaged - even if it wasn't a level of performance to make anyone happy.

Then came Southampton, where to be fair we generally do ok. One of my last away trips before the lockdown was to see Seb Haller score the winner last season.

A couple of bars and a nice restaurant later, lots of Hammers fans having a night away and I just managed to get myself back north in time for a granddaughter's birthday party. Pushed it a bit there, said her indoors! You all know that look of silent disapproval, surely.

Anyway, that was then, this is now and I'm glad I have discovered Amazon Prime. Moyes and the side produced a dogged away performance, so very untypical of West Ham. The Premier League's latest flavour of the month were left frustrated and fortunate not to have lost; if only Said Benrahma hadn't been denied a late winner.

Another small step on the path Moyes has chosen to change West Ham. The new look he sees in the future to change that view of us from outside as a flaky, inconsistent, laughably incompetent side and club, accused of being run like a stall on Roman Road market.

Again, the facts spoil the spoilers. That result meant we had taken 20 points from the last 13 league games, having been beaten only three times in that run by title contenders Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. Nothing much wrong with that considering the lop-sided, paper thin squad that had been starved of decent recruitment for a few windows.

Again the haters seem to lack reality. What do they really expect? Do they still have that distant myth that we are in some way better than all this? An over inflation of dreams, an unsustainable belief that way back in the midst of time, the 60s and 70s none of them probably even knew, that we somehow influenced the way the game should be played. How long is it now since we won anything?

We have no right to such lofty ideals. Hungary, Ajax, Brazil, Manchester United, even Spurs' double winners have such claims, but not West Ham. Yet Moyes is still expected to turn out a side with tactics that will be cut to shreds in the current Premier League.

Lets just see it as it is. We have a board who can't or won't spend, a club who are constantly being told are in a financial mess. Loans, share issues, frozen spends on transfers plus a pesky pandemic, means Moyes is working with hands tied behind his back.

But the facts tell a different story. He has just completed a full calendar year in control at the London Stadium, and his overall record is P40 W14 D10 L16 F 60 A59. The League run is P35 W11 D10 L14 F 51 A 51 Pts 43. The lockdown record is P25 W9 D8 L8 F37 A 35 Pts35.

He has in place a solid backroom staff we all agree surely is pretty impressive. Kevin Nolan is in charge of set-pieces and the whole thing seems to be working like clockwork backstage.

Moyes has a plan, a formula he is working to. A formula that he believes will bring us sustained progress. He is on course for his third successful fight against the drop and that means around ?400m of Sky money. Yes, this is when David Sullivan takes notice.

We were in the bottom three when Moyes returned to the club, and now we are about five wins away from being safe for another season. The team spirit is strong, the work ethic likewise. What more do the naysayers want, Barcelona?

JayeMPee 4:19 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Team selection against Brighton was absolute crap but on the whole he has done well this season.

The injury to Antonio was the big issue which he has yet to find an answer to thanks mainly to the crap who own our club and their reluctance to bring a striker in during the summer. Bit like, but not as bad as, last season when we lost Fabianski and plummeted down the table.

One thing for sure if Sullivan, or preferably Moyes, does not bring a decent striker in during January then we can forget about even getting close to a top six position. So let the little twit play with his games/toys whilst he supports Moyes in finding a player or two to get us on an upward trajectory again.

factory seconds 4:16 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
i loved how we started the season. that moyes was absent i think played a big part in it, playing with a freedom that we haven't seen since.

if we played with that same cavalier attitude throughout i'd have no issue with moyes, but you'd be blind to not see him reassert his dogged pragmatism of late.

maybe with antonio back we'll be back on the champagne.

Alex G 4:10 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit

factory seconds 3:41 Thu Dec 31

Never bother anyone good? In two games against Liverpool under Moyes we've been ahead only to lose thanks to a dodgy penalty and a complete howler from our goalie. We drew with Man United in the summer and would have hammered them if we'd taken our chances this season. We beat Chelsea in the summer, drew with Man City after leading, and absolutely gubbed Leicester this season.

We cause problems for the big clubs - we just need that extra bit of quality to put away our chances and hold onto the lead when we get it.

BigLump 4:06 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Romfordboy 1:26 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit

He should be a moncur type sub... comes on 80 mins get a yellow everyone laughs and cheers

The Macclesfield FA cup match spring to mind....

ATHammer 4:02 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
I don't like Moyes because he is incapable of managing flair players; incapable of recognising mistakes and dealing with them in real time (I.E. substitutions, change of tactics during a game or for specific games); dithers in the transfer market and his teams play in a "Son of Sam" way.
That said he is a symptom of a bigger problem and not the problem per se. Getting rid won't necessarily help. As long as GSB are here he is the best we will get and, to be fair, results and team spirit up until recently have been a bit of a pleasant surprise. Grudging respect for that.
Yes, I would like to see him gone but GSB need to go first otherwise we will yoyo to another manager with a different style who is set up to fail, just like his predecessors under this insidious ownership.

Willtell 3:46 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
daveyg 1:17
Yes mate but I only put up what Jermaine Jenas was reported as having said in media.

I think Moyes is the best we can expect for now but we'll outgrow him in a year or two hopefully...

factory seconds 3:41 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
i thought he was a joke when he joined us but he's earned my respect through building a hardworking and functional team.

shame is, that's about where his limit is. we'll never bother anyone really good or be troubled by anyone particually bad, and will play with a good level of consistency week in, week out. the end result will be a midtable finish.

it's the opposite of the romanticised version of west ham i have in my head. the end result of a midtable finish is the same, but the journey there lurching from looking like barcelona one week to a group of randomly assembled pissheads the next is very different. spiralling into the brown stuff by losing to relegation cloggers then going on an unlikely run against the big boys to get us out of it.

there were signs earlier on that moyes' west ham could bring a bit of that rock and roll football, but he's since regressed back to what he knows and while i'd be a cunt to say i want rid of him, i find it hard to get that up for watching a west ham made in his image. being a west ham supporter conditions you to expecting chaos and when you don't have it to feed on, it can all feel a bit flat.

Romfordboy 1:26 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Well unless there is a massive injury problem I don’t expect noble to start a premiership game for us...

He has done so much for the club but starting him now is just going make his playing days end on a low note

He should be a moncur type sub... comes on 80 mins get a yellow everyone laughs and cheers

Sir Alf 1:24 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
daveyg, yep he got it wrong . Do you think we should bin Moyes asap though? Some fans do. Its an opinion I do not agree with but would be interesting to know if he will be forgiven for the mistakes in the last couple of fixtures or if its part of that unconcious bias thing where people just don't want him so jump at the chance to seize on his mistakes?

I think he is doing a good job overall so am happy to let the last few games mistakes slide ( especially as he admitted he got it wrong against Brighton) because I am not seeing anyone else we can bring in "under the circumstances" who can do any better.

daveyg 1:17 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
What a load of rubbish.
Everyone saw the outcome if Moyes selected Noble in that position against Chelsea and Brighton. That's aprediction not hindsight. Chelsea have lost 3 out of 4 and still played badly against us. They were there for the taking. Not playing Johnson at wing back,funny how when he plays we havea wing back/full back that scores. How many golas does Fredricks.Coufal or Masuaku have in total ? Collectively the same amount as Ben Johnson.
It's not rocket science. Play an attacking wing back who keeps the ball in the opposition half and the other team are not going to score, end of .

Sir Alf 1:05 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Agree comma.

The starting of Noble and starting selections / set ups were wrong and fortunately he admits he got it wrong albeit you would have thought he would have realised against Palace but lets assume he thought he needed to give old man Nobes a game to get back up to "speed" ( cough ).

In a different set of circumstances ( means owners and ones with money and joined up thinking ) I would not be overjoyed with Moyes at the helm but on balance under the circumstances and where we have come from ( Pellegrini / Husillos experiment) he is doing a very godo job.

But I have learnt to be open minded and am willing to be wrong. There may be managers that others would suggest could do a lot better.

The emotional outbursts and comments during games are understandable its just what you do as a fan "in the moment" when things not going as expected but I do not really get the continued rallying after with comments like "he's reverted to type", "he's a dinosaur", "he's a cvnt", "he's dour" and "get rid" the like. Its irrelevant while the owners we have are still there. He is the best we could probably have "under the circumstances" so unless you want the club to be relegated or right at the bottom to get him out what's the point?

My opinion is to try and be patient ( its hard I know ) and give him some time ( there will be ups and downs ) and see if he can fix the squad and foundations of the club even with the skint Fvckwits we have in charge. We seem to be making progress overall and just avoiding relegation scraps for consecutive seasons is for me the "next level".

But like I say, open to be convinced otherwise. :-)

daveyg 1:01 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
He's lost all credit with me.
His dull,dull football not using certain players when it will benefit the team. Johnson as a wing back,left back. Benrahma across the front 3. Poor use of subs.Poor body language,always so negative. Playing Noble up with Haller,with an intent with high pressing. He did this at the end of last season and carried on when Noble has been fit. Poor team formations. A chance of progressing as other teams such as Arsenal have floundered in this years league.
A poor run in December of relagation material and performances,1 win in 6. He thinks some of these results have been good. WTF.

, 12:45 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
If we lose at Everton so what, because they are the best going concern in the EPL over the last five games with four wins and a draw.

It’s the two draws against Palace and Brighton Moyes needs criticising for.

Sir Alf 12:20 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Working for the owners we have, inheriting the squad he did and the state it was in ( unbalanced, unfit, disorganised ), the initial fixture list and transfer budget and time he had to correct it, he gets an B+.

He would have got an A if he had not picked Noble for 2 games in a set up he admitted that in one game was wrong.

We are highly unlikely to get anyone else to replace Moyes who could do any better under the above circumstances and constraints IMO. Someone like Ancelotti might be the exception but there aren't too many others and besides he probably would not have come to West Ham under the circumstances and our owners?

i am open to suggestions from those that want Moyes out mind? Names anyone?

Alex G 12:07 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
I'd rate him as a B- currently. Doing plenty right, exceeding expectations but still some mistakes being made and room for improvement.

Willtell 11:02 Thu Dec 31
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
"“I think the West Ham fans are starting to look at David Moyes and go yeah you’re one of ours now we like you.”

The gospel according to Jermain Jenas....

angryprumphs 2:31 Wed Dec 30
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Or 6 points from 6 games (which would be pretty average for the league)...... depends on how you are trying to paint it really.

Or if we win at Everton 9 points in 6 games.

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