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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Mex Martillo 8:14 Mon Sep 28
Let’s give David Moyes some credit
All the crap he is putting up with and doing well.
Great displays against Arsenal and Wolves.
Good end to last season to keep us up.

Happy days enjoy it!

(I looked for the old credit to Moyes thread but could not find it!)

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Norflundon 12:35 Wed Apr 7
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
We’ve had a few negative displays and is ok to point out if you don’t think he’s done something right such as the strange sides he put out in both Man Utd away games but on the whole this season has been nothing short of sensational and we might not come top four we might not even get into Europe but wherever we finish the manager must get massive credit for turning us into a proper side
The fact we have our best defender best midfielder and best striker out and we are still above Liverpool and Chelsea says everything about our squad and the way Moyes has managed it

Mex Martillo 11:41 Tue Apr 6
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
There have been some negative displays, but some of that is due to the opposition. Against Wolves we had a similar team set up as used against ManU, but ManU pushed us back more and made us look like the tactic was to park the bus. Five at the back does not have to mean the tactic is to just defend.

I like Benrahma and I’m sure he will be a good player for us. I have already seem enough to be happy with the signing. He will get better.

bruuuno 11:34 Tue Apr 6
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Moyes is a good example to all of us that you are never too old to learn and improve.

He is highly experienced in the PL and that is valuable in itself

Full Claret Jacket 11:03 Tue Apr 6
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
You can't argue with where we are after so many games in the league but part of me still feels like we could have done better. Some iffy conservative tactics against Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal when we had opportunity to do better. Sometimes we just show sides too much respect, are too defensive and concede all possession. These anti-football tactics are out of the Allardyce playbook.

I agree Benrahma has been disappointing but I was never convinced he was a Moyes player. Money would have been better spent in a number of other positions where our weakness and lack of depth has been shown up. Have to hope he comes good. At least he puts in the running. He may well end up out on loan.

Still don't understand the decision to sell Haller and not replace. Madness to go half the season with one converted striker with Plasticine hamstrings.

I hope we don't fade now as injuries hit. Would be a big shame and would detract from the good work Moyes and the backroom staff have done to pull round a relegation candidate and make them a solid outfit fighting for each other. A Europa league spot is the least they deserve.

Of course we need to prove that this is not a fluke season due to closed door football. One season doesn't make us great. Bilic got us to Europa qualifiers and then look how shit it went.

oioi 10:52 Tue Apr 6
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Come On You Irons 10:38


Come On You Irons 10:38 Tue Apr 6
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
What a manager he has proven to be. Great stuff by Sullivan and Gold for admitting their mistake and enticing Moyes back and kudos to Moyes for swallowing his pride and agreeing to come back.

The sign of a good manager is to be able to improve players and situations and Moyes has done that in abundance since returning to West Ham.

Moyes also clearly recognises that Sullivan's £25 million punt Benrahma can no longer be trusted to start so I trust Moyes to bomb him out in the summer alongside Anderson and replace both with better players.

Mex Martillo 8:33 Tue Apr 6
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
It’s not only what he’s doing on the pitch.
I like whats he says as well, great comments
“After 30 games it’s not a fluke to be in the top four,” said Moyes. “We’re there because we’ve played well enough. We’re not in the final furlong, we’ve got a couple of big jumps to go, but we’re challenging so let’s try to do everything to stay there. We’re going to go for it.”

Peckham 9:14 Tue Mar 9
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Fucksake I love Pellers. His technical vision that was impossible to pull off, even his 120 million splurge that excited us for a few games.

Anyway I eat humble Pie.

David Moyes`s Claret and Blue Army.

All the confidence we are finishing top 10 and beyond expectations a top 6.

Someone else earlier called this out, the Man United Appointment, was on the advice and most probably say so of one of the best managers in modern history. To fill Alexs boots was always gonna be tough.

Yes the ginger cod eyed fucker has had relegations. But so have we. Many.

Since lockdown and the discreet but impacting signings, he has proved to be shrewd. Defending organised and attacking flair not sacrificed for this. We fight for the ball in every part of the park.

This could not have been said barring final season at Upton Park.

First year at the Stadium we are finally a tough team others fear.

Well done Moyes and backroom team.

Just keep fucking Antonio and Fabs fit.

angryprumphs 9:33 Sat Feb 27
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
jakehammer 10:36 Fri Feb 26

Glad that you are 'slowly warming' to our best team in 35 years...... I really hope Moyes appreciates it.

Romfordboy 8:41 Sat Feb 27
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Never thought I would say this at the beginning of the season but if we don’t get top 6 I will be disappointed

fraser 8:00 Sat Feb 27
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Massive credit today, I would imagine everyone is happy with him.

I was one of his critics for the Liverpool game, just goes to show it wasn't all out attacking we desired but to try and be competitive and go out in a positive frame of mind which we did.

So credit where it's due.

Alfs 2:35 Sat Feb 27
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Moyes said today that it's in his contract that if we finish 13th or above there's a clause that makes it his decision on whether to extend his contract.

Interestingly, he also said that managers contracts mean nothing nowadays, so he's not worried either way.

jakehammer 10:36 Fri Feb 26
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
fwiw, i'm slowly warming to Moyes. I wasn't best pleased when he was appointed again, but i have to admit the fella is doing a pretty good job at the moment.
Last saturday i was 70 yrs old and for the team to stuff the totts on sunday was the best birthday present ever.

enough said, now i'm off to tuck into a large slice of humble pie. COYI !!!.

ludo21 9:01 Wed Feb 24
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
I ended up listening to Athletico Madrid v Chelsea on the radio last night. The commentary team were raving about how good Athletico were and the defensive setup. The description reminded me of how we are playing so I switched on and watched the rest of the match.

I don’t know if the first 20 mins was Madrid’s peak but I wasn’t overly impressed. Chelsea were much the better side. It did however make me think that Madrid are very much a poor mans West Ham (on that showing!)

Keep dreaming 8:28 Wed Feb 24
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
It all comes down to having the right type of players. Next to that is confidence. What Moyes have done that earlier managers haven't, is impossible to say really.
Nevertheless, he has done very well and deserves a contract renewal.

normannomates 2:51 Wed Feb 24
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit


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terry-h wrote...

Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
'There's no doubt Moyes is a Scottish numpty'

But he's not a numpty is he

ludo21 12:38 Wed Feb 24
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
Hermit Road - Is that all your own work... very good!

Hermit Road 12:33 Wed Feb 24
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
gank 1:57 Mon Feb 22

It is a point that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

Having two effective midfielders instead of one effective midfielder and a slow bloke chasing shadows for 90 mins is bound to have a drastic impact on any team.

We have carried the water carrier for years, which defeats the purpose of having a water carrier in the first place.

Jasnik 12:29 Wed Feb 24
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
What I like about Moyes at the moment he still thinks we have not played our best

Russ of the BML 2:59 Mon Feb 22
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
LAF 12:54 Mon Feb 22

Don't bend the truth. Nobody said they thought he wasn't good enough for us. Plenty had very well placed concern about him returning and the continuance of the work he did the first time round which was pretty average at best.

Nobody thought or said we were too good for Moyes. It was concerns based on his performance from his first tenure.

How many West Ham fans do you know that have a lofty and mis-guided snobbery about the club? Yes, exactly. None.

Don't be so dramatic.

LAF 12:54 Mon Feb 22
Re: Let’s give David Moyes some credit
I said elsewhere yesterday how impressed I was with his gestures from the sidelines, urging the team to get forward against Spurs. That image really contradicted the impression of him being dour and negative.
I have also said recently that a lot on here demonstrated arrogance to think Moyes wasn’t good enough for us. What the hell have we done in the last couple of decades to assume this view of ourselves?
Anyway, an earlier post rightly said that , after getting the majority of decisions right, one misstep this season was the Liverpool game - and Moyes admitted as much post-match. It will be interesting, therefore, how he sets the team up to face City next game.

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