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Come On You Irons 7:35 Tue Sep 29
Dele Alli
Left out of Tottenham's squad again, haha.

It takes a strong manager to root out a busted flush England playing media darling of a player, but Mourinho, for all his faults has also been a strong manager.

Alli has always been an massively overrated player based on one decent season.

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Rossal 11:55 Wed Sep 30
Re: Dele Alli
After John Terry retired he is by far the player i hate most in the league. When we play Spurs and you watch him live he is such a cunt on the pitch

So very glad to see his demise, he is shit.....lost his identity as a midfielder. Not a 10, not a playmaker, not a tackler, not a passer......just drifts around doing nothing

Will end up at Fulham or Newcastle someone like that....

Sven Roeder 11:48 Wed Sep 30
Re: Dele Alli
I guess he was quite young when he left MK Dons & got in the England squad quite quickly so it all feels like part of his entitlement
Compared to someone like Bowen coming from the Championship a few years older & being grateful to step up.

Plus Bowen seems like a decent bloke & not a snidey little cunt like Mr Alli

simon.s 11:42 Wed Sep 30
Re: Dele Alli
Ravel Morrison with a bit less attitude.

Sniper 11:26 Wed Sep 30
Re: Dele Alli
The thing I find weird with him is he’s not some pampered youngster who’s come up through the youth team on £30k a week. He was in the lower leagues. You’d think there’s be some appreciation on his part or realisation of how fortunate he is

Having said that, he’s already made enough money to set him for life and doesn’t really seem to give a shot about anything. Shame that the fans and Southgate seemed to pin so much hope on him as persisting with him at the last World Cup was one of the reasons we botched the semi final

Manuel 10:06 Wed Sep 30
Re: Dele Alli
Mourinho doesn't give a fuck about reputations and won't pander to the modern day overpaid footballer. Respect for that.

Sven Roeder 10:06 Wed Sep 30
Re: Dele Alli
Bamidele Alli was very good for a couple of years but like a lot of English players who think they have made it he has been cruising since then.
Mourinho is giving him a well earned kick in the arse to get him to work.
Doesn’t appear to be getting the reaction he wants.
And with Bale arriving there is one less spot available

lufbra iron 9:57 Wed Sep 30
Re: Dele Alli
Mace66 10:16 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli

Big difference between those with 'big personalities' and those who have a bad attitude.

Mourinho managed big personalities during his success at Chelsea in Terry, Drogba etc, both winners.

Alli is a jumped up little cunt and the very opposite of what is needed in a big personality in any profession

zico 8:44 Wed Sep 30
Re: Dele Alli
Never been a hard worker has he and Jose hates those! Had a good spell when he bombed forward to link up with Kane but when not an attacking force offers little else. Never seen him particularly well for England. As others have said Eriksen made them tick. I'm surprised Kane is still there actually.

billywhitehorse 11:03 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
Saw him today in Trent Park (Cockfosters). Was polite and smiling which goes against expectations.

Bernie 10:50 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
Mourinho is bombing him cause he isn't trying hard enough.

Tells you all you need to know about the jumped up little shit

Chigwell 10:19 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
He has shown how good a player he can be. I don't believe that he was overrated, more like he has lost it mentally for some reason.

Mace66 10:16 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
Mourinho’s ego is too massive to cope with big personalities. Has form for ostracising big names

RBshorty 9:36 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
An overrated English midfielder.!

Never been here before.

kylay 9:07 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
lufbra iron 7:58 Tue Sep 29

I'll second that. He's also like Terry in that you can tell just be looking at him, he fucks off everyone around him.

El Scorchio 9:00 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
Very much made to look good by the players around him. Specifically Eriksen. Nosedived after he left.

Vexed 8:10 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
lufbra iron 7:58 Tue Sep 29

Ha, brilliant!

lufbra iron 7:58 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
i'm 37 and sometimes i feel i'm a bit old to be hating teams / players as much as i did years ago. Life is too short at the end of the day and they have no true influence on my life.

But i fucking hate Deli Alli. The cocky cunt

eusebiovic 7:56 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
Moanrinho has never been my favourite manager but he has no time for young players who think they have made it and have nothing more to learn.

In that respect, cap doffed

Bishopsfinger 7:47 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
On par with Lingard on players i despise.

gph 7:37 Tue Sep 29
Re: Dele Alli
I'm not laughing until the window's closed...

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